TMNT S01E21: That Damn Girl Fight

She gets to be badass!..... for a while
She gets to be badass!….. for a while

Well, long time no TMNT on this blog huh? Thank goodness the latest episode didn’t air yet, so I have time to catch up. Anyways in this episode, Shredder learns about April and seeks to capture her to draw the Turtles’ attention. But can April protect herself from Karai, when the Turtles are busy?

TMNT 21 (1) Surprisingly even though they captured the Kraang in the last episode, Shredder still doesn’t form an alliance with them, in fact acting hostile towards the alien. I think they wanted to build up the two’s team up, which is great. Anyways, Shredder’s interrogation with Kraang allows him to know about April O’Neil, and decides to capture her in order to lure the Turtles.

As for the Turtles, Splinter gave them a lesson about unbalancing the enemy when we’re in a pinch. You know Splinter, his advice are always useful, and it will be later in the episode. But first off, Donnie discovers the Kraang’s new plan: To pollute the ocean with Kraang water, which dissolves anything. It’s noteworthy that April isn’t affected by the water, further speculating that she is not a human.

TMNT 21 (2) Without further ado, the Turtles went to thaw out Kraang’s plans using their T-Marine. As with Donnie’s other inventions, I love the fact that the T-Marine are composed of random items, such is a toilet bowl for a scope. But what’s the most unique about the submarine is that the Turtles need to pedal to a certain speed in order for the submarine to move. Gotta give credit to Donnie for the whole kinetic energy thing.

As for April, she went into Murakami-san’s where she encounters Karai, disguised as ‘Harmony’. Really? A punk whose name is Harmony? That is totally weird. Anyways I really liked the vendor machine. Karai said that they have those in Tokyo, I would really like to try it out.

Unfortunately Karai’s cover is blown, and she has to give a dog chase to a fleeing April. Thanks to April calling Donnie, the Turtles’ cover is blown, and they are forced to fight the Kraangs. Oh I forgot that before that they had to deal with Krang’s guardian fish before entering the underwater base.

TMNT 21 (3) The actions in this episode are cool. The chase between April & Karai is neat, and the Turtles’ fight with the Krang are good because of the constant jokes that Mikey make during it. One particular joke is that Mikey wants to do his victory dance, but it’s too soon because the battle isn’t over yet!

After taking out all of the Kraangs, the Turtles decided to blow up the facility in order to prevent the Kraang water from polluting the ocean. However, the guardian fish earlier came back, but after some difficulties, the Turles managed to get away from the fish.

But, it’s not over yet. The fish returns and aims to the T-Marine, only to fall in love with said machine! Well, turns out that the fish is in its mating season, but choosing a Turtle? I guess the fish is a zoophilia huh? Anyways I love the Turtles’ expressions towards this. And the fish’s expressions after the T-Marine got away is just priceless.

TMNT 21 (4) Now that the Kraang plot has been solved, it’s time to shift the focus to April & Karai. To be real honest, their fight was a mixed bag to me. They wanted to make it looked like a badass fight involving girls, but the animation and April’s inexperience makes it look a little bad.

I know that since this is her first fight, April would automatically lose, especially against Karai, but I honestly wanted her to make a good use of her war fan, but fails because her opponent is Karai. At the very least, seeing Karai beating April to a pulp is really good. Not that I hate April, what I mean is that she really showed the pain.

And the only reason Karai wasn’t able to kill April is that April admits about her weakness, how her life sucked that she lost her father to the aliens, and that her mother is also dead. Karai is shocked to hear this, and lets her guard down. April, remembering Splinter’s teachings, is able to defeat Karai at the last minute. Now, Karai’s reaction to hearing that April lost her mother further speculates that she is Hamato Yoshi, Splinter’s daughter. We know that Shredder is Karai’s father, but Karai’s reaction proves that her mother is dead. Why in the world would Shredder’s wife would be dead, if it’s actually not Shredder’s wife, but Splinter’s instead? As of now, we still don’t know nothing.

TMNT 21 (5) Back to the sewer, April told the others about everything. Splinter & Leo proposes that she moves in with the Turtles, now that Shredder is also tracking her. Though hesitant, April finally accepts on the condition that after this is over, she gets her normal life back. Well this show starts to get more & more interesting………….


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