AkibaRanger S02E04: Good & Bad Upgrades

Battilizer? NOT!!!
Battilizer? NOT!!!

It’s been a long time since I’ve done the Akiba reviews. Well with the show ended recently, it’s best if I get back on track. Anyways in this episode, Malshiina displays her new upgrade with her own MMZ-01, causing Akagi to lose confidence! Will he be able to get his Sentai confidence back? And apparently Yumeria is married!!!!Akiba2 4 (1) Well, this is one interesting episode. It’s basically an Akagi & Yumeria-focused episode. Poor Yumeria, she barely gets her own focus in the show. Part of me thinks that her role is basically Akagi’s loyal sidekick while the other member is a Sentai noob. Speaking of noobs, in this case Luna, she only appears untransformed in one scene, that is Hakase trying to convince her to join the AkibaRangers. It’s good to see that Hakase is insisting, because she obviously doesn’t want to go through all the trouble of searching someone that has a word ‘Blue’ on his/her name to be an AkibaRanger.

As for Yumeria, this episode reveals why she left the group before the season starts, it’s because she was married to an extremely rich, unknown man! The reason why she didn’t tell Akagi about this is because her mother-in-law is so strict about the otaku culture, which explains why she dressed normally in episode 2 back then. One thing to note, in Akagi’s delusion about kidnapping Yumeria, he was wearing the Fag Soldier outfit.

Akiba2 4 (2) After that, Akagi noticed that a Baros LOL monster is attacking the otaku culture, this time one Aoi-tan fans. I just love that priest/preacher’s accent. As for the ruining Aoi-tan’s image thing, I totally get it. The fans consider Aoi to be a non-sexually explicit object, meaning that they consider Aoi to be an innocent type of thing. Confused? Basically, people look at Aoi-tan like Asuna from Sword Art Online, not like Tsunade from Naruto. That’s why they’re butthurt when they saw a gore and sexy-looking Aoi-tan.

The MoTW this time is a smartphone-based monster, SmaPhoMonger. Despite its look, I really like the character’s abilities. And the action scenes in this episode are really, really good. I just love the action director’s skills. It’s pretty original, and could very well on par with Koichi Sakamoto’s. I don’t know how to describe it but it’s a really good camera and stunt work they did there.

Oh and during the first part, AkibaRed and Yellow basically references Sun Vulcan fight scenes, and it’s really nostalgic to see them using the moves, even though I never watched Sun Vulcan. Also, I just loved that the two sang bits of the song, only to be interrupted by realizing that they don’t have a third member!

Akiba2 4 (3) When Malshiina came in, there’s two things I love about her use of MoyaMoya Zukyuun’s new abilities. First is that it’s basically AkibaRed who caused her to use these new abilities via unintentionally suggesting her, and second is that she pauses for a moment to think up the name for her Henshin call, adding the realism that most Tokusatsu never really did.

As for her henshin, I really, really love it. All of Aoi-tan’s voice had been replaced with Malshiina’s sexy voice, and she even chants the rhythm! Gotta love the “Chira-Chirara-Charara-Chararara-Cha-Cha-Cha-Chara~” thing! As for the new outfit, MEH. I find her original outfit to be more arousing than this. I get that the design was meant for the costume to be worn by a stunt actress, so it’s less revealing but at the same time sexier. Overall I didn’t dig the look.

SmaPhoMonger’s abilities is what I liked about that guy so much. I mean he defeats the AkibaRangers with a unique way, that is spoiling about Aoi-tan’s new movie. From what I’ve seen, Akagi is the type of otaku that doesn’t like to be spoiled. I guess all of otakus are like that, it’s just that I’m biased towards tokusatsu spoilers from TV-Kun.

To continue the events of the previous episode, the delusion world now affects the real world, in this case ruining Aoi-tan’s image had caused the anime to fail, and to an extent Hakase is now in debt! Even with her ‘hobo’ look, Hakase still looks hot to me.

Akiba2 4 (4) With the recent beating causes Akagi to lose his will, Hakase instructs him to help Yumeria, the only member who can still fight, create a BL doujin so that she will be in a good shape for delusionin’. Thus it’s time to see Yumeria’s new lifestyle, with Akagi disguised as her butler-type employee names ‘Naoya Kaijou’, which is based on AkaRanger, whose name is Tsuyoshi Kaijo and is portrayed by Naoya Makoto. Creative.

During the help, Akagi’s main role is to let Yumeria work in peace, meaning he has to interrupt anyone who wanted to interrupt her work. One such thing is that her mother-in-law asks to browse a page, it’s history is filled with BL stuff, and it’s really hilarious how Akagi tries to hide it. This gives us a lesson, especially to pervy people like me, NEXT TIME TYPE CTRL+SHIFT+N!!!!!!

The rest of the scenes is basically Akagi posing for Yumeria, which I’m not gonna say much because I’m obviously not a fan of yaoi, in fact I hated it, so let’s just ignore it. After that, it’s revealed that the whole night of work is actually Yumeria making an Aoi-tan doujin to revive Akagi’s spirit. Wait, what’s the point of Akagi posing for the BL doujin then?!

Akiba2 4 (5) The fight scene puts Malshiina and SmaPhoMonger against AkibaRed, Yellow, and Blue?! To be real honest, AkibaBlue’s appearance in this scene is pointless, it’s probably because they will feature a major debut in the next scene, so all of the heroes must be present.

Even if Akagi’s spirit returned and Luna re-joining the team, they are still unmatched by Malshiina’s new powers. However, Akagi refuses to give up, which takes us into a comic book scene! Like the horrible Kamen Rider Wizard episode 37’s comic scene, I really enjoyed this scene, as this scene is far better than Wizard’s. If I consider Wizard’s comic scene to be funny, than this one is way funnier. Honestly, I’m a sucker for these kind of thing.

Akiba2 4 (6) With Aoi kissing Akagi, his delusional powers evolved to the point that Akagi produced a new weapon, called MunyuMunyu Zubaan, otherwise known as MMZ-02. As for Cho AkibaRed‘s transformation sequence, like the suit design, I love how Akagi grabs Aoi and pretends to kiss her. The suit itself is basically Aoi attached to AkibaRed, with a knife as weapon.

Yes, a knife. Because of the whole 1:1 scale toy thing, they couldn’t make a sword but instead a knife. Not dagger because daggers are longer and bigger. Yeah honestly the use of daggers are very rare these days, the last time I’ve seen them is Kamen Rider Eternal and Luka Milify’s ( ❤ ) TigerRanger Gokai Changes. I luv U Mao-chan~

As for the finisher, Munyu Slash,  yeah the knife turns into an blazing sword. It’s really cool to see how they incorporated fire swords instead of laser blades. I guess it’s a reference to older Sentais that used fire swords as finishers.

Akiba2 4 (7) After that, Akagi and Yumeria returned to reality, only to discover that Yumeria’s mother-in-law is actually and otaku and a singer! Furthermore, she sings Ninja Captor’s theme song, a series that was once considered as a second Super Sentai Series after Goranger! But in the AkibaRanger universe, they are retconned as a Pretty Cure-ish anime. So, the episode ends with Yumeria’s mother-in-law singing Ninja Captor’s theme with Akagi & Yumeria. Seriously, the ending is cheesy and gay.

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