Avengers Assemble S01E03: Invasion of Body Snatchers

Yeah, Falcon in this series is a protege of Iron Man, not Captain America
Yeah, Falcon in this series is a protege of Iron Man, not Captain America

Now that the Avengers are properly reassembled, their newest member Falcon is having a hard time fitting in because he’s, well the new kid. You know how hard it is to be the new kid right? Well, can the new kid prove to be a worthy Avenger when beings from other dimension kidnaps and disguises as the Avengers?Avengers 3 (1) Prior to watching this episode, I’ve read various reviews about this episode, and they said that this episode is weaker than the previous premiere. Now, I wanted to say they’re wrong, but that’s their opinion so yeah. So my opinion is that this episode is not bad, it’s pretty good, but not good enough. I’ll go through that later.

First off the series improves itself by lowering the amount of letterbox format. Granted there’s still plenty of letterboxes, but it’s not much as the previous episode is. Now for the episode itself, my main complaint is the original Avengers itself. By original I mean the first six. They all acted kinda childish here. First is Iron Man teasing Falcon while on the way to the Avengers Tower. Although because he is Tony Stark, I wouldn’t really call it childish.

The childish thing about the Avengers is that when Falcon bought a box, it’s revealed to be a homemade cookies, and the rest of the Avengers get into a childish fight just to get one cookie. Now, they could’ve just get another cookie even though Hulk will eat them all, and the fact that they are all adults make those fights seems pointless and immature. Maybe it’s because this is a cartoon show meant for kids so they need to put some old fashioned humor, but it is stupid and childish to me.

Avengers 3 (2) As for the plot itself, at first I was like “Not another evil Avengers again” but after watching through the episode, I’m glad that it’s not the same. Granted, they used the concept of the Avengers not being the Avengers, but they pulled it differently and it worked out okay. To be real honest this would work much better if they used this concept in the latter episodes, not this one since the previous one did feature a similar thing.

Also, this episode didn’t show us any progress about Iron Skull’s new Cabal, or even the Avengers’ fight with Dragon Man? I don’t know but you remember it in the previous episode. Also, why is Black Widow there? I thought her taking her Batman-esque leave was supposed to mean that she’s not quite an Avenger, and is still Fury’s bitch? Going moe on 2D characters, all that I can say is that they put her so that she will give little kids boners, and the fact that Laura Bailey make her voice sounded sexy 😛

Avengers 3 (3) To the main protagonist of the episode, Falcon, in the comics he was known to be Captain America’s sidekick, but here, they make him to be Iron Man’s protege. In fact, they even retconned him as a whole! I don’t know much about Falcon, but I do know that he can talk to birds, but here they just make him a daredevil that happened to don one of Tony’s technology. Granted that there is a scene where he sparred with Captain America, but overall I feel that him being Iron Man’s protege is making this an Iron Man porn. Put it simply, imagine Speedy becoming Batman’s sidekick just because he’s Batman.

So, Falcon in this episode has to fight with his teammates’ doppleganger. Wow, previously I reviewed about TMNT about a similar thing, and now this? Anyways, at first I am confused at why didn’t the Space Phantoms didn’t snatch Falcon as well, aside from them claiming that the rookie is useless. My theory is that they have been spying on the Avengers for so long, and aimed at the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes first for invasion.

As for the Space Phantom Avengers, they pretty much act like a creppy brainwashed heroes, except Phantom Hulk who grows to be much like his Earth counterpart. He kinda looks like he’s enjoying every second of being Hulk.

Avengers 3 (4) Eventually Falcon managed to thwart their plans and frees the captive Avengers, though not quite because he actually dragged the Phantom Avengers back to their dimension, and battle the real Avengers. I gotta say the actions scenes are neat in this episode, which I think what makes this series makes us forgive the series. Otherwise, it is a bad show itself.

And the Avengers chemistry are great, such as Black Widow hanging on Iron to give a hovering kick, and Hulk willing to give Hawkeye a boost. Also, I noticed that Cap used his shield on his right hand. A nod to the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ Cap maybe?

Anyways the climax action scenes is great and it looks like they wanted to make Falcon to be a worthy Avenger, and to an extent, he could prove that he could be a good leader as well, judging at how Tony asks him what to do before the fight began. Well, that’a a good way for a rookie to shine.

Avengers 3 (5) After that, Falcon demands Tony to build a bigger room for him because he just proved that he’s a worthy member and that Stark can actually afford to build one, and the rest of the Avengers continue their childish skirmish about Falcon’s homemade cookies. GOD.

Overall, a good episode, a step up to the previous, and the letterbox format has been lessened. Although the episode did suffer from some childish things such as the cookies, and the puns. Yeah the puns are bad in this episode. Should they tone down the puns and the letterbox, the episode, the series as a whole, would be even greater.

P/S: I forgot to talk about the cast. Actually, I wanted to talk about Captain America. Roger Craig Smith did a really good job in this episode despite not being the main character. He is my favorite cast so far.


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