Sengal Rambles: The Blurry Future

As you may know, now I am an architecture student at University. For those who have taken the major, you know how painful it is: loads of assignments and no time to sleep at all. I know that other major also gives loads of assignments, but architecture is more painful that you barely have time to sleep. Heck, I fall asleep and when I woke up, I missed a class, resulting in me getting warned that if I continue to do this, I might not be able to take the final project (literally the final exam) at all.

Now what I wanted to talk about is the future of this blog. No, I’m not gonna shut it down or anything. It’s just that, I love writing articles and if this thing actually finances me, I don’t mind dropping out of University at all, though it is a stupid move and I will get backlash from my families and my crush would not look at me at all.

Now, I’ve been downloading lots of new shows lately, the usual Super Sentai and Kamen Rider, TMNT, Avengers Assemble, and lately the addition of Beware the Batman and Ultraman Ginga. These two new shows are actually great, to the point that I wanted to do the reviews. But considering that my schedule is very tight, I’m not sure if I can do it at all. And you may find me doing lots of reviews for the next week, that’s because I’m on a week break. So when school starts, I can at least write on weekends, but that also depends on my mood and the speed of my broadband, since I only went home once bi-weekly.

Put simply, this blog will continue as usual, albeit late due to my schedules. And if I managed to get everything organized, I might as well review Beware the Batman and Ultraman Ginga too. Ultraman Ginga is close to the ‘definitely’ list, but only after I completed AkibaRanger reviews.


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