Kyoryuger Brave 23: KYORYUZIN EXPLODES!!!!!!!


Dark Species Devoss has been forcefully resurrected, and the Kyoryugers can barely escape his rage. Can Yayoi and Plezuon help the Kyoryugers to win the fight?Kyoryu 23 (1) THis episode really makes a great finale to the Plezuon story arc, although this is not the last episode about it since the next episode still deals with Plezuon and bunch of shits that started two episodes ago. Anyways yeah, they did a really good job in finishing the second part of Devoss’ revival.

The only flaw I can see is that it’s obvious, this is another KyoryuRed porn. Okay, okay, every episode is KyoryuRed porn so I guess I’m gonna shut my mouth about it now. So aside from KyoryuRed porn, this episode is mainly about Yayoi finding courage within herself. To be really honest, Yayoi’s segment reminded me of MagiRanger’s formula of courage theme. Even though Kyoryuger centers around bravery which is the same thing as courage, but Kyoryuger’s take is different. From what I see, Kyoryuger’s ‘Brave’ term is about going wildly because this is dinosaurs and they need to be wild, whereas MagiRanger’s ‘Courage’ term is more of a friendly, encouraging type of thing.

As expected, Devoss himself is not yet completed due to premature ejaculation rebirth, and as a result it acted like an animal and starts attacking everything, literally the Devoss Generals. It’s really funny seeing DoGold, Aigallon, Canderilla and Luckyuro running from the explosions! But instead of getting killed, Chaos saved those four by shrinking  Devoss and binds him so that they can tame him.

Kyoryu 23 (2) As for the heroes, Torin saved not only the Kyoryugers, but the whole 8 Voltasaurs as well, at the cost of turning his wings into stone again. Oh I forgot to note that Ankydon and Bunpachy helped earlier, and from the way I’ve seen it, it seems like KyoRyuZin Kung-Fu is stronger than Raiden KyoRyuZin itself. I know that Kung-Fu debuted after Raiden, but it’s just a little weird. Or maybe it’s because KyoryuRed’s the only one standing, so he had a hard time using Kung-Fu and Kung-Fu’s the only formation left.

Anyways the Voltsaurs are resting in the Spirit Base, and boy did their CGI makes them look cute or what? Seriously, look at GabuTyra! Honestly I think GabuTyra’s more of a cute, timid cat rather than a badass dinosaur. Why cat? Because I love cats that’s why.

The KyoryuRed porn stuff deals with Daigo taking care of things by himself and shrugs off his teammates with the excuse that they need to rest before they get really wild. Wow, if you put it that way, Daigo is actually a jerk, hogging all the action by himself! Also, I noticed that when they are recuperating, they had FRUITS as energizers. I know fruits is good food and I don’t hate them, but using fruits kinda seem like cheesy. Oh well, this is a kids show, they need to encourage kids to take fruit, because Kamen Rider Wizard already caused obesity with doughnuts.

Kyoryu 23 (3) As for Yayoi, she realized that the virus didn’t catch Plezuon and Plezuon is very much alive, in fact the reason she ended up on the beach is because of Plezuon! I love that they used her glasses hologram gimmick thing. When Daigo found her and after running away from IceAge and others, Yayoi blames herself for the cause of the incident. But Daigo thinks otherwise. He believed in Yayoi and he knew Yayoi is a timid person, so he encouraged Yayoi to unlock the potential inside her.

However, Devoss is back and Daigo  returns one element that I enjoyed in Kyoryuger’s early days but they have seem to forgotten it until now: The use of having a human fighting a giant by using a gun. Yeah, he tried to take down Devoss by using GabuRevolver without transforming! This what makes me enjoy Kyoryuger so much, because this element really amplifies the word ‘Brave’.

But since Daigo is in a team now, he’s not alone. GabuTyra and Bunpachy healed quickly and aids him in battle. I can understand Bunpachy and the lack of Ankydon since Ankydon fell earlier, but it’s interesting that GabuTyra healed quickly when the fact that he was the one who sustained the most damage due to being KyoRyuZin’ main formation. Oh well for the sake of the toy!

