AkibaRanger S02E06: That Damn Fetish

Damn, look at Hakase!!!!
Damn, look at Hakase!!!!

General Tsuu got pissed by a mascot, so he creates a ‘monster’ based on her. The problem is, Akagi falls for the ‘monster’, causing him to be hit on his weakest spot!Akiba2 6 (1) This, strangely, is a filler episode, and a relatively weak one compared to other AkibaRanger episodes. It’s just that this episode is really meh to me, I don’t know what’s wrong with it. There’s some good parts, but it was mostly the climax of the episode, but the rest, is pretty meh.

The episode starts with Tsuu Shogun accidentally picking a fight with a mascot because he was pissed with how her costume looks, but the mascot turns out to be a martial artist! How come a martial artist gets to be a mascot? Probably a part-time job or self-defense. Anyways that event caused Tsuu Shogun to create a monster based on her. Wow, what a great way to bitchslap on somebody you hate, design a monster based on her.

Meanwhile, Luna proposes the group to take Choko Nakagawa, an idol to be the 4th AkibaRanger, so called AkibaPink. Akagi is against this due to Choko-tan being very busy, she wouldn’t have time to delusionin’. Apparently Choko-tan is based on Shoko Nakagawa, an idol who was an avid fan of Super Sentai.

After taking Luna to teach her more about Sentai, the AkibaRangers discovers Yuru Chara Jigen, the monster that Tsuu Shogun created. What’s funny is that this scene featured kids in it, and probably the first time kids are involved in AkibaRangers. She was giving fliers to the children, but they rejected it, only to be turned into an object that the children hated. What’s funny is that the fliers are a reference to the infamous Ultraseven’s 12th episode, which an alien tried to lure kids and suck their blood by giving away free watches. In this case though, you’d have to draw a rocket, which is far simpler than giving up bad habits.

Akiba2 6 (2) Knowing that it’s a Baros LOL monster, the AkibaRangers transform. But instead of fighting, Yuru Chara Jigen offers to drink tea with them, which AkibaRed agrees. However, Blue and Yellow insist on fighting after reminding AkibaRed that Yuru Chara Jigen is probably a two-faced monster that’s present in some of Sentai plots. And he even state that her looks may be hiding a hideous face, like the original characters usually did. Seriously, those kinds of character freaked the shit out of me.

Even though she’s just a simplistic monster, Yuru Chara Jigen proves to be a formidable opponent, and I love her reflecting breast thing. When they were about to lose, Chokotan suddenly appears, wearing a costume that looks like a cross between Poitrine & Big One.

Yeah I don’t really get Choko-tan’s appearance though. It was boring to me. No offense but it’s really, really boring. Even though her appearance caused the heroes to gain the upper hand, AkibaRed suddenly protected Yuru Chara Jigen from Choko-tan’s final attack. As a result, she got hit by one of Yuru Chara Jigen and gets turned into a thing that she hated the most. And as a result, the real Choko-tan is affected by this and she wears a FagSoldier mask now!

Akiba2 6 (3) Akagi finally admits on why he was not being his usual self: it’s because he was turned on by Yuru Chara Jigen! It’s revealed that Akagi had a fetish towards mecha-looking girls, thanks to him watching a Liveman episode that featured Colon when he was little. Wow, this proves that Akagi is a level 9000 otaku. Watching the younger Akagi is really funny, and even though they make the hairstyle looked same to show that it’s him, his face did resembles Akagi a bit.

Now this is where the episode starts to get better. Akagi request the girls to train him to hit a mecha looking character, and Hakase volunteered to be the test subject! Seriously, the scene where Hakase wearing that tight metallic pink outfit is really, really hot. I can’t deny it, but it’s really hot. I mean look at her thighs and ass, it’s so plump! I have a fetish towards plump-looking girls, which is why I love Mao Ichimichi so much. SHE IS MY WAIFU, DON’T TOUCH HER!!!!!! *fanboy obsession mode activate*

Akiba2 6 (4) Even after the training, Akagi failed and was forced to fight Yuru Chara Jigen without looking at her. When all hope seems lost, it’s revealed that Hakase already has another plan, which is hiring a veteran Sentai narrator Nobuo Tanaka to narrate Akagi’s fight against Yuru Chara Jigen! His appearance really makes the episode looked epic, and saved the episode from being labeled as ‘Rotten’, if this were Rotten Tomatoes.

With Tanaka’s words, Akagi was able to defeat Yuru Chara Jigen by assuming Cho AkibaRed form and combines MMZ-o2 with MMZ-01, creating a weird shotgun-like weapon. seriously, because the MMZ-02 is a knife, combining it as a shotgun makes it look very weird. At least the finisher, MunyuMoe Prominience, is neat. It’s ultimately revealed that the reason why AkibaRed was able to defeat her by looking at her is because he tapes his own visor, so he literally fights blindfolded a la Riku from Kingdom Hearts!

Akiba2 6 (5) After that, Hakase pays Tanaka for his work and Tsuu Shogun finally realized that the reality is connected to the world of delusions. Because of this, he plans to make his next new monster, special because it involves a dream that he gave up a long time ago: Creating an evil Sentai team. But why a team when they only showed one figure only? Maybe the character was meant to be an additional member to a certain team that was supposed to be evil………….


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