Kyoryuger Brave 16: Gold Digger

Dino Wolverine!
Dino Wolverine!

No, no, this is not a Gold-focused episode, but rather Black-focused episode. During a Devo Monster raid, Aigallon takes interest into Daigo’s pendant. Furthermore Ian finally learns the truth about his best friend’s killer. With his revenge still unresolved, can KyoryuBlack avenge Go-OnBlack’s death?

Kyoryu 16 (1) As of this episode, the Kyoryugers have used almost every Beast Batteries at least once, if I may recall the only one that they didn’t use yet is #23 Futabain, which I heard was used in Super Hero Taisen Z. Other than that it’s #12 DeinosGrander, which like DeinoChaser & KentroSpiker, is a special Guardian.

But before they can test the last Beast Battery, Canderilla starts to wreak havoc again. In this episode we get to see that Canderilla is indeed evil, even though she makes people happy. If before she makes people’s life happy, this time she tricks them to be happy while in actuality they are suffering! In this case, the victims are tricked into digging treasures, and the happiness of getting the treasure is absorbed by her, while the truth is there’s no treasure.

The Devo Monster in this episode, Devo Zaihon, is an interesting villain, in terms of his attacks. I really love his arsenal, such as the Gold Coin Bombs and the Tablet Shield. It’s really unique for a MoTW if you ask me. The 4 Kyoryugers have a hard time attacking him due to his superiority in offense and defense, until KyoryuGold arrives. The way KyoryuGold arrives is similar to the majority of 6th Ranger, where they arrived in nick of time.

Kyoryu 16 (2) Meanwhile, KyoryuRed battles Aigallon who aims for his pendant. The reason is that Aigallon is a jewel addict, and Daigo’s pendant has the same effect on the bigger gem that Aigallon possess. As such, Ian realized that the bigger gem is the gem that he and his best friend hunted, which resulted in the death of his best friend. More on Aigallon, it’s ironic how he’s obsessed towards jewels, fitting in the theme of “tears are jewels” thing.

Knowing that his best friend’s true killer is still alive, Ian loses out of control. I just love it. I mean Ian is a calm guy, so seeing a calm guy breaks down is always a fun time, and I don’t mean it in a bad way. His rage caused Daigo, KyoryuPink and Gold to be trapped underground by Devo Zaihon’s tablets, while he, KyoryuBlue and Green barely escaped using #22 Pukuputor on KyoryuBlue. Guess that Beast Battery is associated with Nossan huh?

At the Spirit Base, the remaining Kyoryugers decided to rush to save their trapped comrades, except Ian who doesn’t want to go because he lose his confidence. While Torin and Nossan went ahead first, Souji sits to talk to Ian. I just love this scene. Black and Green has the strongest chemistry, and they used it well in this scene. I really liked how Souji gives Ian a pep talk, even mimicking Daigo’s ‘peace’ and quotes. That’s my favorite Kyoryuger.

Kyoryu 16 (3) With new ressolve, Ian decides to head out to battle, but taking the #12 DeinosGrander with him. Torin and Nossan suspected that he tried to do a reckless thing again before with KentroSpiker, by taking his revenge using a strong Beast Battery. But KyoryuGreen assured them that Ian is different, as he wanted to use the DeinosGrander to save his friends, not avenging his late friend.

But the main problem is, #12 DeinosGrander is not an ‘special effect’-type of Beast Battery, but it’s rather similar to DeinoChaser & KentroSpiker, in other words a weapon. Turns out that DeinosGrander is actually a special Armed On feature, which first require the Kyoryuger to summon their Armed On weapons first, then upgrade to DeinosGrander.

First impressions on DeinosGrander, the claw is basically a slimmer version of Kamen Rider Wizard Land Dragon’s Dragon Hell Claws, at least to me. But what makes it look cool is when KyoryuBlack holds the GabuRevolver while equipped with the claws, making it look like a crocodile-shaped cannon. Yeah, Deinosgrander is an ancient crocodile, so it’s badass.

Kyoryu 16 (4) But instead of using it as a claw, it primarily functions as a drill, and it’s really a cool twist. With the DeinosGrander, not only KyoryuBlack was able to free Daigo and others, but KyoryuGreen also used the Parasa Shot and claims Aigallon’s jewel, closing Ian’s past once and for all. I just love that KyoryuGreen used Black’s weapons because A) His chemistry with Ian and B) He is one of the two Kyoryugers that used other teammates’ weapons, the other being Daigo.

Aigallon losing his gem caused him to form a rivalry with KyoryuBlack, if that’s not obvious already. The actions in this episode are terrific like last episode, the gem of it is mainly KyoryuBlack VS Aigallon & KyoryuGreen dual wielding Zakutor Slasher & Parasa Shot.

To finish Devo Zaihon, Ian suggested that they used simultaneous attack with DeinosGrander and KentroSpiker. I liked how KyoryuGold replaced Black on giving Red a boost, and this combo finisher I dub thee ZyuDen Brave Finish: KentroSpiker DeinosGrander Spiking Drill.

Kyoryu 16 (5) As for the MegaZord fights, it was short, so it wasn’t really that special. It’s enjoyable though, particularly on how KyoRyuZin hangs on PteraGordon ala Kuuga & Gouram. Other than that, they finished Devo Zaihon with “KyoRyuZin Brave Finish: Raiden Flying Slash”.

After that, the others mark about Aigallon’s jewel and its connections with Daigo’s pendant. Oh, and I love how Utchii only appears in his human form at the end of the episode with only one line, since he mostly appears in his Ranger form. It kinda reminds me of BeetBuster.

Kyoryu 16 (6) While the others discussed the gem, Torin marks that the day that they will uncover the mystery of the gem is nearer. This causes a speculation wheter the gem will be a power up, or to be used against Devoss one day.

Overall, an interesting episode, the use of DeinosGrander is handled pretty well, and the dynamic between Ian and Souji are top-notch. Definitely give it a watch, it’s not a filler, too.


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