Avengers Assemble S01E01: This Review is Basically the First Impressions on the Series

God I hate that overuse of letterbox!!!
God I hate that overuse of letterbox!!!

Like Young Justice, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes also suffered from cancellation and got replaced by a series that’s meant to be a continuation of EMH but has the feel of the hit Avengers movie. So, does this series has what it takes to live up to EMH? We’ll see.Avengers 1 (1) This review might be different from the usual, due to it basically me giving first impressions of the show. Also this was supposed to be posted a few days after the premiere, but because I got busy, it was postponed till this day. To be honest, the series was a mixed bag. And thank goodness it actually didn’t suck. The first time we heard that Avengers will get a new TV show, people were upset, due to the fact that Avengers: EMH is extremely good. The main reason they did this show is to tie in with Marvel’s The Avengers, and possibly Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Iron Man 3, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, etc.).

Yeah, everytime there’s a new Marvel movie, they will have a new TV show next year to tie in the popularity. Spectacular Spider-Man was created after Spider-Man 3, Wolverine and the X-Men was created after X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Beware the Batman, the show that sadly replaced Young Justice, was created after The Dark Knight Rises.

Okay moving on to the series, first let’s talk about where this show takes place. Rumors stated that it was meant to be a continuation of EMH, but this episode proves otherwise. At first I thought it was meant to be the non-canonical sequel to The Avengers, since Captain America is the former leader of the Avengers. But this show has the Avengers mansion, so it also proves that it’s not a sequel to the 2012 movie. After watching the episode, I finally know where this show’s dimension is in. Basically the show takes place in the Ultimate Spider-Man universe, due to how most of the voice actors in this show appeared in US-M.

Avengers 1 (2) Second, let’s move on to the characters. First is obviously Iron Man. One of the things that caused fans to hate on this series early is because Iron Man’s voice actor. Yeah, Adrian Pasdar is not a good choice for Iron Man. Why can’t they just went with Eric Loomis? I know Eric sounded more like Robert Downey Jr, but I gotta admit Eric’s is his own way, a very unique own way of voicing Stark. Pasdar’s voice acting needs more work, but as for me, thankfully after playing Iron Man 3 game for days, I’ve warmed up to his voice so it’s okay in my book.

As for the character design, the only complaint that I had on Stark is that his goatee. I was expecting them to use Downey’s goatee from the movies. But maybe it was too hard for them to animate it often, so I let it slide. Second is the Iron Man armor. Now, I always wanted them to make the animated Iron Man’s armor to be the same as the movies, to be exact Mark.VI, my favorite armor. But since it’s too hard, I’ll let it slide again. But what I really hated about the armor in this show is that first, the mask, and second, the armor is just too buff. In early promotional pictures, Iron Man looks to sport a mask that’s similar to the movies, and that’s the reason I wanted to watch the show, because they finally make an Iron Man animation with a movie-accurate mask (not counting Iron Man Anime, which even though it was a mixed bag, I loved it). But no, this is way different than the promotional pics! And what the hell is wrong with the muscular suit? I know that they wanted to make the suit looked big, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be muscular!

Second is Captain America. Surprisingly, I liked this incarnation of Cap. I love the suit because they used the Ultimate version of the suit, and the fact that Roger Craig Smith voiced the Man with the Plan is really, really neat. I just love his voice. I gotta admit, Smith voicing Cap sounded similar to Yuri Lowenthal’s voice acting. I know that some people complain that Smith’s voice of Cap looks like Cap is a young, inexperienced and modernized Cap, but I liked it and hey, in this series he lives in the present for quite some time, so it’s understandable if he’s modernized.

Avengers 1 (3) Next is Thor and Hulk. I don’t have much to say about these two, aside from their relationship is based on the 2012 movie where Hulk punched Thor out of nowhere. Oh and Hulk is the only character whose voice actor is from EMH, in this case, Fred Tatasciore.

As for Hawkeye, well comparing him and the EMH version, they’re both good. Troy Baker did a really good job voicing Hawkeye, and Hawkeye is basically the joker of the group. No, not that Joker., even though both wear purple. Then comes Black Widow. Fans were also complaining that this incarnation of Natasha did not have Russian accents, I think they wanted her to sound more like Scarlett Johansson. Whatever it is, this Black Widow sounds like a high class bitch. Not a cheap bitch, but an expensive bitch. LOL

Last but not least is Falcon, the newest addition of the group. I don’t know much about Falcon to justify him, but I do like the fact that Bumper Robinson voiced him. Robinson’s performance as Rook in Ben 10 Omniverse is really great, so having him here feels like they’re having a human Rook in Avengers! Also, it’s worth noting that the Falcon did not have powers in this season, it was all on his Redwing suit, which Stark created.

Avengers 1 (4) Now that we’re done with the characters, let’s talk about the animation. This is where the show is labeled as ‘mixed bag’. While the animation is a step up from EMH, it has it’s obvious flaws. First off is the overuse of letterbox filming. I know that they wanted to make the scene looked dramatic and maybe wanted it look like we’re sharping our sights, but honestly it’s unecessary and it’s a bad move. Honestly there’s like more than 6 use of the letterbox in this episode, it makes the animation looked low class.

Second is the CGI. Yeah, since this is 2013, CGI has become an important part in multimedia industry, but the CGIs in this are so-so. Some of it were great, and some of it were unecessary. Overall I feel like this series is just a poor mix of 2D and 3D, which is a , mixed bag.

Avengers 1 (5) As for the actions, ignoring the CGI & the overuse of letterbox filming, it’s actually pretty great. Oh and I also wanted to criticize something that they took from the 2012 movie: The circle spinning scene. Honestly in The Avengers, it looked epic (of course it is) but here, it looks very, very, very bad. It’s very poor, and Pasdar’s version of “Avengers Assemble” is just horrible.

I forgot about the villains. Obviously Red Skull is the main antagonist, at least in this episode, with M.O.D.O.K as his right-hand man. To be honest I hated M.O.D.O.K because of his design, but he’s a popular Marvel villain, so I can’t really complain much. Also Red Skull’s appearance proves that the series is not a continuation of the 2012 movie, if it wasn’t obvious enough already.

Avengers 1 (6) Overall, despite those criticisms, I would give this show a chance. At the very least, it’s not Teen Titans Go! who ruined both Young Justice & the original Teen Titans. The story of this series is promising, which is why I would recommend to you to give it a watch. I think it will get better & better, it’s just that the animation and Pasdar’s voice acting needs more work. Lastly, it’s not a great successor to the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but’s an okay substitute. Stay tuned for the next episode review where I will finally review the episode like I always did!

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