Kamen Rider Wizard 44: That Damn Momento

Walking in the park, and I found a stray dog. Weeeee~
Walking in the park, and I found a stray dog. Weeeee~

Koyomi is Fueki’s daugther, the man who bears the mantle of White Wizard. Only Haruto knows this and he still keeps the secret to himself, even towards Koyomi. But when an old acquaintance returns, everything is about to change…….. maybe.Wizard 44 (1) Yes, maybe because I this episode actually progresses the plot, only to leave it hanging until the next arc to make way for a filler. Yeah another filler. However, this arc is actually a very good filler arc, as it gives us some time to breathe easily before the plot complicates and enter the dark finale. That being said this episode is a little weak due to it being the first part of an arc. But that doesn’t mean that this episode is bad, it’s just what you would expect from a first part, which mostly focuses on building the plot for the rest of the episode.

The Gate in this episode is Kumagai-sensei, whom happened to be Haruto’s teacher in elementary school! And to be honest, he’s like the older version of Gentaro Kisaragi. No, not running all around and scream “Friendship is MAGIC” thing, but rather he cared a lot about his students. Since he’s related to Haruto, it’s obvious that he cared a lot about Haruto. We all know that Haruto suffered when his parents died right? Well even though Haruto put up a facade, Kumagai-sensei is the one that knew he had a problem. One thing that I respected about Haruto is that they even keep his personality when he was young. In case you don’t know for goddamn 44 episodes already, Haruto is the type of guy who hides his true feelings behind a facade, an attitude which he did since he was young! Also, I noticed that Haruto’s child actor has grown a bit, it’s safe to assume that the flashbacks possibly took a year or more after his parents’ death. Or probably just a few weeks.

So what brings Kumagai-sensei back? It’s because he was searching for a vintage toy plane that happened to be his late son’s favorite toy. Wow, just by hearing his backstory I knew this Gate is something special. I mean he lost his son ten years ago, and it’s quite possible that his son is still young! I mean this alone would make Kumagai fell into despair but due to his positive attitude, he still has hope and that momento is the only way to honor his son.

Wizard 44 (2) Unfortunately they are alerted by Koyomi that a Phantom is nearby. The Phantom, Siren, is probably the only female Phantom aside from Medusa, and thank goodness that she’s not one-dimensional type of character. But still, they used the stereotypical handling of her, which is to make her appear sexy. Now I’m not being a pervert or anything, but I don’t think that she’s sexy at all. It’s just that I don’t consider skinny people to be sexy. Sorry but look at Koichi Sakamoto for example, he loves to use plump women and boy did they look sexy! So yeah.

Nevertheless, I kinda find Siren to be interesting, mostly because her Phantom form has a resemblance to Wiseman. But, they didn’t explain anything about their relation, in fact they aren’t related at all. Probably just an easter egg, like what they did with Phoenix and Beelzebub. Heck, her suit is actually a modified Phantom Lizardman’s suit! Also, Koyomi going out from Omokagedou is actually pretty well done, as her role is to alert the Phantom’s arrival, and after the battle the plot thickens as she lose more and more mana. What’s interesting is that they did show the Hungry Doughnuts workers are surprised at Koyomi’s revelation as a puppet. And yes, they are aware that Haruto is Wizard.

Meanwhile, on another mage, Nitou is still bothered about the whole Yuzuru thing. Now I am both glad and bummed about this. First is that they gave Nitou something to contribute to the story as well as the catalyst of his maturity, but also his role in the finale is to simply get Yuzuru back. Man, I really wish that they would tie up the BeastChimera curse with the final plot, that would be cool. That aside though, the Yuzuru plot actually matured Nitou up, as Rinko pointed it out. Also, I find that ever since RInko got promoted to the Section Zero, she’s busier and she’s more dedicated to her work. Well, I guess it’s good for her huh?

Wizard 44 (3) Back to the main plot, Siren visits Omokagedou and gave old man Wajima a lap dance in exchange for the information of the current owner of the momento. Even though it is claimed that Siren possesses the ability to hypnotize people, I merely think that they are using the stereotypical woman charm thing instead. Nevertheless the problems just got worse thanks to the ‘lap dance’ (damn you CinemaSins)

Meanwhile, Medusa is getting tired with Gremlin and decided to ask Wiseman on why he takes Gremlin. It is here where we learn two things: First is about the Philosopher’s Stone. The stone is really powerful and Wiseman actually possess it. Second, Wiseman knew that Gremlin is a troll, and he used the Philosopher Stone to make Gremlin his pawn, while he actually had no intention to give it to him. Well he just did a big mistake here, because Gremlin secretly overhears their conversation.

Wizard 44 (4) With the help from Shunpei wh’s actually pissed that he only got a flying kiss instead of a lap dance from Siren, Haruto and Kumagai rushes to the momento’s owner’s house. However, Siren already reached there first and I gotta comment on how they would make Siren where different clothes everytime she appears in a new scene! Seriously, on every new scene, she would wear a new dress, even though the episode’s timeline barely passed a few hours. I’m surprised that they had the budget to give her a bunch of clothes.

Anyways Nitou joined Haruto in this fight, and even though the two share the same screen, the scene looks like it was meant to show that this is Nitou’s fight. Mostly it’s because Nitou talks a lot during the fight while Wizard just keeps beating the Ghouls.

Well, it is a fun thing to see Beast fighting, especially when he commented on how he would eat up to prepare for his next match against White Wizard. I don’t know why, but his line makes me thing that Beast’s feeding is equal to training. Holy crap, if Beast was an overweight, he would be the strongest Rider ever! Also, I’m not nitpicking, but I notice that Chameleo Mantle is one of the most used Mantles. I know I said it many times, but I really hate it when a Rider has multiple forms or accessories but always left one underused. I mean where’s Dolphi Mantle?! But I’m glad that they overused Chameleo, I thought that Mantle would be the least used.

Wizard 44 (5) Enough with Beast, because after Haruto did some cool stunts using Land Style, he noticed the Cerberus PlaMonster. Thinking that White Wizard is nearby or might be watching, Wizard leaves and chases the familiar. After a few chases, the PlaMonster is gone. At the very least Wizard’s leaving doesn’t trouble Beast at all, because Siren always retreats because it is the formula of th two-parter episode.

Meanwhile, Koyomi returns to Omokagedou, again losing her mana. Except this time, it’s so serious that her hand has a crack on it. To be honest, the crack looks the same like those crack on Gates, except that it has a red aura instead of purple! What is happening to Koyomi? Is she losing more mana and that will turn her into a Phantom or what? Also, I just noticed that Mayu is completely absent in this episode!!!


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