TMNT S01E23: Bee Movie!!!

This is what I would do if I were watching this with my girlfriend :P
This is what I would do if I were watching this with my girlfriend 😛

TMNT is back from their hiatus, and thanks to my goddamn university schedule, here’s the late review of the Turtles’ return to the small screen! In this episode, after an unusual Krang hunt, the Turtles fall prey to a mysterious egg. Will they be able to get away from it?TMNT 23 (1) This episode is a filler, but it’s actually a very good filler considering that it tried to be like those horror B movies, and it actually worked! The premise of this episode is about Mikey trying to fight his brainwashed brothers, so I originally thought that he’s going to spend the whole episode fighting and running away from his brothers while figuring out a way to bring them back to normal.

But instead, we get an episode where the Turtles fall prey one by one, and it’s really good. It all started when the Turtles fought a giant Wasp mutated by the mutagen. But for some reason, the mutagen is a lil’ bit off this time because it didn’t create an anthropomorphic wasp, but rather enlarges it up. Well, I figure that the anthropomorphic version is uglier, so they went ahead with a different idea.

During the fight, the wasp died after it stings Leo. Although he appears to be normal, it’s obvious that he’s not. First off, he quickly displays an odd personality when he found the wasp’s egg, desiring to protect it and not letting anyone to touch it.

TMNT 23 (2) Even though he propose to bring the egg to the lair so that Donnie can investigate it, he won’t let Donnie do it. The Turtles thinks that something’s wrong, and the only way to bring Leo back to normal is through destroying the egg. But Leo keeps guarding it, so they tried various things to lure Leo away, but to no avail. Yeah, from watching Space Heroes to eating pizzas, they failed. One thing to note is that the Space Heroes episode also foreshadows the events, which is Captain Ryan being brainwashed by an alien. Oh, and I see that they slip in some porn, which is having Captain Ryan and his ‘fiancee’ kissing, only for his fiancee to lick his lips instead. Heck, he even said “How about some sugar, baby?”! Whoever had this idea, you are dirty-minded, teaching porns and stuff.

Raphael being Raphael, decides to destroy the egg by himself. But, Leo appears to be completely brainwashed, as he exhibits Ju-On eyes and slimy mouth. Really, the Ju-On ghosts are scary, and having a Ju-On eyes on the Turtles just freak the shit out of me. If I am PewDiePie, you know what he’ll do right?

TMNT 23 (3) However, Raph gets bitten by Leo and gets brainwashed as well, leaving Donnie and Mikey. From this point afterward the episode starts to turn into those zombie-apocalypse type of thing. After hiding from the Ju-On Turtles, they investigate the type of wasp. Turns out that the mutated wasp is the kind of parasitic wasp that lure other species to guard its egg, and when the egg hatches, the wasp will eat its guardian! As scary as it is, this is true. This is nature. Damn natures.

While Donnie tries to find a cure to wipe them out of brainwash, he finds that he too has been bitten. See? Zombie apocalypse. As a countermeasure, he instructs Mikey to complete the antidote in ase he turns before he could complete it, which is a big risk, considering Mikey is, well Michelangelo. Not that artist Michelangelo.

Eventually Donnie turns as well and bits Mikey too, but the latter managed to knock the former out. BUT, time is running out, and even though Mikey knows what to do to complete the antitode, he passes out. A few moments later, Leo, Raph and Donnie are brainwashed and prepare to be foods for the wasp. Mikey joins in as well. Even though it is shown that Mikey is brainwashed thanks to the slimy mouth, I immediately knew that he was lying judging by the way he talks, in case it isn’t obvious already.

TMNT 23 (4) The Turtles doing that blessing the egg thing is really, really scary, and thank goodness before they could do anymore weird dances, Mikey puts the antidote to them. Turns out, if it’s not obvious enough already, Mikey is not infected after all! What surprises me is that at first I thought Mikey is immune to the virus, because of the superstition in Japanese culture that is “Idiots don’t catch cold” thing, but it’s quite different actually!

Mikey did get infected, but unlike his brothers, the brainwashing process took a longer time on him, giving him time to complete the antidote! Yeah, not only Mikey mixing the antidote scene is funny, but the fact that he DID make the antidote ROTFLOLs me out! Seriously, it was great to laugh on these.

TMNT 23 (5) Just on time, the wasp hatched, and since there’s three foods, the egg hatched into three wasps! Too bad that the antidote cause drowsiness, because the Turtles fainted, leaving Mikey to fight the wasps alone! As he took refuge in the Shellraiser a la people hiding from zombies, the Turtles awake and fights the wasps.

To be honest, the wasps could very well be their toughest opponent to beat yet. I mean they never defeated the wasps, the first wasp died because it lose its sting. But because this is Mikey’s episode, they decided to make Mikey the hero and have him using the Shellraiser’s junk cannon to obliterate the wasps! Yeah, the wasps are actually pretty easy to beat.

After that, the Turtles clean up the mess while Mikey acts as a king for a day thanks to his heroism, which the Turtles, and viewers, still can’t believe he did good. Yeah, from doing antidotes that is Donnie’s thing and firing cannons accurately that is Raph’s thing, it’s pretty surprising. And the episode ends with the usual skirmish between Leo and Mikey because the latter used a Space Heroes comic book as a toilet paper.

TMNT 23 (6) Overall, a nice return to the TV after long hiatus (Power Rangers MegaForce, when will you come back on TV?! You got like, 11 episodes left!). Also, the use of a filler is strange since we’re nearing the finale, but I’m pretty sure that this will be the last filler of the season. Also, the use of the filler is because the upcoming episodes could be serious, so they need to have an episode where it’s refreshing to the viewers after a long absence.

Oh, where is Splinter and April in this episode? Turns out Donnie said that they go out training. Well, at least they explained that.


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