TMNT S01E24: Donatello the Hero!

Also, this guy appears
Also, this guy appears

We have 3 episodes left, and this episode involves Donatello figuring Kirby O’Neil’s location. In order to impress April, he sets out to save Kirby, ALL BY HIMSELF. Not sure if I should use the phrase “Poor, poor Donnie” here…….

TMNT 24 (1) This episode basically ties up all loose ends that is Donnie’s quest to win April’s heart, as well as setting up for the finale. Now, for 24 episodes Donnie has been harboring a crush on April, and while it’s obvious he is not compatible with her (unless you mean beastiality), he still thinks that he has a shot on her. To be honest, I think they are trying to deliver a message for boys that think they don’t have a shot to a girl they like, and the message is you can get her if you work hard. Wow, instead of delivering moral values they gave us tips to score a girl! Neat!

Anyways the thing with Donnie going all-out to impress April started with him getting Mr.O’Neil’s message, and since he got it at midday (where the Turtles are sleeping), he decides to went alone, thanks to Raph mocking him being ‘sadorable’ towards April. Well, Raph just caused Donnie to do reckless things. Congrats Raph.

TMNT 24 (2) Donnie went to the Kraang facility, which is just a workshop. The actual facility is located beneath the surface. Once Donnie get under, he went to the Kraang’s control room. But before that, I wanted to talk on how AWESOME they make Donnie in this stealth rescue mission. I mean he takes out the Kraang robots using stealth, single-handedly! If you remember, Donnie had difficulties fighting the Kraang robots due to his weapons, this episode showed that his skills have grown significantly.

Donnie managed to open up ALL the detention cells in the facility. And because it’s ALL cells, he accidentally released a giant monster that looks like a frog but it’s actually a lizard, newt to be precise (whewww. I hate frogs). Meanwhile, the other Turtles discovered what Donnie is up to, with April discovering that her dad is still alive and that Donnie went after him.

While making their way to Donnie’s location, Raph admits that it was his fault that Donnie did all this. I really liked their reaction about this as well as their opinions about Donnie’s crush on April. The Turtles, even Mikey, knew that Donnie wouldn’t have a chance on April, but they didn’t brag about it ’cause it will break Donnie’s heart, until Raph did it. Once again, thanks Raph.

TMNT 24 (3) When Donnie meets up with Kirby, it’s just what you expected: double the Donatello. Yeah this two share the same interest and it’s great to see someone agreeing with Donnie for once instead of annoyed by his intelligence. I do appreciate what Donnie said about Mikey being sensitive when it comes to naming things. Speaking of that, we didn’t hear it from Mikey for a while now. Even when the newt monster was named Newtralizer by Donnie.

As for the ‘MoTW’, the Newtralizer, I am surprised that he was voiced by Danny Trejo, or rather, roared by Trejo. I thought Frank Welker did the roars for this guy, not that badass Machete! Also, Newtralizer is obviously an alien from another planet instead of a mutagen product, because not only he is intelligent but for some reason didn’t know how to speak, he also posses a wide array of arsenals that is so badass I was hoping that this guy would be the Turtles’ allies.

Why allies? Because he is a Kraang captive yet he attacks the Turtles. There’s an obvious reason behind that, he simply thinks that the Turtles are enemies. Also, there is a subplot in the episode which is Splinter teaching April to master her sense of hearing. And since April is so unique that she is wanted by the Kraang, she is able to hear voices that Splinter cannot. Following the voices, she stumbles upon a strange orb that Kraang has been searching. Also, Kraang robots patrol the sewers, how come they didn’t find the Turtle’s home yet?

TMNT 24 (4) Anyways Donnie and Kirby are reunited with the other Turtles, and now they have to face a ‘free-for-all’ battle against the Kraangs and Newtralizer! Also Mikey is furious about Donnie naming the MoTW. The fight is really good, because of the whole ‘free-for-all’ thing. I’m glad that they use Newtralizers to gain advantage against the Kraang, and when the robots are crushed, it’s time to focus on escaping the facility as well as from Newtralizer. Oh and Donnie pulls another ‘stupid’ move, which is using Raph’s signature ‘breaking control pads with his sai’ thing.

Even with AWESOME weapons the Newtralizer proved to be no match for the Turtles, thanks to their teamwork. If you notice, the fights on the surface makes it seem like Newtralizer is just a wild animal trying to eat its prey. Donnie is pretty much useless in this battle, mostly because he was protecting Kirby, while the other Turtles work on defeating Newtralizer.

TMNT 24 (5) As AWESOME as Leo and Raph pwning Newtralizer, his defeat is kinda anticlimactic, thanks to Mikey using a car to smash the newt. Oh, one thing that I forgot to point out is that since this is a kids show, they make Mikey wearing seatbelts everytime he’s in a car, even when he is playing in it! Children’s show.

Also, when the Turtles escape the facility, they quickly showed that Newtralizer survived the attack, obviously. What’s weird is that his roars are so loud, how come the Turtles didn’t realize it because when this happens, the Turtles are just outside of the building!

Back to the sewers. April is finally reunited with her father, and she thanks the Turtles for saving him. But, Raph tells her to thank Donnie instead, since he did all the job and it was him April could see her dad again. And surprisingly, April hugs Donnie as a thank you. Wow, all that hard work to impress April works huh? See, for those who wanted to get a girl (including me), this is what you have to do: DO SOMETHING AWESOME. Don’t what it is? Figure out for yourself, everyone has different situations.

TMNT 24 (6) However, Kirby’s liberation turns out to be part of the Kraang plot, as they wanted him to be freed, even if the Newtralizer caused problems. With this, the Kraang’s plans with Shredder are set in motion. What’s the plan really? Unbeknowntst to them, the Kirby O’Neil they knew might not be the Kirby O’Neil they knew after all……


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