TMNT 2012 S01E22: Return of the Fanboy

*insert cricket sounds here*
*insert cricket sounds here*

Who’s back? Is it Baxter Stockman? No. Is it SnakeWeed? No. Is it Leatherhead? Sadly no. Is it SpiderBytez that the series seemed to have forgotten? NO. It’s the Pulverizer! And what’s he doing with the Foot Clan? He’d better not be taking revenge on the Turtles is he?!

TMNT 22 (1) Well, the first season is about to end in a few episodes, so I don’t really see the point of having a filler. Yes a filler, even though this episode featured Shredder, it’s a filler, mainly focusing about the Pulverizer again. I think they wanted to have more time to write for the season 1 finale, so they gave us this.

But this doesn’t mean that the episode is bad, it’s certainly not. It’s really great to see the Pulverizer again, because the only thing I love about him is that he was voiced by Roger Craig Smith, the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog & Ezio from Assassin’s Creed, as well as Batman in Arkham Origins. Also, if he’s wearing the Foot outfit, why is he still wearing the turtle spandex? The only answer to it is that the designer had no other model for him, or that they don’t want the children to confuse him as someone else.

As for the Turtles, I can see that they are getting cocky again, even though their previous experiences nearly caused them to be turned into the Turtle soups. This is because they can defeat the foot clan with ease now. What I’m glad is that they showed that the Tutles have grown in experience, but so does their arrogance even though they learned their lesson before. But hey, they’re teens, what do you expect?

TMNT 22 (2) Anyways we learn that the Pulverizer have joined the Foot Clan because he went to Bradford dojo to hone his skills. At first I wondered why the hell they would take him because they don’t even know that he was once associated with the Turles, I’m glad that they explain it. The reason why Pulverizer gets accepted by the Foot is because he was meant to serve as their ‘ashigaru-sa’, the cannon fodder of the group. Basically he is the kamikaze of the group.

At first I thought he’s starting to hate the Turtles for ditching him, but he appears to be admiring them still, and decided to become their double agent, even without the Turtles’ agreement. Back at the sewer, because of their newfound arrogance, Splinter decides to teach them to switch their weapons, because their arrogance came from their mastery over their personal weapons, whereas ninjas should master any weapon, and use anything as a weapon at his disposal.

TMNT 22 (3) Of course, they failed. But later during Pulverizer’s tip, the Turtles fight against DogPound & Fishface, and because they switched their weapons, the Turtles are losing at first. I just love at how Mikey thinks that he wields the katanas and he gets to be the leader. But hey, screw Splinter’s orders, they switch their weapons back and beat the shit out of the Foot.

After that, Pulverizer tells them about the Foot’s plans: To steal the mutagen to create a mutant army. Pulverizer proposes to find out more, but Donnie is extremely against this, because he feels responsible towards Pulverizer. Also, this is where we learn that the Pulverizer’s real name is Timothy. Huh, Odd Life of Timothy Green 😛 Anyways Leo allows Pulverizer to gain more intel about the Foot’s plans. Screw you Leo, you just sacrificed the biggest meat in town!

Later, Splinter is obviously pissed at the Turtles’ actions and decided to strip their weapons, leaving them to fight with their bare hands. They also learn that Pulverizer is volunteering to be the mutagen’s first test subject! Why the hell would Timothy wanted to turn into a mutant? Because he thinks mutants are cool. This is what you get for reading too much comic books.

TMNT 22 (4) Donnie decides to go after Pulverizer using Stealth Bike, and you know how I like the episode if the episode features a Stealth Bike, so this episode wasn’t that bad at all as a filler. Confronting Pulverizer who narrates about his journey to sacrifice his humanity to become a mutant, Donnie pleads him to stop. However, it’s too late, as Timothy is struck by lots of the mutagen.

Timothy’s mutant form is, really, it’s hideous. I feel sorry for the guy. He basically turns into a slime monster, with his inner organs still inside. I gotta give credit to whoever that had the idea to put the organs inside, it makes the hideous form looked cool, in an ugly way.

As the other Turtles arrived, they finally learned Splinter’s teachings and starts to find anything that can be used as a weapon. Yeah, Splinter’s teachings is important, especially if you’re in a zombie apocalypse. Out of the four, only Raph & Leo’s new weapons didn’t really match their style. I mean Donnie wields a broomstick, and Mikey wields chains. Leo wields a small crowbar which kinda substitutes for a katana, and Raph just use a board, which I guess is suitable for his bashing style.

TMNT 22 (5) After that, they managed to save the mutated Pulverizer and now keeps him in the sewer, with Donnie promising to find a way to turn him back someday. As for the villains, Shredder and Kraang finally agree to form an alliance, which very well starts the finale in motion…………… so the episode is important after all. But it’s still a filler.


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