Kyoryuger Brave 21: KyoryuNessie, A Loch Ness Monster Voltasaur!!!!

Finally.... a Purple Ranger!!!
Finally…. a Purple Ranger again!!!

As KyoryuGrey said before, the 9th Voltasaur, Plezuon will return to the Kyoryugers soon. Turns out that healong with his master KyoryuViolet is on an expedition……. in SPACE! Also, the Kyoryugers finally meets the man who invented the GabuRevolver: Dr. Ulshade!!!

Kyoryu 21 (1) So here we are, back to the plot. With Kyoryuger being extremely good so far, how did this episode do? Good as usual. First we see a scene in space where KyoryuViolet takes a sample of Devoss. First impressions on KyoryuViolet, there is nothing special on his design aside from the fact that his face is similar to KyoryuRed’s. But I really like his voice, it has the badass, veteran aura in it. While KyoryuGrey had these strict teacher voice, KyoryuViolet has these strong, silent type of badass.

And due to his design, the Kyoryugers found out that he is not a Spirit Ranger. I liked how they detect him as a Spirit Ranger or not based on his chest, if it’s bronze then the Kyoryuger is a Spirit Ranger, if it’s yellow then he/she’s a current one, or rather a living one.

In this episode the Devoss Army is terrified about the return of Voltasaur #9 Plezuon, as it is claimed to be the strongest Voltasaur ever. Here’s a little spoiler, what about BraGigas?! Well with his location is currently unknown, Plezuon is the strongest. And because of this, they decided to create a countermeasure against the Kyoryugers by reviving the Zetsumates: Hyogakki, Virusun and Nageroboshi.

Kyoryu 21 (2) What’s surprising about these Zetsumates is that their appearances were meant to look that this episode will be dark and difficult for the heroes, but it’s actually quite the opposite. The episode itself has this comedic feeling onto it, and it might cause disappointments for the people who watch it. But this is Kyoryuger, they can make fillers look good, and they certainly handled the comedic aspect of this episode well. Although I do wish to see what if they make this episode looked dark.

Like I said, the comedic aspects of this episode is greatly done. First off, I wanted to say that the Zetsumates is obviously a Sentai parody, with the rollcalls and having balls as the team attack. I really liked the part where they attacked the Kyoryugers when they are about to do the rollcalls, as well as the volleyball battle between the Kyoryugers.

While this happens, KyoryuRed went to check on Plezuon, and encountered KyoryuViolet. Seriously, Violet looks pretty badass here. The way he fights really shows that he’s an experienced Kyoryuger, an to an extent, the only additional Kyoryugers that uses weapons! Aside from KyoryuGold of course. Even though KyoryuRed tries to help him, KyoryuViolet proves to be strong enough to kill those Zorimas and tells KyoryuRed to go to the Plezuon Lab, where Plezuon is waiting.

Kyoryu 21 (3) And when they went to the lab, they encountered Yayoi, and because she is a woman, Ian makes it his target to woo her. Glad that they still remembered that Ian’s a playboy. Then they meet Dr.Ulshade, Yayoi’s grandfather who is a creator of the GabuRevolver and GaburiCalibur. Unbeknownst to them, Dr.Ulshade is actually KyoryuViolet, and they didn’t even realize it because the two have two very different personalities!

Dr.Ulshade is a hyperactive old man in his 60-70s while KyoryuViolet sounds like a badass veteran who looks like 40s, but they are actually the same person! I understand that they made Dr.Ulshade to be hyperactive because of the whole Beast Battery voice thing, but I honestly liked the badass KyoryuViolet persona better.

Now, I wanted to rant on something that’s bothering my mind ever since they revealed KyoryuViolet and that he’s a creator of the GabuRevolver. If he’s the creator for the arsenals in the modern times, who the hell created KyoryuGold’s arsenal?! Not only that, they didn’t explain about the MoBuckle either! It’s really bothering me since Spirit Rangers didn’t have any personal weapons aside from techniques and Green Lantern’s projections, but KyoryuGold has some arsenals that are considered futuristic, yet they didn’t even explain how his arsenal was invented.

After all that introductions and Ian finding out that Yayoi has a crush on Daigo, the Zetsumates attacks the city again. To be really honest, the Zetsumates are watered down than their previous appearances, thanks to the comedic nature of the episode. But, as much as silly they are, they are still a problem to the Kyoryugers, since their fight this time sealed the Kyoryuger’s weapons.

