Kamen Rider Wizard 45: A Message for Toy Collectors

*Insert pedophilia jokes here because you guys are dirty minded people*
*Insert pedophilia jokes here because you guys are dirty minded people*

Kumagai-sensei’s momento is now owned by an avid toy collector that happened to care more about his toys than his son. Other than that, Koyomi’s condition gets even worse. Look at that picture, I know what you’re thinking, you dirty-minded people 😛Wizard 45 (1) First thing first, I have to shamefully admit that I’m a traitor, and I had just betrayed TV-Nihon subs. As you can see in my previous reviews it’s clear that I watched TV-N subs, but lately I’m very pissed that the screencaps that I took isn’t really that crisp. I asked UkiyaSeed’s advice, and he told me that I need to switch to Over-Time because their subs are better and their HD videos are more crisp. Because I love TV-N’s flashy subs to death, I originally hesitated because Over-Time was like UkiyaSeed’s kind of thing and I’m an unofficial TV-Nihon guy, but nevertheless I switched to it anyway. Also, their subs came faster and they had Ultraman Ginga. So, I’m very, very sorry TV-Nihon. I’m still using you to download movies, and possibly the Kamen Rider Wizard specials.

Anyways, watching this episode makes me feel this is a drama and not a Tokusatsu series. Basically, a drama that has Tokusatsu in it! This episode really has strong points in terms of drama, and it is handled very well.

As for the Koyomi plot, like any of Kamen Rider Wizard’s plots, the main plot is treated as the side story, and for the first time, it’s actually a good thing because the Gate plot is really good and was handled perfectly. I’m actually glad that they decided to hold on about Koyomi for a bit, since hey, they got like 6 episodes left, and why don’t they take time making a really enjoyable filler before finally getting serious? That being said, Koyomi’s plot in this episode basically deals with Haruto’s mana is now not enough to keep Koyomi active anymore.

Wizard 45 (2) Meanwhile, Mayu had a pep talk with Rinko about the White Wizard. Wow, Mayu didn’t even appear in the previous episode, and now she sports a new attire! Also, at first I thought that she’s actually Medusa, due to the fact that all of Mayu’s appearances prior has her hair tied up. Well even though she looks no different than Medusa now she still had some work done on her hair (I don’t know how to put it, dammit) to differentiate her from Medusa. Now, the pep talk is about whether she should trust White Wizard or not. As Rinko assured, Mayu should trust White Wizard regardless of what he’s done, but if he’s done something wrong than Mayu has a choice to support or offend him. Come on, we’re humans, we have the freedom of making choices!

Back to the Gate plot, the desperate kid got himself a lap dance by Siren, and now ‘hypnotized’ because I don’t think he is, he went to steal his father’s toy plane! Man, even though it’s slapstick humor, it’s still hilarious to see Nitou getting kick in the balls, although they didn’t show it. My guess is that they don’t want kids to imitate the ‘action’.

With the kid having the plane, his father, Kumagai-sensei, Shunpei Nitou and Haruto gave chase to him. Nitou however is caught by Medusa’s appearance and was forced to fight her. However, their fight is interrupted as Mayu arrived to settle the score against Medusa.

Wizard 45 (3) Now, Kamen Rider Mage’s fight with Medusa is really good, even though she doesn’t spam magic, but it still good nonetheless. Mostly because it’s a badass, girl VS girl thing. I mean usually when I think of a girl fight, I would imagine them grabbing each other’s hair and that’s it. But here, we get to see a woman kicking other woman’s ass! Also, I just realized that Mage actually had a ‘tail’! Are we sure that this is Kamen Rider Mage, not Kamen Rider Animal?

Anyways, because he was in a hurry to protect everyone, Haruto didn’t transform into Wizard but instead relied on his magic spells to hold Siren off. What’s interestingly weird is that Haruto’s Bind actually holds Siren well than his Wizard version. For the sake of the goddamn story. Because while he was holding Siren, he noticed Cerberus PlaMonster again, and burdened with Koyomi’s illness, Haruto is desperate to meet with Fueki, that he did something terrible.

What is it? Haruto decides to purposely allow Siren to drive Kumagai-sensei into despair in hopes of luring Fueki in case Kumagai-sensei overcome his despair. And because he was so confident, he would simply take care of Kumagai’s Underworld should Kumagai-sensei failed. BUT, Shunpei realized this and ruined everything up, and by ruin I mean he actually did the right thing. This time, Shunpei saved the Gate!

