Kamen Rider Wizard 43: Koyomi’s Past

He's back!!!!
He’s back!!!!

Sorry for the awful featured image. It was the only shot I can get for All Dragon’s appearance in this episode. Yes, All Dragon is back in this episode, but before that, this episode finally reveals to us the first part of Koyomi’s past! Also, Kamen Rider Beast faces against Kamen Rider White Wizard, whom I’m still going to call him Kamen Rider Gandalf.

Wizard 43 (1) If the previous episode was pretty meh to me, this episode didn’t, even though it’s not as strong as the previous arc. First off is about Koyomi. This episode confirms a lot of things about her, and she is starting to become important to the plot again. Well, that it good, because they will spend the rest of the episodes focusing about her, unlike Kengo who only become important in the last 4 episodes.

This episode reveals that Koyomi is indeed the little girl that Saiyonji-sensei met 10 years ago, and proves that Koyomi lived as a human. I just liked the Omokagedou’s reactions when they found out that Koyomi has a past, Shunpei with his annoyance, Wajima and Haruto expressing relieve to Koyomi.

Meanwhile, Nitou, Rinko and Mayu went to a forest to find the White Wizard as tipped by Gremlin. Because they know Gremlin is a troll, they were hesitating to follow the tip, thinking that it might be another trap for raping. But Nitou is determined to go regardless of traps, as he will save Yuzuru no matter what. Well, for now it seems that Nitou’s role in the story is to be pissed with White Wizard for pedo-kidnapping his protege. Well at least he has a role rather than being Haruto’s backup.

Wizard 43 (2) Turns out that Gremlin’s tip is true after all, as they encountered the White Wizard. Fueki claims that Yuzuru is now willing to become a mage. Nitou is still unfazed by this and threatens to see Yuzuru, and of course a battle ensues. The second round of Beast VS White Wizard is splendid. You can see that Beast put up more fight than the previous. Maybe the anger fueled his power that enables him to hold off longer against Fueki. And what’s amazing is that Beast Hyper dual wields the Dice Saber and the Mirage Magnum! With him wielding the Dice Saber, comes a finisher that I didn’t even expect: The Hyper Saber Strike. The finisher is basically a projection of all of Beast’s mantle animals multiplied by the number of dice he got. For example, getting a ‘3’ will allow Beast to summon 12 projections, 3 for each animals.

But sadly the Hyper Saber Strike only damages White Wizard, meaning that this guy is really, really tough. But what’s even more sad is that Mayu appears in this episode, yet she doesn’t transform into Kamen Rider Mage. Granted that the suit is ugly, but I wanted to see her transforming because she is technically the third/fourth Rider of the show. Well, at least she appears, seeing her cute face is enough.

Speaking of Mayu, it was her who prevented White Wizard from killing Beast. Before that, I wanted to point out that the Shooting Mirage VS Explosion Ring has this unique explosion. Usually explosions are, fire explosions, but this time the explosion is done through blue and white smoke explosion, and honestly it looked very cool.

Wizard 43 (3) While the battle ensues, Gremlin is stalking as usual, and his words further confuses us about White Wizard. It seems that he knew something about White Wizard that we don’t, and upon seeing Beast VS White Wizard he thinks that it is time to get serious. Serious trolling LOL. If you notice, White Wizard’s hideout is similar to Wiseman’s hideout. Could it be?……….

Anyways, White Wizard takes his leave after Mayu gives a speech about final hope blah blah blah thing, and Rinko notices an unconscious Kizaki lying on the floor. What’s worse is that he is badly injured, further increasing Nitou’s rage against KR Gandalf. With Haruto leaving Koyomi to check on Kizaki, they wondered why did Sora knew about White Wizard’s locations. Of course, we don’t know for now.

Meanwhile, Koyomi asks Saiyonji-sensei to take her to the lake where they first met. Unbeknownst to them, Sphinx is secretly following them, and with Haruto & Nitou is unavailable, it makes it easier for him to drive Saiyonji-sensei to despair. But thanks to Shunpei who saw the two, he alerts the situation to Haruto.

