Kyoryuger Brave 19: That Damn Spoiled Brat

This episode also promotes pedophilia.
This episode also promotes pedophilia…..

Utchii loves kids, but since time has changed, so does kids. Can he stand to a young boy who’s spoiled by his parents? Also, why the hell Devoss has a cute Devo Monster?!

Kyoryu 19 (1) Honestly, when it comes to fillers, Kyoryuger did a fantastic job in making it watchable. It may be because I have low expectations for the episode, but the episode didn’t fail me. More on the episode itself, it’s a fusion between your typical ZyuRanger, not Kyoryuger, episode with a typical Sentai episode where there’s a cute villain that hides an evil nature.

Why ZyuRanger? Because this episode features a kid as the main plot point, which ZyuRanger is known for. Fortunately Kyoryuger executed it well, unlike the ones in ZyuRanger where I really wanted to kill the kids. The KotW (Kid of the Week) is a nuisance as well, but that’s exactly what’s his role is and I’m fine with it.

The kid, Yuuji, is an extremely spoiled kid that relies completely on his parents, and to an extent, any adults that’s near to him. One such thing is that he fell on the ground, and instead of getting up he would wait for an adult to help him get up! Seriously, what if the adult is a pedophile? Well I guess that’s the function of his damn whistle.

Kyoryu 19 (2) Seriously, he even asked Utchii to throw the trash for him, and walk him home because his parents are late even though he had a map to go home! Thankfully, his brat attitude will be put on test when the MotW attracts his parents! First off, let me tell you about the typical Sentai cute-and-ugly monster plot, the Devo Monster, Kyawaiin, has two forms, the cute one and the ugly one. But instead of having a cute face change into an extremely ugly and scary face, she changes her overall cute baby appearance into a wicked, vampire-esque monster that reminds me of Vancuria from MagiRanger.

But my nitpick towards her is that in her Bad Kyawaiin form, her voice is still the same, just a little different. What I mean is that I wanted her evil form to have a typical evil woman voice that most female villains in Sentai had, but I guess since Kyoryuger is such a silly Sentai, they wouldn’t really do that.

So, Kyawaiin’s main mission is that she is Aigallon’s Devo Monster, and her mission is to gather the Sad Energy. And she gathered those energy by kidnapping spoiled brat’s parents across Japan, which cause all the spoiled brats to be helpless and starts to cry like a wimp because they are a wimp. What makes her plan is useful is that it did two jobs at a time, as the parents kidnapped emits the Happy Energy. I would like to see more episodes where they have a Devo Monster killing two birds with one stone.

Kyoryu 19 (3) As for our Kyoryuger protagonist, Utchii, it’s great that we get to see an episode that focused on his love towards children, no, not in a pedo way. And as well as his weakness. Furthermore we get to see the ‘culture shock’ side of Utchii, since he’s an ancient guy, he has trouble dealing with the present day terms. Also, I really feel his pain when he lets his guard down to the same kind of thing that made him weak, I mean it’s really a bummer when you had a weakness and you tried your best to avoid it but it happened anyway.

Regardless of that weakness, Utchii is still willing to help the spoiled Yujii instead of killing him because of his love for children. His main reason is that he wanted the spoiled children to mature up and be independent. I just love when he handed the recipes to Yujii, and that the recipes are written in an old paper. Also, this is minor, but I love on how they made the MoBuckle ringed silently instead of using the tone, mostly because it’s nighttime and people are sleeping, so they need to make less noise.

Okay, the main lesson of this episode is that we need to be more mature by start be independent and not to rely on others. Sure, there’s some situations where we need other people’s help, but that’s a different story. When you’re in a pinch and no one can help you, than you must help yourself or you will be overwhelmed, and eventually die. LOL. But honestly, that Yujii kid did a very good job at making me wanting to punch his face when he falls to the ground and calls for help while rolling on the floor instead of getting up.

Kyoryu 19 (4) But I didn’t because of two things: realistic and logical reason. The lrealistic one is that I live in Malaysia and that kid lived in Japan, plus punching a kid  would mean instant death to me LOL. The logical one is that thanks to Utchii’s pep talk while bunch of pedophile parents are holding him makes the kid think more maturely, and you know how maturity wins everyone’s heart.

Okay after all that maturity and stuff it’s time for the action scenes. First off I would like to say that they used another new background for the roll call! I really don’t understand that, but at least the black background and the ‘X’-ish lighting looks cool and reminds me of DekaRanger. Now as for the fight, I’m glad that they remembered to use the GaburiCalibur, precisely the Beast Battery insertion sequence. Now where’s GaburuCannon?! Don’t forget, I’m still waiting for that damn thing!

The fight itself is nothing special other than they decide to fight fire with fire on Bad Kyawaiin. In this case, the fire literally means love. Bad Kyawaiin attracts KyoryuBlack, but much to my disappointment the brainwashed KyoryuBlack didn’t really fight the Kyoryugers. Sure, he shot them, but when the other male Kyoryugers hold him he quickly becomes useless.

And in case of the fire VS fire thing, the decided to use #14 Stymero to make the Zorimas fell in love with Bad Kyawaiin with the help from KyoryuMirror! Yeah the KyoryuMirror is an unofficial name to the mirror that has the Kyoryuger jagged accents on the side. It’s funny on how they took the liberty to customize that thing.

Kyoryu 19 (5) As for the MegaZord fight, since this is an Utchii episode they make PteraidenOh at the center spotlight. The only thing I wish for is that they used PteraidenOh Western, since hey they could make KyoryuBlack pissed off and decided to help KyoryuGold in beating the shit out of Kyawaiin. But no, tthe Zord fight turns into another KyoryuRed porn and instead of GabuTyra, he uses Bunpachy since he is the newest Voltasaur to debut.

So we got PteraidenOh-Bunpachy. Even though I’m a bit bummed at the KyoryuRed porn thing, it’s always a good time seeing the Red & 6th Rangers working together as a duo. Also, the combination itself seemed unofficial, I mean it’s like a Random Combo of OOO, so I don’t really care about it aside from PteraidenOh incorporates his spinning attacks with Bunpachy’s flail. As such I’m not gonna name the Brave Finish of that thing.

Kyoryu 19 (6) After that, the spoiled kid is now an independent kid and aims to be a strong man in the future, which Utchii is glad because the kid grows strong just like he wanted him to be. As for the other Kyoryugers, they mock about Ian falling for the Bad Kyawaiin earlier, and the ending kinda reminds me of your typical Power Rangers ending. LOL


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