AkibaRanger S02E05: Mighty Mosou-in’ Powerful Rangers!!!

Ha, that damn Kyoryuger reference!
Ha, that damn Kyoryuger reference!

Akagi & Yumeria try their best to convince Luna to re-join the delusion team, but something had happened. Power Rangers, the show that was based on Super Sentai, had turned into Powerful Rangers, which Sentai is based on! What the hell happened?! Oh and this is basically a Gokaiger tribute to ZyuRanger, as well as Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.Akiba2 5 (1) Yeah, this is what I’ve been waiting for ever since Gokaiger aired! A tribute to the ZyuRangers! But Gokaiger never had any official ZyuRanger tribute, so I was bummed. That is until now, Power Rangers are having their 20th Anniversary and Tamashii decided to make a Power Rangers Figuarts, and with AkibaRanger as the 30-minute toy commercial promoter, they make a really good tribute not just to ZyuRangers, but also Power Rangers!

The plot of this episode is basically Akagi & Yumeria trying to get Luna back into their team. However, Luna is currently attending an audition for a Hollywood movie directed by George SpielBurton…… which is a Koichi Sakamoto merged with George Lucas, Steven Spielberg & Tim Burton. Honestly, I didn’t know that was Sakamoto at first! As for Luna, aside from the hairstyle that I hated, her English is really, really cute. I really love on how she speaks those words. It must be so hard for her to practice the script but it’s a splendid job. Gotta give kudos to her!

Meanwhile, Tsuu Shogun’s student is also attending the audition, forming a rivalry with Luna. Even though Luna is an ideal choice due to her innocent looks, Akina seems to be winning SpielBurton’s heart, due to her imitating Queen Heridan’s dance and that SpielBurton is actually a Sentai maniac, as evidenced by him playing TyrannoRanger & DargonRanger’s SH Figuarts.

Akiba2 5 (2) With Tsuu Shogun too busy to create a new monster, Malshiina decides to toy with the AkibaRangers. But before that, our heroes discovered that Power Rangers has turned into Powerful Rangers, an original creation which Japan used to adapt into Super Sentai in Japan! But why? Tsuu didn’t create any new monster to affect it, so there’s definitely something wrong.

In the delusion world, the AkibaRangers are confronted by TyrannoRanger & DragonRanger, who now sports an American flag-themed neckbraces and belts. These guys are obviously Powerful Rangers. What I liked about them is that they poked fun on Power Rangers series as a whole. First off, the portray these Powerful Rangers as stereotypical characters, because in MMPR, all of the Rangers are stereotypical teenagers. Second, they were portrayed as stereotypical American jerks, which is they think they are the greatest in everything. Even though they sounded nothing like Jason & Tommy, I just love their stereotypical American accents while talking Japanese.

Thanks to Luna getting orgasms from seeing the stereotypical bastards and the Powerful Rangers unintentionally helping her, Malshiina defeats the AkibaRangers with ease. Back to the reality, they found out that the Super Sentai Series now starts with GaoRanger instead of GoRanger! I’m really glad that they referenced Wild Force. So far that and SPD are the only PR series to be mentioned, even Mighty Morphin did not, but they did reference ‘Power Ran’ to blend it with the likes of ‘DaiRan’, ‘Gokai’, etc.

Akiba2 5 (3) Eventually it’s revealed why Power Rangers had been turned into Powerful Rangers. It’s all because of Luna’s misunderstanding about the Super Sentai Series. This is what you get for hiring a Sentai Noob to delusionin’ while there’s a new crisis. Back to the villains, Tsuu created a new monster, a Trinoid named KunimaSmaPhoGany, a remodel of SmaPhoMonger. However, the Powerful Rangers decided to be Malshiina’s slaves because of her cleavage and ass, and now the villains are even more powerful than before.

Seriously, looking at the pervy Powerful Red & Green, it looks like my wish is granted. I’ve been delusioning about making a Power Rangers reboot produced by Marvel and fits into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the show is more mature version. One such idea is that the Red Ranger is a Forever Alone pervert, so seeing here is like deja vu to me.

Enough with the delusions, the AkibaRangers tries to convince Luna & everyone to remember the Super Sentai series is the original. I just love it when they went around all those shops and begs the clerk to remember about Super Sentai…… to no avail. It’s just really tear-shedding to see those two’s dedication to fight for something that they loved. Wait, speaking of clerks, where’s Dr. Maki?

