Kyoryuger Brave 22: The Boss’ Resurrection

Oh look, KyoRyuZin VS Green Xenomorph! Fantastic.
Oh look, KyoRyuZin VS Green Xenomorph! Fantastic.

I got a LOT of explaining to do. For my three weeks of disappearance, it was because of this: For two weeks I have been busy with university and architecture course is just so painful, and I had to repeat the whole semester to make it easier. That, and the fact that my broadband is so slow limits my blogging activities. Then last week, I had a serious asthma attack since Saturday and got sick for the whole week. I got a little better at Sunday but I’m still weak that I had to skip class on Monday, so yeah life is good actually. Don’t get me wrong the asthma attack is actually a blessing, it allowed me to rest. A LONG REST.

Anyways in this episode, the Devoss proceeds with their plan to uncover the Plezuon Lab, however, Chaos has another plan with DoGold, that is to forcefully revive their boss, the Dark Species Devoss himself!!!!!

Kyoryu 22 (1) For starters, this episode is a little weak compared to the previous episode, but mostly it’s because this episode serves as the first part of a two-parter of a story arc that spawns 4 episodes! But really, the episode is a little meh to me, mostly because they were busy trying to set up the upcoming events.

Dr. Ulshade, due to his old age and back problems, gets put into a hospital, signifying that he will retire as KyoryuViolet and his granddaughter will take his mantle. The problem is Yayoi is just too timid, and I’m pretty sure by timid he means she has no fighting experience. So how the hell would she be able to take the mantle aside from long term of training? That’s not the case for now because this episode is not really about her. Her role in this episode is basically revealed that she has an intense crush on Daigo.

Yeah, Daigo, as hinted in the previous episode. And what further pissed me off is that Amy is jealous of Yayoi having feelings on Daigo! I mean, come on, King had enough attention already, and now you’re shipping him with Amy? To be honest I was more on a AmyXSouji thing, or at least AmyXUtchii, but this episode makes it clear that she views Utchii as a close friend and Souji as a little brotherly type of friend. Whatever it’s just that having her sorta having a crush on King is too much of a KyoryuRed porn.

Kyoryu 22 (2) Also, this episode explains why Dr.Ulshade left Earth. It’s because he wanted to investigate more about Devoss by searching on the remains of a planet that Devoss destroyed. This episode confirms that Plezuon is originally a marine type Voltasaur, and Dr.Ulshade was the one who grant him space-travel abilities. And with KyoryuViolet returning, they got a massive amount of data, that is enough to upgrade Plezuon to be the strongest ‘Devoss Hunter’. Wow, it’s actually the first time I heard that term. Do they actually have that term before? As far as I know, not.

Also, this episode reveals that Torin was the one who created KyoryuGold’s arsenal, and it took him a piece of his life just to do it. My guess is that when Dr Ulshade first became KyoryuViolet, he worked alongside Torin to create the arsenals, and it was Torin who gave him the ideas.

As for the Devoss, Canderilla, Aigallon, Luckyuro and the remaining Zetsumates prepare to strike the Plezuon Lab thanks to Virusun’s slime acting as a spy. However, Chaos instructs DoGold to do another job, which having him borrow Virusun and Luckyuro’s Joy Joy Gyro. His plan is to have Virusun pour all of the Gyro’s Restoration Water to the dam for some reason.

Kyoryu 22 (3) Because of this, the Kyoryugers are forced to fight DoGold and his army of Cambrima and Zorimas. It’s cool to see that DoGold commanding his troops to keep the Kyoryugers busy while they protect Virusun. As for the Amy having crush on Daigo thing? Thank God they quickly ditched it and left in unresolved, because it should be. It’s funny though, having KyoryuPink staring at KyoryuRed while fighting. But I’m glad that we will never heard about Amy and Daigo’s shipping. Wow, first time where something’s unresolved is actually a good thing.

While this happens, Yayoi is attacked by Devo Virusun’s offshoot, Devo Computer Virusun, which is basically Virusun wearing a tuxedo! Well, Computer Virusun is actually the most useless Devo Monster ever, since it got destroyed when Virusun got destroyed later. But his essence leaves a mark, which signals the other Devoss Generals.

Also, in this episode, we get to see Torin teaming up with KyoryuGold to take down DoGold, though it was more of a tag-team rather than a team up. However, after defeating the Zorimas and Cambrimas, Devoss’ plan succeeded, with all of Restoration Water now fused with the dam, basically the dam turns into a Restoration Lake. Turns out that their plan is to dip the Frozen Castle into the Restoration Lake a la Oreo. Why Frozen Castle, because the castle is actually Devoss himself! With the reviving process taking place, the Kyoryugers rushed to defeat Virusun & DoGold.

Kyoryu 22 (4) And boy I’m glad that they bring back DeinosGrander, although this time KyoryuRed used it because this episode can be considered as a KyoryuRed episode, as with any other episode. Damn KyoryuRed porn. Nevertheless, it’s really AWESOME to see an alternate method of finishing the enemy without KentroSpiker, in this case KyoryuRed used DeinosGrander and the other Kyoryugers used ZyuDen Brave Finish.

With Virusun down, he quickly jumps into the Restoration Lake, a very neat idea since this is the only time we saw the Restoration Lake. And to make the episode more unique, they used KyoRyuZin Western in the fight, which is cool. And to make it more reasonable it’s because their primary target is to shoot down the Frozen Castle by using Western Claw Burst.

But because the episode demanded it, Devoss is revived and he looks like a stronger version of the XenoZorimas, which basically makes him the equivalent of the Alien Queen! Are we sure that this is the final boss of the series? Well thankfully they have an explanation for that. This form is the same form that Devoss assumed in the dinosaur era because it was incomplete, it lacked human emotions. But not they had those right? So why is it still incomplete? That’s because this was a forced resurrection, Devoss didn’t have time to fully mature itself.

To be honest, the idea of having the Kyoryugers face the boss mid-season makes me think that they are ripping off Go-Busters’ idea of the same thing. Anyways for his debut, Devoss makes one hell of a show when he destroys Virusun by himself, and pummels KyoRyuZin Western without breaking a sweat!

Kyoryu 22 (5) That’s because the Voltasaurs are freaked out by his return, and even the support from their Kyoryuger partners into forming Raiden KyoRyuZin isn’t enough. When Raiden KyoRyuZin goes down, the only option left is to summon Plezuon, which failed because Plezuon is stuck with a virus from Computer Virusun earlier and the lab is attacked by the Generals. I like to point out that they did show the Beast Battery actually going out from the KyoRyuZin cockpit, a minor detail that I appreciated.

With Plezuon unalble to help, Yayoi trapped in the lab, and Raiden KyoRyuZin are down with the other Kyoryugers fainted, will KyoryuRed be able to stop Devoss? Well too bad because you have to find out in the next episode, whose review will likely be on Wednesday!

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