Kyoryuger Brave 20: Bad Luck Brians on Tanabata

You know you're in a deep shit when people are charging towards you
You know you’re in a deep shit when people are charging towards you!

It’s Tanabata, and everybody wrote their wishes, except Daigo. Suddenly, their wishes comes true on the next day, but the victims are suddenly left fatigued, including the Kyoryugers. What happened? Obviously a Devoss Plot.

Kyoryu 20 (1) Again, a filler. Again, a very good filler! Actually it’s a half filler, since this is more of a character development episode with an ending that somewhat foreshadows future events. This episode is yet another KyoryuRed porn, which expands the backstory of King and his father that was created back then in Brave 18. Remember when he met an illusion of his dad and he said that he wanted to meet his dad? Yeah this episode is about that, only in the climax of the episode.

Instead, the remainder of the episode is your average Kyoryuger filler, by that I mean it’s a very good filler. For Tanabata, I find that the Kyoryugers’ wishes are kinda childish in a way, such as Utchii craving for ice creams and Souji wanting a new kendo. But since this is a yearly tradition, I guess it’s normal for them to ask for some normal things. I mean, those wishes are actually pretty easy to be fulfilled. If I had a wish, well I wanted to meet Mao Ichimichi hihihihihihihihhiihhihi~

Unfortunately, the paper slip that they wrote their wishes are distributed by Tanabanta, the Devo Monster of the week. Speaking of which, his design is a mixture of badass and ridiculous. I mean, his face looks like those type of badass, evil villain like Buredoran, but the body is just ridicolous. But I liked on how they make him ridiculous by making him somewhat of a failed womanizer.

Kyoryu 20 (2) As for the luck thing, I find that the writer took the idea of Kamen Rider Wizard’s episode 33, where their luck gets manipulated. But here, they got their wishes, and then they will die. It is horrible. It’s like you just lose your virginity and the next day you found out that you have AIDS. And that’s even scarier because it’s logical!!! Anyways back to the episode, when they starts dying, they literally loses the energy, as demonstrated by the luck-out KyoryuBlack, Green and Pink failing to transform due to the fatigue.

The first fight of the episode is really funny. The Kyoryugers barely did any damage to Devo Tanabanta, because he had a secret technique: which is basically him dodging the attacks and naming his dodges. This makes me think that the Devo Monster is actually a coward and not a formidable fighter.

Since the Devo Monster got away, the Kyoryugers discuss about the upcoming luck on Nossan and Utchii. Since the wish will be granted no matter what, they can prevent the death by preventing the paper slip from flying to Tanabanta’s hands, so that there will be no deaths. Unfortunately, this is where Utchii’s wishes are granted.

Kyoryu 20 (3) KyoryuCyan appears from out of nowhere, stating that he just returned from Belgium to give the Kyoryugers a souvenir, Belgium ice-creams. Honestly, KyoryuCyan’s cameo is really hilarious, since it was for the sake of being there! I mean he was just there to give the ice cream and takes his leave, something which only extras do. But with the use of KyoryuCyan, it’s really great.

Now that there’s only Nossan and Daigo left, they didn’t really need to worry because Daigo didn’t write his wish, and Nossan’s wish is actually him wanting to be a chick magnet. And guess what? The wish actually worked! Man, some of the chicks that wants Nossan are cute. Could be that their clothing, I kinda have a fetish for work clothes hehehehehehehehehe~

Luckily King caught Nossan’s flying card so that it will lead him to Devo Tanabanta. TO be honest I kninda find this scene a little bit pointless. It was meant to show that King cannot work well without his teammates, as Tanabanta, Canderilla and Luckyuro pwns him, but other than that it seemed off. Still, it’s great to see the great King gets pwned, and Canderilla’s attack has Haruka Tomatsu blinking at us is even more of a pleasure.

Kyoryu 20 (4) The fight continued in the dawn, where it will be the time of the Kyoryuger and other ‘infected’ people’s death. However, Tanabanta is confronted by someone, and even though they tried their best to silhouette this guy out, and the fact that they did reveal him in the next minutes, I immediately knew that this guy is Daigo’s dad. And from the looks of it, he really is Daigo’s dad, judging that he also used a speacial punch to falcon punch Tanabanta. Like father like son huh?

After it is revealed that he is indeed Daigo’s father if it isn’t obvious enough already, at first I thought that this was nothing more than an illusion, due to how far he is from Daigo, and how he didn’t want Daigo to come close to him. Regardless, the scene between Daigo and his dad is really heartwarming in a manly way, as it really shows how a badass father and son reunited after a long time.

Also, their reunion is great, that Daigo is seriously happy with it. It’s like I met my crush after a long time separating from her, it’s like that! And when Daigo turns to see his teammates, he turns back only to see that his father is gone, further makes me think that his dad is actually another illusion. But Daigo feels that it’s real enough.

Kyoryu 20 (5) After breaking Tanabanta’s curse, the Kyoryugers returns to normal and since Canderilla and Luckyuro takes their leave and raises the flag of defeat (thanks AkibaRanger!!!), the Kyoryugers charges in to overwhelm Tanabanta. Much to my surprise, he is actually a formidable fighter after all, plus his luck manipulating in battle is really good, though it also comes with side effects.

What makes this battle is so great is that they showcased the use of KentroSpiker’s ‘children’, the FangShot and ShieLanSlasher. And what’s great is that KyoryuBlack and KyoryuGreen is the one that uses it, since they both have the strongest chemistry between them. And they finished Tanabanta with KentroSpiker, but they decided to make it look cooler by having KyoryuRed actually using the KentroSpiker to slash Tanabanta!

Kyoryu 20 (6) The MegaZord battle in this episode are interesting as well. We got KyoRyuZin Kung-Fu, but this time aided by PteraGordon to even the odds against Tanabanta. The only thing I wish is that they used Raiden KyoRyuZin Kung-Fu, but that combination doesn’t exist. Shame, if KyoRyuZin can do an alternate combination with ParasaGun & Stegotchi, why can’t they do so with Raiden? It would be cool.

After the battle, Torin is confronted by Daigo’s dad, who turns out to be the real deal after all! I just loved the interation between these two even though they barely spoke, just them staring at each other and Daigo’s dad handing a pouch of something to him. That’s all.

Kyoryu 20 (7) At the Spirit Base, Daigo is too happy that he didn’t even care about the others, until he saw Torin carrying the pouch from his dad. Even that, he doesn’t really care and continues to be really happy admiring his pendant. As for the pouch, it kinda foreshadows an event that is unknown as of the writing, but from the looks of it it has those aura telling that it will be important to the show.

Overall, like I said, Kyoryuger nails it when it comes to filler episodes. Seriously, I enjoyed nearly every episodes this series has to offer so far, with only a few episodes that are meh to me but the rest is spectacular. This could very well raises Super Sentai popularity after all. And poor Go-Busters because people still hate it T_T It’s okay, I love Go-Busters to death!!! Also, the ending scene has a new sequence, where the Kyoryugers dance in a dinosaur museum! Also, there’s a video that shows two famous voice actors, Kenichi Suzumura (Kamen Rider Den-O’s Ryutaros) & Hiroshi Kamiya (Mobile Suit Gundam 00’s Tieria Erde) dancing to the theme! Man this show’s ending theme is really popular huh?


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