Kamen Rider Wizard 39: Re-Living the Dream

*Insert MagiRed references here*
*Insert MagiRed references here*

Since Kazuya is the Gate, Haruto must protect his ex-best friend, even against Kazuya’s wishes. Will he be able to make amends with Kazuya? Also, who the hell is the mysterious guy in Omokagedou?! Why does he wanted Wajima to create a new Ring? What’s his agenda?

Wizard 39 (1) The episode started with what happened to the mages, with Beast assuming Hyper to give Wizard an upper hand, but fails nevertheless. Even with Hyper they can’t defeat Bahamut, so he’s a very tough motherfucker. One thing about this episode is that they returned the use of magic gimmicks i.e. Wizard spamming Wizard Rings. Gotta love how Wizard & Beast teamed up with Wizard using Bind and Beast shooting at Bahamut. But the best spell of all is the Flame Dragon variation of Defend Ring, which looks like a lava wall.

Meanwhile, the mysterious Fueki asks Wajima to create a Ring from the purple stone. It’s revealed that Wajima knew him because he was his former, anonymous costumer. This scene also makes me like Wajima more than a father-figure, as he stood up against Fueki because knowing that the Ring he created makes Haruto and Koyomi suffers. I just love how he ignores Fueki even if the latter threatens him

But still, Fueki asks him to commission a new Wizard Ring, and that the world’s fates is on Wajima’s hand. This causes Wajima to reluctantly accepts. After he finished creating the Ring, Golem took it, thinking that it was meant for Haruto.

Wizard 39 (2) As for Haruto, he tries to convince Kazuya’s bitchy girlfriend to allow him protect Kazuya, with Rinko and Shunpei persuade her. As for Bahamut, he displays no interest in creating new Phantoms, and aims to fight Wizard and Beast. But because it was Wiseman’s orders, he had too.

Thus comes the best action scene of the episode. Why? The scene was shot at night. It really is beautiful, and the night lighting makes Wizard’s red accents looked like a real gem. And if the previous episode’s action scene uses distant angle, and non-shaky camera, this time they returned it. It looks good. Strangely, the two mages managed to injure Bahamut, while the previous fight they’re barely able to do in their upgraded forms. At least the action looked neat. And I love how they sounded tired after the fight.

Wizard 39 (3) The next day, Kazuya fled from hospital and thanks to Nitou, Haruto founds out that Kazuya still holds a picture of them together. I really liked how Nitou was the one who makes Haruto and Kazuya make amends with each other.

Thus comes the heartwarming scene. Haruto finally admits why he avoided Kazuya, at first because he thought he couldn’t face him and second, he got caught in the whole magic thing, he doesn’t have time anymore to return to the field. But since they are here now, Haruto decided to play one last game with Kazuya.

From what I noticed, their game are mostly consist of Haruto sliding over Kazuya, to see if Kazuya has any counters against it. It worked several times, meaning that even in injured state, Kazuya has grown much that his last game with Haruto. Kazuya marks that he will try for pros, although Haruto wants to defeat the Phantoms first. I got a feeling that this will be Haruto’s fate in the epilogue, where he returns to the field.

Wizard 39 (4) Oh and I forgot to say about this: Wizard being a soccer player is an obvious rip-off of MagiRed. I don’t if they coincidently have the same idea, or the writer borrowed MagiRanger’s elements. Either way, I guess the main reason is not to copy MagiRed, but rather they wanted Wizard to be a former athlete, and football/soccer is the most famous sports in the world.

As for the last action scene, Wizard finally displays the return of flip n’ kicks, though in a different angle. Honestly I missed that fighting style. I guess the action director wasn’t there, maybe he went to work on Wizard’s summer movie. Anyways I love the use of Water Dragon and Blizzard Ring, as well as Flame Dragon with the Dragon Deathbreath. Last night I was complaining about Wizard seem to forgotten his Special Ring alongside All Dragon, so seeing it here makes me think that my wish is granted. Please make All Dragon Style return!

Because Bahamut is too strong, it would be natural to use Infinity Style. This is how they need to spam final forms, not to use it every single time, even against weak-looking enemies and simple challenges *cough* Fourze Cosmic States breaking a pot *cough*. And the Shining Strike now seems better and better, I honestly liked the execution in this episode.

Wizard 39 (5) After the fight, Kazuya is ignored to make way for Golem giving Haruto a new Wizard Ring. After congratulating Golem for getting out for the first time, Haruto realized that he cannot use the Ring. This is where Fueki steps in, and reveals himself as the White Wizard, Kamen Rider Gandalf. The purple Ring is called Eclipse Ring, which further raises speculation about Kamen Rider Gandalf being Wiseman. But Wiseman wants to hold another Sabbath without the solar eclipse, so what exactly is Kamen Rider Gandalf is planning? Could it be that he is the true antagonist of the show?


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