Kyoryuger Brave 17: The Very First Kyoryuger, KyoryuGREY!!!!!


The Devoss Army are getting stronger, and the very first Kyoryuger in existence, KyoryuGrey, decides to train our heroes! Except Utsusemimaru because 6th Rangers are AWESOME.Kyoryu 17 (1) Usually in Sentai, this time is where we will be introduced to our 6th or additional members. But since Kyoryuger already introduced KyoryuGold, they took this advantage to introduce the second Spirit Ranger, Tessai, KyoryuGrey! First impressions on KyoryuGrey, he was portrayed (or in this episode’s case, voiced) by Masayuki Deai, who previously portrayed BoukenSilver in Boukenger and Trigger Dopant in Kamen Rider W Forever. Deai’s appearance is unique because not only he’s the only veteran Sentai to actually portray a Ranger in Kyoryuger, but he also wears a similar color to BoukenSilver! Yes, Grey & Silver is different. Actually KyoryuGrey is the very first Grey Ranger in Sentai, whereas if this is adapted into Power Rangers, he will be the second, because Titanium is actually a Grey Ranger but was considered Silver.

As of this episode, the series’ opening starts to feature clips from the upcoming summer movie, Gaburincho of Musical. Even though it’s too early to judge, I got a feeling that it will be extremely cheesy, especially the ballad singing part. I was hoping for a actionised Les Miserables movie, but we’ll see.

As for our main heroes, they noticed that the Zorimas are getting stronger, which requires them to use the GabuRevolver’s ZyuDen Brave Finish to defeat them. Now I want to complain a certain thing: which is the use of GaburuCannon. What happened to the GabuRevolver + GaburiCalibur combo? I thought that combination is important to execute stronger finishers.

Kyoryu 17 (2) The reason why Devoss are getting stronger is because Devo Nageroboshi, one of the guys who caused the dinosaurs’ extinction, revives. I would like to note that Nageroboshi is voiced by Kazuki Yao, who voiced Ninjaman and portrayed Dr.Z in AkibaRanger season 1. His voice is recognizable.

When the Rangers are fighting Nageroboshi, only KyoryuGold managed to win due to him suddenly refusing to give up and goes Super Saiyan. Back at the Spirit Base, Torin discusses with the group on how the Devoss are getting stronger. This is when KyoryuGrey makes his entrance. I forgot to give another impressions towards KyoryuGrey. Deai did a good job in making Grey looked different than his previous role as BoukenSilver. But I’ll spare the acting comment for the next episode.

KyoryuGrey marks that in order to gain the Voltasaur #8 Bunpachy, the Kyoryugers needs to pass his test in a special dimension. But first I would like to comment at how angry KyoryuGrey is towards Kyoryugers’ recent failure. Seriously, listening to him scolding the Kyoryugers has this extremely strict aura on him, which I really respected because this is what a mentor should be. Oh and Utchii is the only one who doesn’t need to go through the trial due to his Super Saiyan thing earlier.

Kyoryu 17 (3) The training is pretty simple, it’s like Kamen Rider Fourze & Tachibana’s training all over again. Basically the hero needs to break a pot that’s on KyoryuGrey’s head. But here’s the catch: Not only they need to fight the 1500-year old experienced KyoryuGrey, but also fights under the effect of certain Guardians’ Beast Batteries.

What’s great is that each of the Guardians used are appropriately associated with each of the Kyoryugers: Souji with #21 Archenolon due to his preferences over speed attacks, Ian with #17 OviraPoo due to his accuracy, Amy with #20 Gurumonite, and Nossan with #18 Igeranodon because he has a tough body, so tickling it will lower his defense. Ohh and Nossan’s oyaji gags are so bad, Tessai doesn’t even like it! I also find that the Archenolon’s effects has been lessened for the sake of the episode.

Meanwhile at Devoss, Nageroboshi paid respect to the other two Devo Monster that’s responsible for the dinosaurs’ extinction, Devo Hyogakki from Brave 1, and Devo Virusun from Brave 6. He along with those two are known as ‘Zetsumates’, the trio of Ancient Debo Monsters who are infamous for causing the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event that wiped out the Dinosaurs.

Back to the Kyoryugers, Ian, Nossan, Souji & Amy realized that they need to amplify their own strength, such as Ian using his mind’s eye, Nossan dashing forward while resisting the tickles, Amy kicking Tessai until it hits him, and Souji charges his attack. All of it worked, and the passed the test. Wow, I’m glad that they finished it using a proper way, unlike Fourze who use his final form’s Limit Break to break a goddamn pot. It’s also revealed that Daigo cleared the test earlier, and that he had to resist all four of the Guardian’s effects. Wow, Daigo is invincible!

Kyoryu 17 (4) As for the next battle, seeing the new roll call sequence is pretty refreshing, almost makes me think that this is like when Go-Busters starts with a new opening theme. Anyways during the first half of the fight, KyoryuRed is basically ignored to make focus on the other four Kyoryugers, as the assume their Super Saiyan forms and managed to defeat everyone. Seriously, out of all, I liked how KyoryuGreen takes over from Red fighting DoGold, and basically pwns DoGold. That’s my favorite Kyoryuger!

With only Nageroboshi remaining, the four Kyoryugers suddenly turned extreme badass and beats the shit out of Nageroboshi. As they were about to do a team attack from Pink to Red, all of it worked, until suddenly, KyoryuRed’s attack doesn’t even affect Nageroboshi.

Kyoryu 17 (5) Even with the KentroSpiker, KyoryuRed wasn’t able to defeat Nageroboshi. This caused a perfect timing for the enemy to escape, while summoning the XenoZorimas. But before that, I love how KyoryuGold went to protect KyoryuRed using the KentroSpiker. His use of the KentroSpiker proves that thing is not a sword, but rather a stabbing weapon.

With KyoryuRed too weak physically and mentally to fight, the Kyoryugers cannot form KyoRyuZin. Yeah I know there’s PteraGordon, but this scene is supposed to make way for the new Voltasaur, #8 Bunpachy to make its debut.

Before this episode, I always wondered what exactly is Bunpachy’s dinosaur is. I originally had no idea that it’s a Pachycephalosaurus, so when I saw this for the first time I was surprised. Pachycephalosaurus is one of my favorite dinosaurs, thanks to the fond memories of the cute CephalaZord from AbaRanger/Dino Thunder.

The Zord fights in this episode are great because it demonstrates Bunpachy’s abilities. He’s basically a dinosaur version of GekiElephant, thanks to his flail. The CGI is neat, and it blends well with the live action model of Bunpachy.

Kyoryu 17 (6) After Bunpachy takes care of the XenoZorimas, KyoryuGrey congratulates the ZyuDen Sentai……… except Daigo. Before that I’m glad that he explain the whole grey color motif, that it’s a mixture of black & white, which is commonly associated with yin & yang. As for Daigo, Tessai explains that the reason why he cannot win earlier is because he passed the test with ease. Not because he cheated, but rather because he had no weakness, enabling him to do anything.

Because of this newfound weakness of having no weakness, KyoryuGrey demands Torin to remove King from the ZyuDen Sentai. Wait, WHAT?! 


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