Christian Bale, You SHOULD Return as Batman

This is a fan-made image, not a real one.
This is a fan-made image, not a real one.

For the past few weeks since the groundbreaking news of Man of Steel 2 being a Superman/Batman crossover, I can’t help but to check every single day for news of how they will handle Batman in this ‘DC Cinematic Universe’. So this is my opinion about who should portray the caped crusader and how he’ll be incorporated in the universe.

First off, you guys probably have heard about the rumor of Warner Bros. wanting Batman to be older in this universe. So far it’s not yet confirmed. And another rumor is that Christian Bale is said to be proposed $50 million to reprise his role as Batman. Again, this is not confirmed, and most likely will be denied by Bale and Warner Bros.

Now to be honest, we don’t need another Batman origin story anymore. In fact, I think it is most likely that the Batman in the new movie will be an experienced Batman, hence the ‘old Batman’ rumor. Now, going with the ‘older Batman’ rumor, if this is true (which I really hope so), this could be the opportunity for Warner Bros. to recast Bale instead of choosing another actor.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind if they are searching for a new Batman, but the fact that The Dark Knight Rises just released last year and Batman will appear in the big screen for the next 2 years would make people (I’m talking about casual fans) a lil’ bit bummed that why Batman is replaced. Granted, they replaced Edward Norton with Mark Rufallo in The Avengers, but that’s because in my humble opinion, The Incredible Hulk was the most forgettable entry of Phase 1 aside from Iron Man 2, and the way Hulk is handled in the Avengers makes it look like this is the first time Hulk had appeared i.e no need for an origin story.

The next point is dedicate to Mr. Bale himself, should he ever read this. Take a look at Robert Downey, Jr. He is so proud to be Iron Man because even though he is an acclaimed actor, Iron Man is the one that makes him appeal to all audiences, and he is grateful to it (the fact that he signed for Avengers 2 & 3 is nuff said). And Batman, more importantly Bale, is Downey’s counterpart to DC/Warner Bros. Unless he wanted to be Joe Odagiri, I see no reason for Bale to decline the offer to reprise his role as Batman, if he was approached.

Maybe it’s because he’s getting too old to be Batman, but that’s the point of the rumor, they wanted for an older Batman. Also, look at Hugh Jackman. He’s only 44 years old yet people deemed him too old to be Wolverine, yet he still plays Wolverine, and at least until next year we won’t be hearing any news for Wolverine to be recast. Maybe the Batsuit is too hot for him to do stunts, but they can always substitute a suit actor for it. Heck, even hire Seiji Takaiwa to wear the Batsuit for action scenes and Bale would only need to wear it for close ups and during talking.

Now that I’m done with talking on why should Bale reprise his role as Batman, I’m gonna talk about how Bale’s Batman will be handled in the next films. Yes, Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy shouldn’t be touched anymore, even I agree with that. So how will they have Bale as Batman, but in a new story and most likely not as realistic as Nolan’s? Simple. Remember Judi Dench as M in James Bond films? She continued to play M even though Bond was rebooted back then with Casino Royale. So they could do the same with Bale’s Batman here.

Put simply, they just need to retcon Christian Bale’s Batman so that it will work well with Man of Steel without ruining The Dark Knight Trilogy. Maybe some fans wouldn’t like it. Take my mom for an example, she likes The Dark Knight trilogy to death because of its realism and I don’t really think that she will like the new Batman in Man of Steel 2, even IF Bale reprised the role (Yet my mother is a fan of Iron Man, to be specific Robert Downey Jr so I guess it’s okay). And this is another point to handle the new Batman.

Yes, The Dark Knight trilogy is the best of the best, but we can’t deny that Batman is not really Batman in the movie. The most obvious reason is that he rarely uses Batarangs while Batman is mostly known to utilize Batarangs in every battles that he’s been. So if Bale actually did reprise his role as Batman, it would be AWESOME to see him actually throwing the Batarangs! 

And another reason is that I just loved the Dark Knight Batsuit, I don’t think there’s any better design than it, so I suggest that they keep using it, or make some alterations to it. And, since we don’t need another Batman origin story, they could just make Batman to be DC’s Nick Fury in Marvel Cinematic Universe, but with a bigger role of course since he’s a superhero.

Overall, Christian Bale as Batman again but in a new universe would work well, as long as they keep TDK trilogy out of touch. So as a fan, I pray that Bale would open his heart to wear the batsuit and go toe to toe with Henry Cavill and eventually founds the Justice League.

P/S: Sorry that I compared him too much with the Avengers or anything, but let’s face it. The reason they bring Batman in Man of Steel sequel is because they wanted to compete with Marvel, and with Man of Steel’s performance it’s clear that Marvel has the upper hand.


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