Kamen Rider Wizard 41: Kamen Rider Gandalf’s Plan

Looks like mentor & sidekick to me.
Looks like Batman & Robin to me.

Mayu returns as a Kamen Rider, adding another member to fight the Phantoms. As for Yuzuru who’s started the Phantomization process, he suddenly surpassed the Phantom, and now has the potential to become a mage. Question is, does Yuzuru want to be a mage?

Wizard 41 (1) This episode is very strong, just like episode 22 & 23 back then. I mean if you just watched the episode, you will feel ‘wow’ of the episode. Maybe it’s because the show is starting to pick up its pace, and that’s a good thing. Anyways the episode started with Yuzuru surpassing his Phantomification process thanks to Akari-chan is still conscious, giving him hope that he will get her laid someday (yes that dirty mind is still here, at least until this episode ended 😛 )

As for the double Wizards, Wizard and Mage, Kamen Rider Mage’s first fight reminds me of Kamen Rider Wizard’s early fighting days. No, not the use of flip n’ kick, but rather the overuse of Magic Rings. It’s always a good thing seeing Wizard or any of the series’ Riders spamming magic, because that’s what makes me like Kamen Rider Wizard even though it was disappointing.

Also, I really respected Mayu in battle. We know that her battle with Medusa is simply a revenge-type battle, but Mage is willing to let Wizard help her instead of the usual where the revenge-driven Rider tries to take the enemy on his/her own. But still, when Medusa escapes, we can still see some frustration in Mage.

Wizard 41 (2) After the fight, the whole 3 mages gather at the Omokagedou, along with Yuzuru. Because Yuzuru just surpassed is Phantom, he can now be a mage, which Mayu steps in to offer it to him. This is where we learn more about Kamen Rider Gandalf, as it turns out he’s aiming to get more Wizards for an unknown purpose, and he needs two more.

As for Rinko, Kizaki offered her to join the Section Zero, which she accepted. Well, it seems that Kizaki is starting to open up more and more to our heroes huh? Also, when he looked at Fueki’s image, he seemed to recognize the guy.

Back to the Omokagedou, the rest of the people seemed to have mixed reactions about White Wizard’s plans, especially Haruto. Haruto thinks that there’s something fishy about the plan, but he didn’t think Gandalf was evil because it was Gandalf who saved his life, which is incorrect because Kamen Rider Gandalf only provided his equipment and Koyomi. But I understand his feelings. I mean it’s weird if you’re mentor-like figure is actually evil, and you would have a hard time to accept it.

Wajima himself seems to agree on White Wizard’s idea, thanks to Koyomi losing her magical energy, and Mayu instead offer to ‘Please’ her instead of Haruto. He agreed because of there’s more mages, then there’s more people who can help Koyomi and Haruto’s burden will be lessened.

Wizard 41 (3) Nitou however is unfazed with the idea of having Yuzuru becoming a mage. Mostly it’s because he feels responsible towards Yuzuru. Why not, the two just shared a brotherly type bonding, so it’s natural for Nitou to be protective to his younger brother. But that doesn’t mean that he’s completely against Yuzuru becoming a mage, what he did is just telling Yuzuru that becoming a mage is a pain in the ass, as you did it for yourself, risking your life doing it.

After that, the Sylph sends them a letter that I wondered when he had the time to print it, that told them about Akari-chan’s location. Nitou decides to go with Haruto and Mayu, but Yuzuru wants to follow as well, just so he can decide whether he can be a mage or not by seeing mages fight.

At the quarry, Sylph threatens to bring Yuzuru to despair again when he tries to kill Akari-chan, but thankfully Mayu arrived and backs them up as Haruto and Nitou fights Sylph. Much to my disappointment, they didn’t really show Haruto and Nitou’s out of suit fight against Sylph. Meanwhile, Kizaki finally got the details about Fueki, whose full name is Sou Fueki. However, a strange tune played and Kizaki is seemingly approached by an unseen force. Wait, is it Death? Also, we learn that Fueki is a particle physicist. Could it be that he studied magic and develops the means to be a Wizard? Well this just gets more an more interesting.