Wizard 45 (4) With Siren escaping again, Shunpei is seriously pissed and scolds Haruto and Nitou, due to their actions of using Gates as baits and acting out of character. Wow, White Wizard is a total asshole, he made these two mages so desperate that they did something against what they stand for huh?

But I wanted to give credit to Shunpei in this episode. His speech is truly marvelous and he delivers it well, and honestly he was the right character to give these type of speech. I mean outside of Haruto and Nitou, Shunpei is the one that stands for protecting the Gates, and now that the people who are stronger than him broke the law, he is the one who had to correct them.

Thanks to Shunpei, Haruto realized what he has done and deeply apologized to Kumagai-sensei. But sensei, being a teacher  like he should, tells Haruto it’s okay and is actually proud of Haruto. Not because he realized his mistake, but rather because Haruto finally opens up to him. Remember about Haruto’s personality of hiding his true feelings under a facade, this is the first time Haruto finally admits his feelinds and Kumagai-sensei is really, really touched. And I am touched too because why, this scene alone makes Kumagai-sensei the BEST Gate ever in Kamen Rider Wizard. I mean most Gates matured up by having a personal event that happened exclusively to them, but this guy, being a wise teacher, matures up by observing others.

Wizard 45 (5) And what makes him more AWESOME is that he took the plane and crushes it. Yes, he crushed his own hope! This is because he can’t stand seeing his own hope caused so many people to suffer, and the fact that his son lives within his heart is actually what matters.

Now, for the father and son, it’s revealed that he wasn’t hypnotized at all, just what I expected. He did this because he was angry with his father for not having time to play with him. I understand, kids those age, you really need to turn your attention to them. Here’s an advice to all of us. We actually have to observe and give attention to our children until they are married, even when they got into teenage years because teenage years is the most important for a parent-children bonding.

This episode also delivers some sort of PSA towards toy collectors, namely us otakus. Most of otakus are single guys, but there are otakus that are married. When we are married, we will have children right? This episode addresses us that our family, our own family, is more important than our hobby.

Now take a look at the father in this episode. He’s just like us otakus, he collects toys (although he collects vintage toys, unlike us otakus) and like any other collectors, we are very, very sensitive when someone else, especially kids touches our toys. Now what I’m about to say is that I have that habit, and will most likely retain it even when I’m married in the future, but when we have kids, we have to turn our attention to them, not our toy collections. Because if you did like what the father did, then you’re no different than a workaholic father who barely have time for his children.

Wizard 45 (6) Now, the epic drama has been solved, now it’s time to return the Tokusatsu genre. First up is Mage VS Medusa. I’m surprised that while those long drama happened, the two is still fighting! But, their fight is cut short because Medusa is annoyed with Mayu’s interval. And because of this Mayu is seriously sad that she’s not able to defeat Medusa yet.

With Shunpei taking care of the Gate and the father and child (which is actually the last time we see them sadly), Wizard and Beast hunt down Siren. The were able to track Siren thanks to their PlaMonsters, which demonstrates its final gimmick, that is having all of the PlaMonsters less Black Cerberus and White Garuda combine into an AWESOME looking PlaMonster, which I dubbed PlaMonster-Oh. Even though they showed that combination, they actually did nothing which kinda disappointed me. Nevertheless it’s really cool to see it.

Wizard 45 (7) As for the fight, Beast is having his usual meal which is the Ghouls while Wizard takes on Siren. The action scenes is really cool, mostly it’s because it was set in a dark place, making it looked like it was filmed at night even though it was not. Also, they debuted another gimmick to Infinity Style, in this case an upgrade to the Shining Strike. By high-fiving the AxCalibur five times, Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Style is able to initiate the Plasma Shining Strike, which basically him throwing the flashing AxCalibur a la Den-O Sword Form’s Hissatsu Attack Part 2. It’s really cool and I like it better than the standar Infinity Style finisher.

After the fight, the last scene onvolves Gremlin thinking about Wiseman’s goals and Koyomi. For now, we learn that Wiseman’s intentions of creating another Sabbath has nothing to do with having more Phantoms and Koyomi being a puppet is actually related, and we now know why Gremlin wants the Philosopher Stone. It’s because he wanted to be human. Wait, this sounds familiar, didn’t Enter from Go-Busters had the same agenda too?!

Overall, a very great episode. The dramas are executed nicely and the actions are very neat, so it’s recommended to not to miss the episode.


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