Kyoryu 23 (4) And yes, Daigo is not alone at all, because his teammates said that it’s enough of KyoryuRed porn and they wanted to have their screen time too, so they joined the fight. Now, the transformation is just your normal henshin, but the way they lined it up is pretty cool.

As for the the beach fight, I’m glad that they used GaburuCannon, and honestly I think this arc resurrected the weapon from being forgotten huh? Because in this arc alone we got to see GaburuCannon being used a lot thanks to KyoryuViolet lacking an Armed On weapon. But what’s great that they did use GaburuCannon to not just kill the MoTW, but also shoots at Devoss. They looked like ZECTroopers when they’re firing! Also, I just realized that KyoryuGold’s Zandar Thunder can be used as a rifle as well, to give him a GaburuCannon equivalent. Rest assured that he won’t be using that again except in Zord Battles.

Oh, and I find that Devo IceAge, the last of the Zetsumates, didn’t do anything significant in this episode. I mean he was literally pointless compare to the other two Zetsumates. He didn’t grow up and got destroyed, because that role is filled by Devoss himself. At the very least it’s ironic that the first enemy that the Kyoryugers fought is the last Zetsumates to be destroyed.

Kyoryu 23 (5) As for Yayoi, she encouraged herself and decided to do the Assassin’s Creed leap of faith towards Plezuon’s mouth. Ironically, both Yayoi and Daigo got their Voltasaur’s approval by letting themselves swallowed by their respective Voltasaurs! Anyways with that leap of faith, Plezuon is freed and KyoryuRed is able to summon PlezuOh. And KyoryuRed porn returns again.

One thing that I liked before they debuted the main dish of the episode is the scene where PlezuOh pats on GabuTyra, because the latter is jealous that the former got his master’s attention. See, GabuTyra’s actually a cute cat! And with the data that Yayoi installed in the previous episode, PlezuOh now gains a new ability that involves him combining with all of the Voltasaurs, which happened to be GabuTyra and Bunpachy since the two are the only ones currently active. I wondered what would happen if all of the Voltasaurs actually healed? Will the others got shrugged off quickly?

Kyoryu 23 (6) Anyways, here comes the main dish fo the episode, the debut of Exploding KyoRyuZin. Aside from the plot that having GabuTyra and Bunpachy is the only Voltasaur that’s active, I find it ironic that this formation is actually a formation of all of KyoryuRed’s Voltasaurs! Now, I have to nitpick a bit. I would’ve prefer if the formation is actually Plezuon + Bunpachy + Ankydon, because it would be cool to have a MegaZord battle with KyoRyuZin, PteraidenOh Western and Plezuon Kung-Fu (?). But yeah this is like KyoRyuZin’s mid-season upgrade, so they need to lump in GabuTyra.

As for the design, my main problem is the back. This formation has GabuTyra’s head on the chest, and his tail act as a backbone. But it looks very, very weird. I know, if they remove the tail then it would cause kibble, but just leaving it there makes it look very weird. Oh well, at least Exploding KyoRyuZin is a combination of my favorite dinosaurs.

As for its first fight, I’m glad that they went with the “Invincible Debut” thing and finished the fight quickly, because it was actually boring. As for the finisher, it’s basically them firing a laser blast that’s shaped like Plezuon. Funny thing is that Plezuon looked like Snake Headder in the attack. As always, I dub thee KyoRyuZin Brave Finish: Electro-Beast Gun Explosion.

Kyoryu 23 (7) In their presumed final moments, Chaos noticed something on his hand, but we won’t know about it for now due to him caught in the explosion. And with Devoss exploded, the Kyoryugers just had a massive win, because they just took out the enemy’s big gun! And all of it were thanks to Yayoi’s bravery, who’s unconscious in the cockpit during the whole fight. Wait, they just shadowboxing in front of unconscious Yayoi the whole time?!


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