Kamen Rider Wizard 40: Getting Laid 101 – Impress Her by Riding a Bike

Aaaaaaand she's back!
Aaaaaaand she’s back!

Haruto decides to investigate more about Fueki, the Kamen Rider Gandalf, leaving Nitou to guard the newest Gate, whom happened to seek his tutelage on riding a bike, so that he could get laid with his older girl next door! Classic~Wizard 40 (1) It’s safe to assume that the series is now getting back to its track, as starting with the previous arc, there’s no more useless fillers. Hopefully. And that is a good thing because the majority of Kamen Rider fans are bored with Wizard, some even think that Fourze is better. Well, I better save that for the series review (And where the hell is Go-Busters’ series review, asshole?)

Back to the episode, like the Gremlin arc, we get two running plots, first is Haruto investigating Fueki with the help from Rinko and Kizaki, second is Nitou helping a kid riding a bike. First things first, we get to see the flashback of Fueki meeting Wajima to commission the first four Wizard Rings. This scene showed why Wajima hesitated to help Fueki in the present, because while he did hesitate in the past, he accepted the job because Fueki offers a lot of money. Also, the only thing I wanted to complain about the flashback is the lack of the amber magic stone. Wajima must had a lot of them since he was able to forge many Ability Rings. Did they forgot about it or what?

As for the subplot which is treated like a main plot, here’s a funny thing. At first I thought that the subplot is kinda stupid, because a kid ask Nitou to learn how to ride a bike. But after seeing this episode, I’m taking that thought back. Aside from them mocking that Nitou doesn’t have a bike, it’s a really good subplot after all.

Wizard 40 (2) The actions in this episode are really, really great. First is that we get to see Nitou showing off his bike skills untransformed. It’s a really cool stunt, even cooler when he transforms into Beast. Too bad the scene is interrupted with Wizard appearing to drive the Phantom Sylph off. Speaking of the Phantom, I kinda like this guy. It’s because he has a strange, non-one-dimensional personality that most Phantoms lacked.

After that, the Gate is revealed to be a young boy named Yuzuru, well a preteen to be exact. He asked Nitou to help him riding a bike, so that he could apologize to his older neighbor. Yeeeaaaaaaa remember my dirty mind about Phoenix raping Rinko? It came back. Honestly, my mind becomes dirty after we get to learn that the boy wanted to ‘apologize’ to his neighbor. Admit it, he wanted to impress the girl so that he could lose his virginity to her! Well, she is older than you, so it’s not a sin. I’m at your back boy. And BTW the girl looks like Hina Izumi a bit. I would call her Discount Hina, ripping off from CinemaSins.

Wizard 40 (3) The reason why he wanted to apologize, or rather get laid with his neighbor, is because in the past he borrowed her bike and he got into an accident, and the girl was to blame. And since that day they didn’t really talk anymore. Yeah this is seriously porn. Shotacon LOL. BTW even though it’s minor, I’m glad to see how well they did to make Discount Hina looked young during the flashback, and how she looked like a fresh virgin woman in the present. You know, that type of woman during her early adulthood? Yeah.

Moving on, Nitou decides to train him while Haruto went with his investigations. I love how Haruto entrusted this job to Nitou, giving the sense that he trust his rival to act as his backup. Yes Beast is more of Wizard’s backup rather than rival.

During the training scene, I love how Nitou acts like an older brother-type of sensei. I just love how youthfully strict he is towards Yuzuru. After a while, Yuzuru managed to ride a bike, but since he wanted to get laid, Nitou decides to man him up by taking him to jog and be an off-road biker and such. Hey, getting laid is not easy, this is what you have to do.

Wizard 40 (4) Meanwhile, Haruto and Rinko enlists the help from Kizaki to search about Fueki. I love how Kizaki still acts macho towards Haruto, which he complained about. Regardless, I find it cool that they take advantage of using the police database to search about Fueki, from the name list to the photo matchups. Honestly, Wizard should’ve just called Phillip and asks for his help. Well I guess only sempai Riders are allowed to contact each other while the newbie had to deal with his problems first (just watched Movie War Ultimatum, so yeah).

Back to Yuzuru, he accidentally perform a stunt that works, but because of the blue aura, I knew that it’s a Phantom plot. But Nitou and Yuzuru didn’t know, so they thought Yuzuru is now a man ready to get laid. So the next day, the invited Akari-chan to watch Yuzuru strip dancing via bike stunts. What, is he going to get laid with Discount Hina in the forest? How cheeky………..

Anyways the stunt failed and Yuzuru is thrown off his bike, while the bike hits Discount Hina and she fell unconscious. Poor girl. Sylph reveals that he was the mastermind behind this, all so that he could make Yuzuru fell into despair for failing to get laid with Discount Hina. As for Nitou, he was pissed because a Phantom just messed with a virign’s heart, so he transforms into Beast to kick the gay Phantom’s ass.

Wizard 40 (5) As for Haruto, after the photo montage, he went to check after Nitou and Yuzuru. Question: How did Haruto knew about Nitou’s location? He is obviously busy checking on Fueki, I doubt that he ever read his texts if Nitou ever sent him one.

Moving on, Haruto is interrupted by Medusa’s intervention, and he is forced to fight her. Their fight is nothing special aside from Wizard is pwned by Medusa again. At least this time he attempted to assume BoyBand Style. ATTEMPTED. That’s a minor plus. But the main thing is that they wanted to make Wizard look beaten for something bigger…….

As for Beast, he had a hard time fighting Sylph because of how Sylph manipulates winds to avoid contact with Beast’s attacks. Aside from that, it’s nothing special really. But suddenly, the episode starts to get even more AWESOME at this point, because Yuzuru starts to undergo the Phantomification process. Honestly, if he’s sad because his crush is hurt, wait until she friendzoned him. The Phantomization would be very fast ala episode 37’s Gate. LOL. Regardless, the solution is put into a stalemate as Beast is preoccupied with Sylph.

Wizard 40 (6) Back to Wizard, we now get to see why he gets beaten so easily, to make an entrance for our third Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Mage! Who is Mage, it’s none other than Medusa’s sister Mayu! It’s really, really great to see Mayu again, especially how Erina-chan portrayed her differently than Medusa. As for Kamen Rider Mage, honestly I am disappointed. In case you don’t know, here’s a little spoiler for you. Kamen Rider Mage is a movie-exclusive Riders that acts mostly like a RioTrooper. So yeah I’m pissed that they used a generic suit for her. At least the could use a different color palette, and rename her ‘Kamen Rider Witch’? I guess I’m gonna call that. Welcome, Kamen Rider Witch, who looks exactly like a generic Kamen Rider Mage!!!


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