Kyoryuger Brave 13: A Way Better Love Story Than Twilight

New roll call scene!
Colored explosions are the new shit!

Actually, anything is better than Twilight. Because fuck Twilight. Vampires ain’t the shit anymore thanks to them. Anyways apparently Souji has a fangirl that happened to be friendzoned by him! And now Ian and Utchii plays wingman to the girl! Will she be able to get Souji’s love?Kyoryu 13 (1) Since this episode is not directed by Koichi Sakamoto and it’s a filler, I’m afraid that it’ll be a bad episode. But nope, it’s a good episode, centering on Souji’s school life as well as his chemistry with Utchii, who in turn forms a chemistry with Ian that will be relevant later in the episode. So how did this happened? It’s because of Souji’s friend whom happened to have a crush at him accidentally drops a love letter than Utchii picks it up.

What’s funny is that Utchii looks up to Ian to ‘analyze’ the love letter and because of this Ian aims to help the girl get the green horn. Oh, and since both of them are swordsman, I expected that Souji and Utchii would have a special episode together, but they lumped them with Ian, and furthermore Souji-Utchii dynamic is quite brief, so it’s a little disappointing.

Kyoryu 13 (2) Without further ado, the two went to Souji’s school to be Rin’s wingmen. I don’t know much about Japan since I obviously didn’t live there, but are random visitors are allowed to enter school grounds? Because Tokusatsu clearly did those.

Meanwhile the Devoss employs Aigallon again to wreak havoc, and this time he aims to get Sad Energy by ruining people who have relationship with others. How? The Devo Monster of the Week has the ability to see someone’s feelings towards a person they like signify by an arrow energy. By cutting that arrow off, the person will end up getting obsessed of not letting the loved ones’ go, annoying them.

Luckily, Daigo and Nossan are in the area as they are cleaning the park. During the premiere date it’s already spring, so Nossan spots a new outfit now. As for the fight scene, what I’m glad about it is that they showed us the use of GaburuCannon, you know, the combination of GabuRevolver & GaburiCalibur? Yeah I forgot that thing exist because the last we saw it is in………. I don’t remember because it’s WAY too long.

Kyoryu 13 (3) However, KyoryuRed falls victim to Davo Jakireen’s cutting attack, and as a result he became obsessed about not letting Nossan go. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Expect corny yaoi references will you? NO. The bottom left pic above is enough.

Meanwhile, Rin begins to make her move towards Souji. What’s the plan? Having Ian & Utchii dress up as delinquents and threaten to bully ‘lovebirds’ Souji and Rin, all so that Rin can say that she loved Souji. What’s great about this scene is how Utchii takes his role seriously, I almost mistaken him for a delinquent jerk! However, the plan went horribly thanks to Amy kicking Ian and Utchii out, and Rin mistaken Amy as Souji’s girlfriend! Oh and I just found out that Amy is actually attending university. I don’t know that.

Back to the gay asses, KyoryuBlue managed to break Jakireen’s scissors, undoing the effects caused. However after retreating the Devoss quickly repaired Jakireen’s scissors, and instead of aim for the couples, Luckyuro aims for people who got friendzoned so that the energy harvested is bigger.

Kyoryu 13 (4) And their next target is none other than Rin herself, stalking Souji on his ‘date’ with Amy! Upon seeing the date, Rin bursts into tears, but Souji calms her down by saying such sweet words that occurs in teen love. This is the first time Souji admits that he used to be a very cold & ignorant person, and if it weren’t for the Kyoryugers he would’ve just ignored Rin when she cried. And he also thanked Rin for looking out if him since they were young, and now they almost kiss!

If it weren’t for Jakireen’s scissors, the would’ve kissed actually and now Rin has turned into obsessive woman towards Souji! While Ian, Amy and Utchii helps Souji, Jakireen turns his attention to a schoolboy who got friendzoned by a schoolgirl. Turns out that the schoolboy and schoolgirl are actually Daigo & Nossan in disguise, with Daigo in a drag! I love how Ian marks that Nossan is a Forever Alone.

The whole Kyoryuger’s intervention resulted in the undoing of the effects, and KyoryuGreen joins in as pseudo-leader this time, because he sits in the middle with Utchii taking his place. Honestly, the lineup reminds me of ZyuRangers, if you consider Gold as yellow.

Kyoryu 13 (5) Despite the episode not being directed by Sakamoto, the actions in this episode are pretty AWESOME, mostly because it features sword skills and KyoryuGreen is my favorite Kyoryuger. KyoryuRed, Blue and Pink are basically ignored for the whole fight, while Gold and Black aids Green as well as apologizing to him for the shenanigans.

That being said, this episode shows us a cool finisher by two swordsmen of the group, KyoryuGreen and KyoryuGold! But unlike Gold and Pink, this dynamic’s finisher is merely two finishers on one target, as opposed to previous two episodes where they combined their finishers with Gold’s. So yeah, Jakireen is finished by Zakutor Peerless Style and Lightning Afterglow.

Kyoryu 13 (6) As for the MegaZord fights, it’s actually pretty good. I’m glad that they didn’t overuse the close-up angle all the time, and the medium angle is the perfect scene for watching, and for me to printscreen it. Despite this episode being a filler, it introduces one formation that hopefully will be utilized often: PteraidenOh Western. Why important? Because the formation, along with KyoRyuZin, utilizes all of the main Voltasaurs, and it’s been a while since we saw ParasaGun & Zakutor, so I hope KyoryuGold utilizes this formation often.

As for the formation, unlike KyoRyuZin Western, the addition of ParasaGun & Zakutor is pretty weird on PteraidenOh. Mostly because the hands are too big, particularly the gun & claw section, it makes it look like PteraidenOh Western had two hands that can’t bend.

As for finishing, KyoRyuZin used GabuTyra Blast Burn on the XenoZorimas for the first time since Brave 2, while PteraidenOh Western’s Brave Finish is the same as Western Claw Burst. To make it a little different, I dub thee “PteraidenOh Brave Finish: Golden Claw Burst”.

Kyoryu 13 (7) After the battle, Souji gives Rin a present, but admits that he’s not good with girls, so he asked Amy to help him pick a present. However, he happened to give Rin’s friend the same present as well! Looks like he’s right about being bad with girls! And Rin beats the shit out of Souji for pissing her off!

Overall, it’s a fun episode, definitely watch it. Episodes like these are what makes this show watchable, as the pacing, the jokes and the actions are good, and they don’t even need Koichi Sakamoto to handle it!


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