Avengers Assemble S01E02: Aggressive Avengers

For some reason, this scene rips off the Avengers 2012 scene where they confront Loki.
This scene totally rips off the Avengers 2012 scene where they confront Loki.

Tony Stark is badly wounded, and the Avengers need to save him. They also need to deal with M.O.D.O.K & Red Skull who now calls himself Iron Skull. Can they manage to save Stark in time and fight Iron Skull?Avengers 2 (1) Because the first episode’s review is vastly different than my usual review, let me recap a couple of things. Iron Man reactivates the Avengers after Captain America was kidnapped by Red Skull, and after saving him, Skull turns his attentions to Stark’s armor, ripping off the arc reactor. Now the Avengers must hurry and save Tony, their new leader.

Much to my disappointment, the Stark solution is solved within mere minutes. It would be cool if they actually made the episode entirely focusing on reviving Stark while dealing with Red Skull. It would theoretically add more suspense, and we all love suspense right?

Well, with the saving Stark plot was solved quickly, the team got back into track, only to be disbanded by Iron Man himself. First I would like to talk about Iron Man’s latest armor, Mk.L (50). It’s basically a more advanced version of the Mk.XLII from Iron Man 3, where pieces of the armor form on Stark’s body. The main difference is that unlike Mk.XLII, the entire suit is folded into small sphere objects. As for the design, pardon me, but it’s the fucking same mold as the previous episode’s armor. WHAT THE HELL?!

Avengers 2 (2) Remember about my main complaint of this show is that the overuse of letterbox format? Yeah, it was used frequently in almost every shot in this episode. I think they wanted it to look epic, but honestly, they failed. I demand that they lessen the use of the letterbox in future episodes.

Back to the main plot, M.O.D.O.K & Iron Skull devise a plan to make Avengers turn against each other while they blow up the Avengers mansion, to make it seem like the Avengers were in a riot and cause a major havoc. Honestly, I find the Avengers turning each other is a bit cheesy. Granted, it’s cool to see them in pairs, such as Thor & Hulk, Hawkeye & Black Widow, but what I mean is that some lines while they’re fighting are cheesy, such as Widow’s “Hate you!” & Hawkeye’s “Hate you more!”. We also get to see a glimpse of Captain America’s dynamic with Falcon in this episode, via them fighting each other. Hopefully the later episodes will expand the dynamic between these duos.

Oh yeah, during the havoc, J.Jonah Jameson makes a cameo hosting his own news cast talking about the Avengers’ riot. The fact that he was voiced by J.K.Simmons proves that this series is very well takes place in the Ultimate Spider-Man universe, hopefully. So why not name this series Ultimate Avengers then? I always love multiple series that share the same universe.

Avengers 2 (3) During the havoc, Iron Man is the only member unaffected thanks to him wearing a mask, preventing him from inhaling the nanobots that controlled the other Avengers. And much to my another disappointment, they solved the Avengers VS Avengers things in mere minutes. I was hoping for the Avengers VS Iron Man but since that would be too much Iron Man-y, I understand. And I really can’t stand the M.O.Dork pun. Uggghhh.

After that, the team is back on track and Iron Man leads the team again to stop Iron Skull. Love how Captain America steps down as the leader and appoints Tony as one. Although I wished that I wanted to see Cap leading, but Iron Man is the original leader and the most famous member, so yeah.

More on Iron Man’s leading skills, it was pretty great. While Captain America applies strategies and tactics to counter the enemy’s attacks and such, Iron Man mainly scans for the enemy’s weakness and assign each member to strike where it hurts. It’s enough to differentiate these 2 leaders’ leadership skills.

Avengers 2 (4) However, Iron Skull already sets his plan in motion, which is blowing the arc reactor core in the Avengers Mansion, and it will act as a nuclear strike to Manhattan. Iron Man assigns each of the Avengers to do the job, and they did well, only to lose the Avengers Mansion as a result. But at the very least they won.

Now that the threat is over, Iron Man decides to keep the team together again, because he knew that Iron Skull would create his own response team: The Cabal, which I don’t know what it means actually. Among the Cabal is Attuma, Dracula and Doctor Doom. Out of all I am excited for Doctor Doom, mostly because he was my favortie comic book villain of all time thanks to the fond memories of Marvel Ultimate Alliance (They should make a TV series about that, using the same team that made Young Justice. That would’ve been AWESOME).

Avengers 2 (5) However, with the Avengers Mansion destroyed, Stark decided to set their base of operations in the Stark Tower, which was renamed as the Avengers Tower. Oh well, in the ending scene of 2012’s Avengers, Stark displays a blueprint that what may seem as the rooms for each of the Avengers, so I think they gave us a glimpse of that via this. Also, they feature a new type of Quinjet, called AvenJet Prime. I honestly like that name.

Overall, a good episode, though suffered from some obvious flaws, such as the animation, the overuse of letterbox, and the voice acting. The actions are great and is the only reason why this episode didn’t fail. Put it simply, this episode could’ve been executed better.


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