Kamen Rider Wizard 34: Investigating the Troll

The Troll protected the Idol?! He's gotta be trollin'
The Troll protected the Idol?! He’s gotta be trollin’

After suffering 2 weeks of filler, we finally get back on track to the story, this time they decided to give us an arc that deals with Gremlin’s past. So, what’s Sora Takigawa like before he turned into a troll named Gremlin?Wizard 34 (1) For starters, I liked how they gave us two plots for this arc, first is Haruto & Rinko investigating Gremlin, second is Nitou & Shunpei becoming a bodyguard for an idol. I liked this idea because it gives other characters something to do other than accompanying Haruto, imagine how horrible it would be if Shunpei follows Haruto’s investigations.

The idol subplot here basically gives us the message about the ongoing fanboys craze towards idols nowadays (and that includes me). Admit it, each of us Toku fans have that special idol that we idolize, and you know how crazy we are when we think of them, such as planning to meet them, hoping to be their boyfriends and such. I’m not kidding, this is what fanboys have in their mind and I’m not ashamed to admit it! Nitou, Shunpei and even Wajima’s crazed over this new idol called Chiaki (not ShinkenGreen) shows this.

As for Haruto, Kizaki calls him and tells them on how his department got the Hurricane magic stone earlier, it’s because Sora himself had slipped it. Even though Kizaki just wants them to investigate why Sora did this, Haruto and Rinko decided to investigate more about Gremlin.

Wizard 34 (2) If there’s something that I noticed something about Kizaki is that he’s grown to trust Haruto to the point that he enlists his help, which is great because now not only they allowed a mage to roam free, but also ask their help and vice versa.

Meanwhile, Sora himself enlist the help of the Phantom Argon to track a Gate that’s currently jogging at a park. And for a coincidence, Nitou and Shunpei happened to be at the scene of the crime, arguing about Chiaki! This is another of us fanboys’ quirk, if we liked the same idol, we’re pretty much enemies.

The fight scene between Beast and Argon is pretty great, actually. Maybe it’s because of the setting, Beast is much more beastly here, he fights wildly and even used trees as an advantage. Also I noticed that the Chameleo Mantle is actually one of the most used Mantles of Beast, second only to Buffa which surprised me. And Dolphi suffered from the least used.

Wizard 34 (3) Meanwhile, Haruto and Rinko got their first lead on Gremlin, that is learning what’s his Gate is like before the Sabbath. Much to their surprise, Sora Takigawa’s personality is exactly the same as Gremlin’s, as his boss claims that he loves to sneak into people and go “Halooo~” to them. Yeah I forgot that Sora is a hair stylist, which fits his flamboyant attitude.

Back to Nitou, he offered to be Chiaki’s bodyguard, and it seems that Chiaki is a workaholic, since she refuses when her manager wants to cancel all her schedule for today.

Back to Haruto, he tells Rinko about how Gremlin’s personality is the same as his Gates. I liked how they reminded us about Phoenix and Medusa, and how they are vastly different than their Gates. The only thing that I can assume about Gremlin, for now and I mean for this moment, is that he is very different than the rest of the Gates.

Wizard 34 (4) Back to Nitou, he and Shunpei discovered that Chiaki’s true self is very different than the ones in her photos. She’s ignorant and selfish, and Nitou is fed up because of this. I think they wanted to show us, particularly us fanboys is that idols are not really sweet as they looks in the photos or videos. It’s just that they might be a different person. Just like an actress, these idols portray a sweet, sexy looking models but in real life they may be different. Now, as a fanboy, I REALLY HOPE THAT MAO ICHIMICHI IS NOT LIKE CHIAKI. Oh yeah and Mao Ichimichi is mine, and mine only. I’ll kill everyone that touches her muahahahahahahahhahahahaha~ (fanboy obsession mode activate)

Anyways I’m surprised on how bold Nitou is towards Chiaki. Yeah, we know that he’s bold enough to be brutally honest, but I didn’t expect that he would do that against a girl. But yeah he’s telling the truth. Chiaki keeps complaining about she needs to be on time and do every job possible, but the cameraman is late and it’s postponing her schedule. The cameraman are attacked by Argos, by the way.

Wizard 34 (5) As for Haruto, Gremlin himself makes a surprise appearance (by landing on their car while driving!) and goes “Haloo~” to them. What an epic entrance! I really love the scene of Haruto & Rinko confronting Gremlin. Yeah, the hero confronts the enemy but they don’t even fight or even wary of each other’s moves, their meeting is the sole purpose of getting information. Put simply, it’s like Batman meets Joker for some informtion but both of them didn’t do anything that’s related to fighting each other.

It is here that we learn more about Gremlin from Gremlin himself. Unlike other Phantoms, his Gate didn’t die and the Phantom gains their memories, but rather Sora himself lives in Gremlin. To put it simply, Sora becomes Gremlin, not gave birth to Gremlin. This is just like Haruto, who lives and keeps the Phantom to himself, but he gets to assume the form.

However, Haruto recieves a call from Shunpei when Argon disguises as a cameraman and attacks Chiaki and leaving Nitou in a pinch. Rinko offers to investigate Gremlin by herself, while Haruto goes after the Phantom.

Wizard 34 (6) To be honest, I think Hatuo’s meddling in the idol affair is a bit pointless if it were not for the climax. I think he’s there for the sake of being there. I mean this is Kamen Rider Wizard show right, and it would be very weird but unique if he didn’t transform at all.

The climax that I was talking about that makes Haruto’s meddling important is that Gremlin suddenly appears and protects the Gate. Whoa, he was the one who gave orders, now he’s the one that protects the Gate! Furious, Argon attacks Gremlin causing him to fall for into the lake, and Haruto went to save him while leaving Beast to take care of Chiaki who falls unconscious. Typical damsel in distress.


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