Kyoryuger Brave 12: Short-Lived Tsundere feat. Pedophile Monster!!!

Ahh..... that classic Red & 6th Ranger dynamic
Ahh….. that classic Red & 6th Ranger dynamic

Uchii continues his tsundere act towards the male Kyoryugers, whose starting to get annoyed by that. But can he live up that act when a Devo Monster from a past kidnaps childrens, on Children’s Day? Yes, the Devo Monster is a pedophile.Kyoryu 12 (1) Remember what I said in Brave 11 about daring Brave 12 to be better than Brave 11? Well they failed. But this is not a bad episode, in fact it’s pretty fun. In my opinion it’s the 5th best episode, with Brave 11 in first, Brave 3 in second, Brave 1 in third and Brave 2 in fourth.

Anyways, like I said, Uchii’s acting has made the unaware male Kyoryugers getting seriously pissed off at him, Daigo included. Apparently in order to make the act more easier to Utsusemimaru, Amy offered to become his teacher and tells him a good thing is a bad thing when he’s acting. All that I can say is that Amy looked hot in the teacher outfit. Honestly, that kind of outfit really blows me up an when it’s Koichi Sakamoto, you’ll bet that he will use any means possible to turn this into a pseudo-softcore porn.

Anyways the appearance of the Devo Monster, whom I will dub him “PedoDevo”, attracts the Kyoryuger’s attention. One thing that I hate about this episode is the extended use of the transformation music. I understand that they’re preoccupied by the Zorimas, but the fact that they showed it one by one and the music got extended gets annoying.

When Daigo gets transported into the hidden village, a.k.a the Kyoryuger’s version of the Hyperspace, he found out that the kids abducted had turned into raging minions, and that his Brave Power are sealed in the dimension. Also, I’ve noticed that DoGold now sports a fur neck and honestly it looked better. I always thought that his suit looks pale.

Kyoryu 12 (2) However, Daigo gets hurt real bad and if it weren’t for Ucchi’s interval, he would be dead. Uchii’s action of saving Daigo is because he has two reasons, first one is that he is a very kind person, and the second one is that Daigo resembles his old master whom I will not type his name because it’s too damn hard. I forgot to tell about this in the last review, but I liked how Daigo’s actor was able to act differently as Uchii’s master. His acting really shows that the two are totally different characters but with same faces.

Meanwhile, the other male Kyoryugers finally learned about Uchii’s true self, and there you go, the short lived tsundere has ended. Well even though I would like to see it being extended, but then Uchii will just be another version of Kamen Rider Meteor. Furthermore Kyoryuger is a fun-filled series, having a serious character in disguise kinda ruins it, and if it were meant as a running gag, well running gags tend to get boring quickly, like Nossan’s oyaji gags.

Back to Uchii, he decides to take care of PedoDevo by himself, so that not only Daigo will rest due to his injuries, but also prevent another death that befall Uchii’s former master. It seems that Uchii will do anything necessary just to keep a person that resembles his master alive.

Kyoryu 12 (3) Surprisingly, the sleeping medicine on Daigo didn’t work because he used GabuRevolver to bite his ass, causing him to stay awake! This is when the episode starts to get really exciting and AWESOME, from Daigo’s speech to Uchii until the final battle. Speaking of the speech, he basically tells Uchii that Uchii didn’t need to protect Daigo as he is not his master. To put it simply, he insists that he and Uchii’s master are different people with different points of view, and if Uchii’s master views Uchii as a subordinate, Diago views Uchii as his comrades. Yes comrades and subordinate are different.

The untransformed sword fights in the PedoLand is really awesome, it feels like you watched Rurouni Kenshin, I think (I haven’t watched the movie so I don’t know hehehe) and the fight feels like Uchii and Daigo are longtime comrades and rivals, to mirror Uchii’s past with his master.

After defeating the Zorimas and free the kids from the PedoLand, GabuTyra arrives to save his partner. It’s great to see GabuTyra’s solo fight again, and honestly him without the Beast Battery Mode looks even cuter. Escaping PedoLand, the two found themselves at the type of canyon that Koichi Sakamoto favored (not the typical canyon where all Osamu Kadena’s shit takes place). The other Kyoryugers arrived and make amends with Uchii, now that they know his real attitude.

Kyoryu 12 (4) Now that they all understand Utsusemimaru, it’s time for the first battle of the 6-member ZyuDen Sentai! Honestly this scene is pure diamond. Not gold, but diamond. Better than ruby or crystal. If the previous extended transformation music annoys me, this one they did it perfectly. KyoryuGold’s another catchphrase is similar to KakuRanger’s catchphrase, and when they run towards battle, even though it’s pretty common, the explosions make it look like I’m watching Power Rangers in Space’s first battle. That sweet nostalgia.

Anyways onto the battle, since this is directed by Koichi Sakamoto, you should expect three things: individual fight scenes, wire-fu and Michael Bay’s explosions. And all of the Kyoryugers did an excellent job in their respective fight scenes, I mean that it’s so good that all of them are my favorites.

When the part to finish PedoDevo comes, they invent a new variation of KentroSpiker Spiking Finish added with Zandar Thunder’s Lightning Afterglow, that involves KyoryuGold surfing on KentroSpiker and slashes the enemy when KentroSpiker starts impaling the enemy. I dub the variation “KentroSpiker Spiking Afterglow”.

Kyoryu 12 (5) As for the MegaZord battles, I would like to speak first about the new formation that debuts in this episode: Raiden KyoRyuZin. The combo is essentially a KyoRyuZin equipped with wings, and it look almost AWESOME, if it weren’t for GabuTyra’s yellow tail becoming the backpack makes it look ugly and back-heavy. I know they don’t want to left the tail, but adding it makes it look horrible from the back.

That being said, the MegaZord battles in this episode are seriously amazing. The combination of CGI flight and normal close-up shots really blends well, and the CGI takes advantage of Koichi’s directing style, kinda. And the finisher looks like Tenkuu ShinkenOh’s finisher, with the obvious addition of lightning. And it actually looks cool and devestating. I dub thee “KyoRyuZin Brave Finish: Raiden Flying Slash”.

Kyoryu 12 (6) As for the ending, Uchii proves himself to be a very kind person that he did Daigo’s laundry and even makes snacks for the team! Although I don’t get why he deleted Ian’s bitches’ e-mails. I guess he wanted Ian to be an honest man.

Starting this episode, the show began to show (no pun intended) kids dancing to the Kyoryuger’s ending theme. Honestly, they all looked cute, especially the little girl that’s featured on the pic above!

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