Kamen Rider Wizard 46: Todoroki’s a Gate?!

Gremlin, you pedophile!!!
Gremlin, you pedophile!!!

Gremlin knows something about Koyomi, and targets her. Will Haruto, and Fueki, save her from the trollin’ pedophile?Wizard 46 (1) I liked how they make this episode feels fast-paced. It really shows that we are nearing the final arc of the show, and they don’t want to waste anymore time. From now on, there will be no fillers on Kamen Rider Wizard, and this arc is the last arc where it featured the MoTW. But first off, the episode opens with a drama involving Koyomi. If in the last arc Haruto was the one that was forced to smile, this arc it was Koyomi’s turn. As for the crack on her hand, she had to wear a glove to cover it up, although the others quickly found out that she’s putting up a facade.

Meanwhile, Medusa gets another Gate without Gremlin’s supervision, mainly because she knew Wiseman’s going to betray him. Just by this scene I know that Medusa’s loyalty towards Wiseman will be a plot point for the arc. As for Medusa’s twin, Mayu, she is pissed about not being able to defeat Medusa, and that’s where White Wizard came in, offering her a Ring that could defeat Medusa, in exchange for something………

Wizard 46 (2) The final MoTW is Pahntom Arachne, and one thing that I appreciated about the guy is that he doesn’t show his human form at all, which is good because most Phantoms are one-dimensional characters and most of the time having a human form seems pointless and I feel sorry for the actors that portrayed the human forms.

Anyways this time the site of battle is an outdoor market, but the main problem is that we didn’t know who is the Gate since there’s so many people in the area. I really like how they didn’t show us who’s the Gate, and the actual Gate is sitting in the background. For a moment it really shows that it’s a mystery who is this final Gate.

Both of the Riders wanted to finish the fight quickly this time, so they assumed their final forms. Now we all know the formula that if a Rider assumes a final form early in the episode they won’t win either. So why did they show Wizard using Infinity Style, judging by the events that will follow, I finally understand. Here’s a little spoiler, this is the last time we see Infinity Style for a while.

Wizard 46 (3) As expected, Arachne retreats and the heroes couldn’t find who’s the Gate, so they split up. During his search, Haruto found Gremlin hanging at the Hungry Doughnuts, and from the looks of it the Owner really enjoyed having Sora because the troll is willing to taste the latest doughnut! Which looked like a Dunkin Donut to me. The scene between Haruto and Sora is very neat, with the doughnut guys thinking that they’re friends then suddenly fight each other. And thanks to the doughnut guys, Sora escapes. Oh, keep in mind that the ‘fight’ is not your Toku fight. It’s just two people are getting angry with each other.

Back to Omokagedou, Haruto tells Wajima that Gremlin might be the key to know about Koyomi, to which she heard their conversation and mistakens that Haruto thinks Koyomi as a burden, so she escaped through unknown means. Seriously, how did she escaped? But before that, Mayu visits Haruto to study about his Wizard Rings to know more about magic, and the fact that she lied about not meeting White Wizard I knew she’s planning to ‘betray’ Haruto. But that won’t happen at least for now thanks to Koyomi vanishing.

The scene where Haruto chased after Koyomi is interesting, it reminded me of chasing ghosts cliche. Speaking of cliche, there’s this one scene where Haruto spots Koyomi but loses her thanks to a train coming by. If CinemaSins saw this, then they would point out that cliche as a sin.

Wizard 46 (4) Meanwhile back on the Gate/Phantom plot, Rinko and Shunpei finally discovers who’s the Gate, a guy that happened to play Kamen Rider Todoroki before! Just then Arachne attacks but is confronted by Beast. I noticed there’s something unique with Beast’s fight. For the first part, Beast can hold off Arachne and a few Ghouls on his own, without the aid of Dice Saber or Mantles, just using his bare hands, even destroying the Ghouls by his bare hands! I think that’s a shout out to Beast’s first chronological fight with Ghouls, where he destroys them with bare hands. But then when he sheathes his Dice Saber, he quickly turned into a pussy.

Also, Medusa is more active this time, but she still did nothing. That’s because she found out what’s Todoroki’s hope, which is his unborn son. Now knowing what’s his hope is, Medusa called Arachne to retreat.

Back to Haruto, Koyomi confronts Gremlin and after some trolling, he finally starts to get serious when Haruto confronts them. Haruto apologizes to Koyomi for all this, and then Gremlin bitchslapped the poorl girl! Gremlin is a troll, pedophile and a jerk, just what you would expect from a serial killer. Also, Haruto didn’t even transform in this scene, because it was for something else.

Wizard 46 (5) That something else is actually White Wizard arriving and starts to battle Gremlin. For the first time we get to see Gremlin clearly losing the battle, and I noticed that White Wizard is seriously strong, he defeats Gremlin without even breaking a sweat! Heck, his normal Explosion Ring attack is strong enough as a finisher, I wonder what’s his real finisher is.

At first I thought this was going to be Gremlin’s final appearance due to how White Wizard easily beat him. But nope, they decided to keep him which is good I guess. Now, we get to see another side of Fueki, his fatherly side. When he approached the unconscious Koyomi, you can see that he truly loved his daughter, and even thanked Haruto for taking care of her, despite Fueki did a lot of horrible things. Just by this moment I knew that White Wizard’s motif of fighting is for Koyomi, everything he did is for her. The question is, what?

The episode ended with Fueki taking his daughter somewhere, and leaving Haruto lying unconsciously. Judging by his words, White Wizard’s plan has to proceed quickly because Koyomi didn’t have much time left…….


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