Akiba2 5 (4) More on the poking PR stuff, they poked on one particular thing about America, the love for extremely buff heroes. As you know, PR’s toys & comics are incredibly muscular that I really hated to buy it. Not just Power Rangers suffered from these kinds of treatment, but other heroes too! If you watch the new Avengers Assemble cartoon, Iron Man is just too buff. Anyways I’m doing the Avengers review, so be sure to read it!

Back to the topic, the AkibaRangers fight KunimaSmaPhoGany, and I noticed that Akagi really admires the monster’s creator’s creating skills. However, like HVD Editor-in-Chief, he didn’t do much because Powerful Rangers are the ones who hogged all the action.

Akiba2 5 (5) With Luna getting an orgasm for being the jerks’ slaves, Akagi & Yumeria are beaten up by the Powerful Rangers, while trying their best to convince the two about their original Super Sentai counterpart. The scene is really heartwarming, as Akagi & Yumeria recounts important events of ZyuRangers to make the Powerful Rangers remember, just like what they did to Chinaman.

But what makes the scene really good is that they recount the events in a more dramatic way because the Powerful Rangers are overwhelming them, their dedication to fight for something that they love adds the epicness to the episode. And I just love on how the Powerful Rangers continues to be a duo of assholes.

Their dedication basically gives us a very important lesson, we have to fight for something we love, even though it is hard, we must fight for it, if we truly love it. Even if you really, really love a girl that doesn’t love you back, even if your friends tells you to find another woman, but if you truly love her, then fight to gain her love.

Okay, enough babbling, their speech had caused Powerful Red & Green to pause in confusion, and they used this opportunity to play the Dragon Dagger song! Yeah I know the Japanese name, I’m just too lazy to type it.

Akiba2 5 (6) Akagi’s comment about the DX ZyuSouKen is another poke on Power Rangers. This is because the DX ZyuSouKen plays the actual sounds from the show, something that Power Rangers toys hardly did. Seriously Bandai America, I don’t care about the physical details, but is it so hard to put a show accurate sounds to the toys? Also what Akagi really meant is that the DX ZyuSouKen is classified as a gold item due to it being the first DX toy that actually uses sounds from the show. It’s just that when I first heard that reference I thought that they were poking Bandai America.

Now that the ZyuRangers are back, it’s their turn to kick Malshiina & KunimaSmaPhoGany’s ass. What bums me a little is that the two ZyuRangers only used their weapons for a while. And upon seeing the ZyuRangers in action, AkibaBlue gets another orgasm and is now a ZyuRanger fan! As a result she’s the one who receives the Outrageous Power of this episode.

Funny thing about the ZyuRangers turning into the ZyuRan Buckler, they referenced a lil’ bit of Kyoryugers in it. I’m glad that they referenced it, and it seems to me that Kyoryuger are the only recent Sentai that got mentioned. Shinkenger to Go-Busters didn’t get that treatment in AkibaRanger.

Akiba2 5 (7) More on the ZyuRan Buckler, I did expect that the Outragous Power would be based on the buckle, due to ZyuRanger being the only Super Sentai Series that uses a belt to henshin. More on the functions, I would say that the ZyuRan Buckler is a Sentai version of the Kamen Rider Black’s King Stone, particularly it’s King Stone Flash attack, to which ZyuRan Buckler’s finisher is kinda similar to.

Now that everything is back to n0rmal, Luna finally decides to join the delusional team, even though she still aims to use it as a stepping stone for her career. As for her rival Akina, she didn’t get the role because George SpielBurton suddenly return to America to make a project about an unofficial team that fights to be official…………… Who knows, maybe Koichi Sakamoto will pitch an American version of AkibaRanger? I know most of you will be activating your Super Saiyan modes now, but I honestly would like to see it, if it was handled by the right hands *cough* not Jonathan Tzachor *cough*.

Akiba2 5 (8) Overall, a really, really, really AWESOME episode. I know I’m biased because of the whole Power Rangers thing, but honestly that’s the main point. It feels like Power Rangers was handled by the right people. I think of that because of the recent handlings of PR, which causes fans, including me to get very butthurt at Saban. Overall, as a Power Rangers fan, it’s really great to see the MMPR suits again. Gokai Changes doesn’t count!


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