Kyoryu 21 (4) And when the Kyoryugers are helpless, this is when Dr.Ulshade reveals his true identity. Now, remember that I keep complaining that they forgotten the use of GaburuCannon? Yeah they remember it, and I didn’t realize that the combination is big, at least the way Dr. Ulshade holds it makes it looked big. Anyways, it is time for him to transform, and if the transformation dance is not cheesy enough for you, Dr.Ulshade’s hyperactive dance multiplies it up thrice. Seriously, he looks like a crazy old man when he danced to the tune.

After the transformation, my respect towards the Marine Hero, KyoryuViolet is kinda lost. Thanks to his personality, he went from a badass veteran to a silly old man. And thanks to his hyperactivity, it causes him to snap his back and he can’t move, effectively becoming useless. Seriously, he went onto battle, and barely touches the enemy or the enemy touches him, and now he’s useless.

And the fight scene this time is hilarious and AWESOME at the same time. While the Kyoryugers are protecting KyoryuViolet from the Zetsumates, they fend the trio by using bare hands, and I find it AWESOME that they can hold it off even without the weapons. Now this is what they call ‘Braves’, being able to fight no matter what the circumstances are.

Kyoryu 21 (5) And they used the Zetsumates weapon against them to finish them off. Even though I didn’t expect it, I’m glad that KyoryuRed uses the Furious Bash technique on the ball to finish the Zetsumates. After that, Luckyuro only enlarges Nageroboshi, which is understandable since he’s the leader and he’s the one that talks much in this episode, while others just seems like his henchmen.

KyoryuViolet reveals that he intends to retire as a Kyoryuger, and that he wants to pass Plezuon to the current Kyoryugers. Much to my disappointment, this is another KyoryuRed porn because he gets Plezuon. I expected that he get Plezuon because Red Rangers will get a secondary MegaZord, but the fact that he got Bunpachy as well is too much, hence the KyoryuRed porn. Why don’t they pull another Shinkenger move when ShinkenRed gets the Tora Disk, he passes the Beetle Disk to ShinkenGreen? Seriously they could’ve just handed over Ankydon & Bunpachy to other Kyoryugers, it makes them look useless, more and more as the episode progresses.

Anyways, I wanted to use this paragraph to rant about Plezuon. Now, I really respected that they used a Plesiosaur, which is associated with Loch Ness Monster, and the fact that Laprass from Pokemon is based on the dinosaur itself makes it one of my favorite dinosaur. Also, Plezuon’s design is really gorgeous, as it has this massive battleship looking. Not to mention that Plezuon itself is a submarine and spacecraft, so yeah.

Kyoryu 21 (6) As for the MegaZord mode, PlezuOh, it was…….meh. While I liked Plezuon’s design, the MegaZord Mode didn’t. I don’t know, it looks too simple and bland. Maybe it’s the white color that makes it look like that. But honestly, the third MegaZord is always like that. I mean MogyuDaiOh’s design is really bland, so I understand. Maybe it’s because Go-Buster’s Tategami LiO’s design is good, that it let me down on this one. Let’s hope BraGiga’s design is AWESOME.

Nevertheless, PlezuOh’s first fight is really, really AWESOME. Mostly it’s because the fight was set in space, and the space scene honestly looked better than previous Toku shows that uses space scenes. Nah, it’s actually as decent as Kamen Rider Fourze’s but it is neat.

As for the finisher, it’s basically a shotgun shot using Plezuon’s head as the shotgun. But having to jerk it off three times is epic, and the epicness needs to be named. I dub thee: PlezuOh Brave Finish: Zuon Shotgun Strike. Hey, at least it’s something other than the generic Brave Finish.

Kyoryu 21 (7) After the fight, Chaos reveals that the plan isn’t actually a countermeasure to Plezuon’s return……… well it is, actually. Their true goal is to locate the Plezuon Lab so that they can destroy Plezuon while it’s resting. With Aigallon, Canderilla and Luckyuro joining Hyogakki and Virusun (DoGold staying with Chaos to help him for the next phase of their plan), I expect that a major battle will come soon………

Overall, I great episode. Like I said, at first I expected that this episode will be dark, because most shows will get dark as the series progress (even Den-O & Fourze) but this episode is actually hilarious. It might be a bummer but it’s not, trust me. Although the only thing that bums me up is that we will never see the badass KyoryuViolet again……….


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