Wizard 43 (4) At the lake, we learn more about Koyomi’s past. The reason why she had this special swing is because she had a frail body, and because of that she wasn’t allowed to play outside. But heh, her father builds a swing so that she will not get bored. Also, the Koyomi of the past is a really cheerful girl.

But what makes this scene is so important is that it is a very touching scene about Koyomi. I just loved her heart-to-heart pep talk with Saionji-sensei, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Sphinx. Oh and since Koyomi is outdoor, her ability to detect Phantoms returns. Not that she forgot about it, it’s just that they didn’t use it for a long time.

Sphinx makes a short work of driving Saionji to despair. I’m glad that he didn’t use a long speech then starts to drive the Gate to despair, mostly they wanted to show that this scene is meant for Saionji to fall into despair. Luckily the Kamen Riders arrived and Beast decides to take on Sphinx while Wizard went into Saionji’s Underworld. Also, I liked how Haruto didn’t blame Koyomi for causing all this. Who would want to blame a cute sister right?

Wizard 43 (5) Beast VS Sphinx is nothing special, really. He did nothing new, and Sphinx is actually no match for him at all. I kinda wish that they have a variation finisher with Mirage Magnum. At least Beast’s fight with Sphinx earned him some meal, which is actually no problem for Beast at all lately.

Wizard’s Underworld fight is the one to talk about. For starters, we get to see the return of WizarDragon since his last appearance in episode 31, and I’m still pissed that they didn’t make him chit chat with Wizard or whatever. That being said, the Winged WizarDragon’s battle with the inner Phantom is seriously AWESOME.

But the main thing that’s AWESOME is that Wizard assumes All Dragon Style to defeat it. Even though it’s AWESOME, it’s also a disappointment because the form only appeared for several seconds while it’s first appearance is actually quite long. Also, the fact that Wizard reverts back to Flame Style after defeating the Phantom reminds me of the CycloneCyclone & JokerJoker & TaMaShii Combo effect, where the Rider would assume the form briefly, uses the final attack and then reverts back to the main form after battle. At least All Dragon did some fighting.

Wizard 43 (6) Also I hope that this is not the last appearance of All Dragon Style. From what I’ve heard, Wizard didn’t assume the form in Magic Land (it appeared differently in the movie, which I’m not going to spoil even though most of you knew already), and if this is his last appearance, then this will be another GataKiriBa Combo effect. Well if Koichi Sakamoto handles Wizard in the future you can bet that All Dragon will return.

However, Wizard didn’t leave the Underworld, because after he saw the young Koyomi, he saw something shocking: Koyomi’s father. Koyomi’s father turns out to be none other than Fueki himself. Wizard is obviously shocked by this, because White Wizard’s recent actions caused Haruto to consider White Wizard to be a threat now, but with this revelation, he is further confused with White Wizard.

Heck, even when he returned to the real world, he pauses for a moment because he is completely unsure to consider if White Wizard is a friend or a foe. As for Saionji-sensei, even though the ring that he wanted to give to Koyomi is crushed, Koyomi accepts it as it’s in her heart. Koyomi even claims that she wanted to help people. LOL Koyomi’s words looks like foreshadowing her to be a Kamen Rider even though she’s not. Could it be that they are foreshadowing something else?……..

Wizard 43 (7) While this happens, White Wizard is watching them from afar like he usually did. Fueki comments that only one more Gate is needed and holds up the Eclipse Ring. Hmm………. this just gets more and more confusing, and adds the thrill to it. First up is the Eclipse Ring. My thory is that it will allow White Wizard to summon an eclipse. But wait, isn’t that what Wiseman wanted? To hold another Sabbath when it’s Eclipse? Could it be that White Wizard is helping Wiseman or he is actually Wiseman?

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