Kyoryuger Brave 18: Kung-Fu + Dinosaurs = AWESOME

Kyoryu 18

With Daigo being the only member who cannot defeat Devo Negeroboshi, KyoryuGrey removes him from the ZyuDen Sentai. Can King reclaim his throne back and proves to KyoryuGrey that he’s worthy?

Kyoryu 18 (1) What a really great way to start the episode with the others worrying about Daigo, until they found out that Daigo left his bed in the hospital. To be honest, I find Daigo to be your stereotypial shounen characters. I finally got that word, because before this I knew Daigo was a stereotypical something, but I can’t quite think what’s the word. Yay me~

Before we get to the more AWESOME intro of the episode, first let’s talk about Tessai’s personality. The reason why he acted like a strict mentor towards others is because he was the first Kyoryuger so he knows the most pain, which is why he wants to harshly train his successors so that they will do a better job than he did in the past, and not take this heroic thing lightly.

Now for the AWESOME intro, we have KyoryuRed VS KyoryuGrey. Now I gotta criticize the henshin dance gimmick a little. You see Daigo is clearly weaken and he was just hit by KyoryuGrey’s Gekiretsu Toppa, which TV-Nihon translates it as Furious Bash, but Daigo still had the time to do the henshin dance. I find this to be unecessary, and KyoryuGrey should’ve actually just keep attacking him while his dancing, to add the lesson of don’t waste your time or something.

After the short but AWESOME fight, KyoryuGrey challenges Daigo to punch his helmet, and if it leaves a crack, he will acknowledge Daigo. That classic challenge. As for the other Kyoryugers, they got worried about Daigo, even Torin. Speaking of Torin, how he interacted with KyoryuGrey makes me think that KyoryuGrey is his sempai.

Kyoryu 18 (2) Meanwhile, the Devoss energy are getting stronger & stronger, which caused Nageroboshi to gain an upgrade. Without further ado they unleash their attack on the city, which only Utsusemimaru responded. This is because he insisted on the other Kyoryugers to find Daigo, as he doesn’t want to be the leader of the Sentai. I really like his reason, it’s not that King is the only worthy leader, but mostly because Utchii feels that he’s unworthy to be a leader and would rather be a follower instead.

Back to Daigo, after getting through the illusions on Dusk Forest, he found himself lying on a river where a hobo caught him on his hook. Thanks to UkiyaSeed, I noticed that this hobo wears the same clothes as Eiji Hino did, to be precise the first episode on Kamen Rider OOO! Other than that, the hobo scene really reminded me of Gingaman’s tribute in Gokaiger.

As for KyoryuGold, he found himself to be overwhelmed by Nageroboshi and DoGold. I just love on how epic they made his entrance. It’s like this is the episode focused on him, more precisely an episode where the 6th Ranger debuts. Funny, this is the 18th episode, usually the time where 6th Rangers debut.

Kyoryu 18 (3) Back to Daigo, after some pep talk with the hobo, Daigo has the Brave (yes, pun intended) to find what he’s afraid of. That is until the illusion of his father appears, Daigo realizes what his weakness are: In his journey, he gained new friends in the form of ZyuDen Sentai, and he’s afraid to lose them. Hah, typical teammate valuing his comrade cliche.

As for Utchii, he was held prisoner by Nageroboshi and DoGold. What I liked about this scene is that they decided to slip in the KyoryuGold-DoGold rival subplot into the episode, and reveals that after the robot fail, DoGold decided to gain a new host similar to Utchii, by having Utchii himself! How does this work? He will try to make Utchii angry again so that it will be easy for him to consume Utchii.

Back to Daigo, after reuniting with his friends, it’s time to face KyoryuGrey again. Honestly at this point the episode starts to feel more like GekiRanger & DaiRanger series, especially when Daigo did that kung-fu waving thing. The Gekiretsu Toppa clash scene is well done in my opinion, I liked it. But what I don’t like is that they put the cliche of a single punch is able to crack a hard surface. Granted, Grey told him to do so, but I think it would be cooler if Daigo performs multiple punches. Onore cliche.

Kyoryu 18 (4) Judging by the crack, KyoryuGrey acknowledges Daigo and the ZyuDen Sentai went to save Utchii. Now, the battle is really, really good aside from the obvious KyoryuRed stealing the spot, because we have KyoryuGold VS DoGold and even KyoryuBlack pointed out that the other 4 Kyoryugers are basically ignored.

Like I said, this fight scene is good because of KyoryuGold VS DoGold. What’s even more AWESOME is that both of them used Lightning Afterglow to finish each other, only to end in a stalemate. At first I thought KyoryuGold would win because of the additional Beast Battery powering the attack, but then I think DoGold must’ve used his rage to amplify the attack power, so it’s equivalent.

Kyoryu 18 (5) After destroying Negeroboshi, the Kyoryugers form KyoRyuZin Macho to bring the bigger fight. However the fight is too tough, until the hobo came. What is so important about the hobo appearing? It’s because he’s actually Tessai in disguise! Honestly I still find it funny to see BoukenSilver wearing a bald cap.

A funny thing about Tessai transforming into KyoryuGrey is that his appearance is the exact opposite of KyoryuCyan’s appearance. Ramires first appeared in human form while showing his Kyoryuger form at the climax, and KyoryuGrey showed his human form at the climax of the episode.

Because KyoryuGrey acknowledges KyoryuRed, Bunpachy is now added to the roster of the team. And now it’s time to gattai. KyoRyuZin Kung-Fu. Hmmmm honestly aside from the flail weapon, I don’t understand why a hammer is used in something that’s require ‘kung-fu’. Oh well it’s because they wanted to make this combination look important, because it featured two Voltasaurs that are partners to the Spirit Rangers. Also because we have Stegotchi+Dricera, ParasaGun+Zakutor, so why not pair Ankydon with Bunpachy?

Kyoryu 18 (6) The Zord fight. Oh man, I gotta admit, the Zord fight in this episode are seriously astounding. I mean look at the CGI. Granted it looks a little off thanks to KyoRyuZin’s odd proportions, but the CGI is really, really good in this episode. Even the live action shots are neat, we can see that KyoRyuZin really applies the Kung-Fu fighting style judging at how fast he moves.

At first I thought that the finisher is the Gekiretsu Toppa, but nope, that attack was only it’s signature attack. The real finisher is a different finisher, to which I dub thee KyoRyuZin Brave Finish: Kung-Furious Bash. Hah!

Kyoryu 18 (7) After the fight, KyoryuCyan visits KyoryuGrey and tells him that there’s only 2 Voltasaurs left. KyoryuGrey marks that Plezuon will return soon, and they only need to find Bragigas. Well, it’s obvious that the next Voltasaur debuting is Plezuon, the question is when? And why did Grey said he was returning? Did Plezuon take a vacation or something? Lame joke, really lame.


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