Wizard 41 (4) Back to the mages, much to my disappointment, Mayu didn’t join her sempais in fighting Sylph. Granted that she’s just another version of Wizard and that her real purpose there is to guard Yuzuru, but I really wanted to see a 3 Rider VS 1 battle. Before that, Medusa appears in the background and comments that she will kill Yuzuru instead. Is it just me, or that she’s starting to ignore Wiseman’s orders? Granted, her plan is a countermeasure so that it will prevent from having more mages around. But, before she could do anything, Gremlin stops her because he wanted to see something.

As for the action scenes, it was really great. We can see that the Riders are pulling fire VS fire thing with Sylph. In this case, they used wind to fight Sylph, with Wizard assuming Hurricane Style and Beast assuming Falco Mantle. It was really great seeing them flying and slashing through bad green screen ’cause this is Tokusatsu, but overall, the action scenes are really impressive.

Wizard 41 (5) And to finish Sylph off, the assumed both of their final forms: Wizard Infinity and Beast Hyper. Now this is the first time the duo gets to assume their final forms together and simultaneously executes their finishers. What’s interesting about the finisher is that Beast Hyper’s Shooting Mirage did the final blow, while Wizard Infinity did the massive damage. Usually in the finishers, the second Rider did the massive damage and the main Rider did the final blow, but here it’s vice-versa.

After that, not Earth because After Earth sucks (okay bad pun, bad pun!), Yuzuru decided that he will not be a mage, because it’s scary and and he now has Akari-chan and if he becomes a mage, he may not see Akari-chan or even puts her in danger again. And I’m pissed at how they basically ignored Akari-chan after they saved her. No, a mention is not enough.

To be honest, that scene is also an homage to the concept of Kamen Rider. In case you don’t know, Kamen Riders are protectors of justice that fights in the shadows, and by shadows it literally means that they are alone, they have to sacrifice their normal lives, and being a Kamen Rider is actually painful. It’s great that they did this, even though the last time they mentioned about this is in Kamen Rider Decade’s segment in Movie War 2010. Granted, the concept of Kamen Rider is retold in a positive light in Kamen Rider W, but that’s a different story.

Wizard 41 (6) After they resolve those things, Mayu takes her leave, saying that she will find other Gates that are willing to be a mage, since she followed Gandalf’s orders. I liked how Haruto commented on how she just leaves, it’s kinda like: “you’re coming back after an absence and now you’re leaving? Are you making a guest appearance or what?”

As for Nitou and Yuzuru, the former decides to go to the latter’s Underworld to eliminate the premature Phantom, but before he could do it, White Wizard appears and attacks Beast. And we get another Rider VS Rider in the series! The fight between White Wizard and Beast is really great, it shows that White Wizard clearly pwns Beast and it would take a lot more than Beast Hyper, even though he didn’t use it here, to take on White Wizard.

White Wizard also sports his own personal weapon, the HammerCane, which is not a cane or a hammer, but rather a wand-like spear that also has the ability to play tunes like a flute! Yeah, this is Dragon Dagger guys, and I liked how they decided to make it functions as a flute, . Too bad the weapon seems to not compatible with Wizard Rings, because it’s not a DX Toy. Furthermore, I think that the ‘HammerCane’ name is just to make it sounds cool.

Wizard 41 (7) Also, White Wizard lacks finishers, mostly because his Explosion Ring is too powerful that it’s on par with the finishers. My guess is that if White Wizard did have a finisher, it will be very, very powerful. Heck, the Explosion Ring is enough to make Nitou in a experiencing a near-death situation! Just look at how beaten he was before he passed out. And since White Wizard won the fight, he took Yuzuru to force him to be a mage, even though Yuzuru didn’t want to.

White Wizard also told Beast that he doesn’t need Beast. To be more specific, he needs a former Gate mages, since Nitou is not a Gate. Also, if Beast is not needed for White Wizard’s plans, then what is exactly Beast’s role in the story?! As for Haruto, he found out that Kizaki also disappeared, and it seems that White Wizard kidnaps him……….

Overall, a great episode, a great arc overall. This is what we’ve waited for, Kamen Rider Wizard! I just hope that the pcoming episodes didn’t fool around anymore and starts to take things seriously. Because this is the only chance of you to regain fans’ love.


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