Kamen Rider Wizard 35: The Two-Faces of the Troll

Saa, Showdown daa!
Saa, Showdown daa!

The two plots that consists of the investigations of Gremlin and the model in distress merges into one. With Kamen Rider Wizard went to save Gremlin, will he found out the truth about him? Also, why does Sora wanted to protect the model Chiaki?Wizard 35 (1) Continuing where we left off, Gremlin is saved by Wizard thanks to his Water Style. But his hat is missing, so Sora asked Haruto to search for it, and in return Haruto finally learns about the Phantom Plot. If you still don’t know what it is, here’s to clear it up: Wiseman aims to hold another Sabbath by creating more Phantom in order to release even more Phantoms! What bugs me is that what’s Sabbath’s purpose aside from creating an army of Phantom? Is it because Wiseman wants to take over the world? They didn’t state it, which is a bum.

Anyways Haruto is obviously angered by the word “Sabbath”, as he was the victim alongside Koyomi. Speaking of Koyomi, we know that she’s a puppet, and Sora points out that she is rather peculiar as Phantoms do not leave their Gate’s body behind. But Haruto didn’t care about that, he got really angry upon hearing Sora calling Koyomi a doll. This shows how much he cared for her. I just love how angry he is.

Wizard 35 (2) As for the model subplot, despite being the damsel in distress Chiaki continues to have her job, which greatly annoys Nitou. However, she is quickly attacked by Argon. Thankfully a reluctant Nitou arrives and battles him. What I noticed about this episode, this arc in particular, is that Kamen Rider Beast is in the majority of the episode, with Wizard only appearing in the climax. Also, it’s been 4 episodes in a row that Nitou didn’t brag about being hungry, so I really appreciate that.

As for the fights, remember about how I said the Dolphi Mantle is the least used Mantles of Beast’s arsenal? And he used it this time! Yeah, granted that Dolphi only functions as a medicine but it’s not fair to completely left it out right? At least the Dolphi Saber Strike is very neat with the Dolphi projections swimming, but it’s not enough to beat Argon.

As this occurs, Chiaki hides from Argon only to be stumbled by Sora whom takes her away. At first I think Sora knows Chiaki or some sort, but this conversation proves otherwise, as he’s only interested to protect Chiaki because he wanted her to be his costumer. Whoa, I didn’t think that the small part of ‘stealing costumers’ would be significant to this episode.

Wizard 35 (3) Why did Sora wanted to cut Chiaki’s hair? We’ll go through it later but first, Haruto went to Sora’s apartment, and like Phoenix before him, Gremlin also has a nice home, not abandoned like Medusa (because her parents died). As for Gremlin, he brings a blindfolded Chiaki to his own private saloon, and honestly when I watched this for the first time, the blindfolding is obviously something sinister.

And this emotional scene is very well done thanks to the use of Canon music, and here we get to know why Chiaki is such a workaholic. It appears that she was separated from her dad, and she hopes that if she gets famous enough by modelling, she’s able to meet him again. I know that she’s just a minor character, but she didn’t state how her father got separated from her, as she said that her father loved her mother very much, and they didn’t divorce. Whatever. We get to learn this truth thanks to Chiaki admitting to Gremlin, as well as her manager telling it to Nitou, who now see Chiaki in a new light.

Back to Haruto, Rinko calls him to show about Sora’s costumers. Not only did he stole them from other saloons, but they appear to have long, black hair. But why is this important? It’s because these costumers are reported MISSING, even before the Sabbath.

Wizard 35 (4) This is where the plot twist happens, and we learn the truth about Gremlin. Ready? Okay, Gremlin is actually a psychopathic murderer because in the past, he got dumped/friendzoned by his crush/girlfriend. Because of this, he got really sad to the point that he breaks, and kills her. W.H.O.A. Seriously, that’s my reaction. They way that they twist this, it’s really beautiful, and Sora’s downfall to mental illness is really well done. Honestly I find Sora relatable.

But what’s this got to do with Gremlin having Sora’s humanity you ask? This is because, Sora himself is pretty much a Phantom even before the Sabbath occured, so that’s why Gremlin and Sora has the same personality, because the Gate is actually a psychopathic person all along!

Okay let me explain to you my somewhat interesting theory. Sora himself fell into despair before the Sabbath happens, yet he did transform into a Phantom at the time. The closest that I can think is that the emotional breakdown is actually the Phantom form taking over his body, serving as a prototype Phantom. The concept of Phantoms having different personalities from their Gates actually mirrors the concept of despair. As you may know, when we fall into despair there’s a chance that we will change our personality, often chaotically.

Wizard 35 (5) However, just when the Japanese Sweeney Todd murders his victims, the Kamen Riders arrives to save the day, as well as Argon to wreak havoc! Haruto takes on Gremlin while Nitou takes on Argon, and Chiaki discovers that the ‘saloon’ is actually an abandoned place! The fight between Beast VS Argon is nothing special really, because he assumed Hyper Beast and it shoots things as usual. The fact that Beast himself finishes Argon is a good move because Argon is mostly Beast’s enemy instead of Wizard, and Beast also feeds himself without him ever getting angry! Honestly, I think Beast devours more Phantoms when he’s not complaining.

As for Wizard, it’s official that Gremlin is not even his ally as he thought he would be, because Gremlin himself is actually more evil than the rest of the Phantoms are. The fight between Wizard and Gremlin on the other hand, is really fantastic. No flip n’ kicks, but it’s a really good fight scene overall. And I think the ending fight kinda foreshadows Gremlin’s demise, by Infinity Style thanks to him marking that he’s no match for Infinity Style even though he looks to be formidable against that form. Well, the fight ends thanks to Gremlin confusing Haruto about the Philosopher’s Stone.

Wizard 35 (6) After the incident, Chiaki cuts her hair short and apparently her short hair allows her to work overseas and got her father’s attention! Even though it’s just a letter, Chiaki is tearfully happy about this, so as her fanboys whom regained their respect on her.

Haruto however, regrets that he saved Sora earlier. He should’ve left him in the water. But Rinko comforts him by using Haruto’s belief about forgetting the past and move forward. Despite that, he starts to wonder about Philospher’s Stone, as well as the mysteries about Koyomi………………


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