Avengers Assemble S01E04: Thor’s Destiny

It's all about these three. Yes, another Iron Man porn.
It’s all about these three. Yes, another Iron Man porn.

Ulik terrorizes the city using an ancient weapon, and for some reason Thor is freaked by this thing. On the other hand, Dr.Doom seeks to possess the weapon…….Avengers 4 (1) Honestly I didn’t expect a Thor-focused episode at all. To be real honest, I’m not much of a Thor fan either, but this episode is not bad. For starters, this episode is action packed, and I really mean that. But the actions in this episode is pretty good, so I’ll give props to them for making good action scenes for an action packed episode.

However, there are still obvious flaws in this episode. First up is that the episode feels like an Iron Man teaming up with Thor, because the Avengers are just for the sake of being there. Seriously, the only Avenger other than the aforementioned two to have some importance of the role is Captain America, due to him being the second-in-command of the team (as well as former leader).

Not that the other Avengers are useless or didn’t do anything in this episode, it’s just that they weren’t very significant to the plot, just being there for the sake of being Iron Man’s helpers. Also, Black Widow doesn’t appear in this episode, which is weird considering she appeared in the previous, but since she’s Fury’s watchdog, I guess she’s on another mission.

Avengers 4 (2) Too bad for her, because she missed one hell of an event, which all started when Dr. Doom come across the AxeHammer that Ulik dropped. Speaking of Ulik, he’s a minor villain of the episode, but he is also the mastermind behind the events of this episode. His appearance in Midgard is to solely defeat Thor using the legends that Thor feared.

Dr.Doom on the other hand, seeks to use the AxeHammer to gain power because he’s your good ol’ world conqueror. Also he is the first supervillain that rejects Iron Skull’s offer to be a part of the Cabal, mostly because he is the equivalent of Iron Skull. Furthermore, being a Dr.Doom fan (thanks Clive Revill & Marvel Ultimate Alliance!), I personally think that Doom is more dangerous than Skull. Put simply, Dr.Doom doesn’t want to cooperate with a guy who has the same agenda as he is.

When the Avengers assaults Doom’s Latverian Embassy mansion, there is one particular thing that I noticed. The mansion, more specifically the location, is the exact same location as the Avengers’ Mansion is, the only difference is that the Avengers Mansion is replaced by Doom’s. Either that they are lazy, or they are just lazy.

Avengers 4 (3) Thanks to Dr.Doom’s childish toying with the AxeHammer, he releases the Midgard Serpent, a.k.a the Gog and Magog of the world. Also, this is why Thor is afraid so much about a legend that is connected to him: The AxeHammer is said to be able to summon the Midgard Serpent which would grow bigger and bigger until it is big enough to consume the planet (Galactus’ pet?!), and the only one who can stop it is Thor Odinson, at the cost of his own life.

Now, I wanted to say that I’m a rookie Marvel fanboy, so I don’t really know much about the universe aside from movies, video games, Civil War & AvsX comics, furthermore I’m not a Thor fan but I wanted to ask something. Isn’t Thor a god? Or at least Demigod? If so then he must’ve at least be immortal, and lived long enough. Well, since the legend basically tells it’s the end of the world event, I guess it makes sense why an immortal like Thor would die.

From this point the episode mostly focuses on Thor while Dr.Doom continues his childish games to tame Midgard Serpent, while the other Avengers are busy stalling him and some even went far away from battle. But like I said, this series is so far is another Iron Man porn, so he gets the same spotlight as Thor.

Avengers 4 (4) Heck, even when Thor do the leap of death thing, Iron Man saved him from entering Valhalla. Look, I love Iron Man, I really do. But like Batman, it’s really tiring to ‘must have him’ on almost every media just to boost more market. I know that Thor is not as popular as Iron Man, but still, this is becoming too much of an Iron Man porn.

Regardless, one thing that this episode teach is that we forge our own path, our own fate. With Thor worrying that he would die in battle, the legend is debunked as Iron Man saves him and claims that it is Thor who decides his own fate, not some legends, unless Thor is facing Kamen Rider Meteor 😛 But I do like how Stark says that “Does the legend mentioned the Avengers?”. That line alone supports Iron Man’s theory about forging one’s own fate.

With new resolve, the God of Thunder instead aids Iron Man in finding the portal that brings Ulik to Midgard, in hopes to lure the Serpent to go into the portal. The plan worked with the Avengers’ help, but the main problem is that Dr.Doom is now ‘controlling’ the Serpent! It’s basically just them convincing Doom to let go of the Serpent but because Doom is Doom, no pun, he won’t let go because he still thinks that the Serpent is useful for his plans………… and he went into the portal with the Serpent. Dumbass.

Avengers 4 (5) After that, Thor and Iron Man pay a visit to Ulik to prove that the legend was fulfilled in another way, and of course Ulik is pissed seeing Thor is still alive.

Oh, I forgot to list one important thing. If the previous episode toned down the letterbox format, this episode uses it in ALMOST every shot. Seriously it hurts my eyes as I thought I’ve set it on fullscreen! Seriously, they need to remove the concept. It’s not cool and only making this series looks bad.


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