Kamen Rider Wizard 42: The Ring and Koyomi

Finally..... more about Koyomi!
Finally….. more about Koyomi!

Haruto and Nitou now have conflicting opinions about White Wizard, due to his previous actions to Yuzuru and Kizaki. Is he a friend or a foe? While Nitou investigates this, Haruto takes care of a middle aged Gate who is a pedophile because he seems to search for a young girl to give a ring. Yeah even though it sounded pedophilia, it’s not, trust me.Wizard 42 (1) Unfortunately this episode feels like your average Kamen Rider Wizard episode. For those that not aware even though we’re 42 episodes in already, Wizard is nothing more than a series that comprised of fillers. Nearly every episode is fillers and when they wanted to do the plot, either make an arc that occurs every 10 episodes, or slip them in together with a filler episode and make it a subplot. Yes, the main plot is treated like a subplot in the series, and this episode did it as well. I guess that’s why people didn’t really like Wizard so much.

Anyways the episode begins with Haruto getting more confused about White Wizard, and Nitou getting more pissed at him for doing that pedophilia act. I really love on how he didn’t care if he saved Haruto’s life, and how he will find the White Wizard. His words makes it seem like he will fight White Wizard, even if he had to fight Haruto, although we know that’s not gonna happen.

As for the MoTW, finally they bring up a monster that is well known to the legends: Sphinx! And thank goodness they didn’t make this guy like your average Phantoms, being a one-dimensional character. At least Sphinx’s human form has a Riddler-like personality, and it’s always a fun time when the MoTW has a personality even if it’s bizarre.

Wizard 42 (2) Due to White Wizard’s actions, we see that Haruto feels like he need to put and end to Sphinx’s actions immediately, due to the fact that the Phantom attack only slowed his search down. But Haruto is Haruto, protecting the Gate comes first, unless Nitou is around. Speaking of that, I noticed that their role has been reversed. If the previous arc has Wizard dealing with White Wizard mysteries and Beast protecting the Gate? This one it’s vice-versa, Haruto dealing with the Gate and Nitou looking around for White Wizard.

The actions in this episode, more specifically the first action scene is really good. First is that Wizard came in with Hurricane Dragon, and then as the fight progresses he switches into Water Dragon. AND, it’s always welcome to see the dual WizardSwordGun. I don’t remember when was the last time they used it honestly.

As for the Gate in this episode, he is kinda weird. He tried to be like those annoying old man, but his aura did not. That’s because he has a past, not really a dark past, but an interesting past. So in this past, he failed numerous times to the point that he tried to commit suicide by walking into the water, but he just couldn’t do it. Hey, in case you didn’t know, people who committed suicide actually didn’t want to die and if possible they don’t want to. But that’s another story.

Wizard 42 (3) So after failing to commit suicide, this guy met a little girl and because of this girl, he regains hope to move forward towards tomorrow. But sadly, this is the only time he saw the girl, and she left a flower-shaped ring. This is why the Gate, who is now an accomplished novelist, wants to meet girls, in hope that one day he will meet the little girl again. See? Not pedophilia. This guy’s no Edward Cullen.

Meanwhile, Koyomi starts to lose more and more mana, and she is aware of it. Hmmmm……. isn’t it strange? That we get to see the Gate’s past and the next scene shows Koyomi. Anywyas, Nitou encounters Mayu, whom I’m glad that she atually became a cast regular or at least a recurring character, as opposed to the recurring guest. Nitou told her about Yuzuru and now Mayu is in the same situation as Haruto, she’s confused about White Wizard’s true motif. Oh, off topic, just found out that Erina Nakayama, the actress that played Mayu and Medusa is actually the same age as me. Woohooohoooo~

Speaking of Medusa, she continues her usual role, but what I wanted to talk is about how Erina-chan is a really good actress and she is now becoming my 2nd Japanese waifu. Seriously, the way she portrayed Mayu and Medusa makes it seem like both of them are portrayed by twins, and if they were, I would’ve date Mayu’s actress! Really, Mayu looks like those innocent cute girl who happens to be a badass, and Medusa looks like those cold and calculating bitch. I salute you Erina-chan.

Meanwhile, Rinko is officially transferred to the Section 0, and her first job is, not under orders, is to find Kizaki. Funny that she told Haruto. Now that thing makes it seem like you got a good news and you’re telling your friends, but since I’m a HarutoXRinko shipper, I think that the way she called him is like when you got promoted, you call you boyfriend/girlfriend first!

Wizard 42 (4) Remember that I said that the Gate is trying to become like those annoying old guys? Well he did run away from Haruto’s watch, because the little girl’s ring is lost, and apparently it has been found. Turns out that the finder is actually Sphinx, who aims to crush the ring to bring the Gate to despair. Luckily because it has been 42 episodes, Haruto knows to keep an eye on the Gate using PlaMonsters, and he didn’t lose sight of the Gate.

As for the second action scene, it was kinda mediocre. Granted, we got BoyBand Style, but for some reason it’s just not enough. At the very least they showed that Haruto is able to cancel the BoyBand Style by having the Dragon Clones merging back to him. Also the use of Infinity Style seemed unnecessary, but since Wizard was originally going to defeat Sphinx quickly but a number of Ghouls jumped on him is understandable. And since this is the first of a two-parter, Sphinx naturally got away.

Wizard 42 (5) Meanwhile, Rinko meets up with Nitou and Mayu, and tells them about Kizaki, further increasing Nitou’s anger to the White Wizard. Suddenly, Gremlin came across them with a weird walk on the beam thing, telling them that he can bring them to the White Wizard. Rinko is hesitant to believe this since Gremlin is a serial killer (he could actually lure them to a place where he can trap Nitou and rape & kill Rinko and Mayu. Anyways Mayu also has that long black hair right?), but Nitou agrees to follow him.

As for Haruto, he took the Gate to the Omokagedou for a safer protection, where the Gate meets Koyomi. Then, the Gate suddenly knows Koyomi, as he is shocked to hear Haruto uttering Koyomi’s name. Could it be that Koyomi is the little girl that he spoke about?


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