Kyoryuger Brave 11: His Nickname is Uchii

The explosions proves that Sakamoto directed this
The explosions proves that Sakamoto directed this

Yeahh sorry for being on hiatus, I’ve been depressed lately and went to a vacation in Seoul and apparently I felt better. Anyways, despite not being a Spirit Ranger, KyoryuGold Utsusemimaru refuses to join the current Sentai. Meanwhile, it’s Canderilla’s turn to make people happy!

Kyoryu 11 (1) I’ll be blunt. This is THE best episode in Kyoryuger so far. THE BEST. Why? Because Koichi Sakamoto returned to direct this, and the fact that this episode has a lot to offer. First off I’ll talk about the new opening sequence which obviously featured Utsusemimaru. There’s not much that I can say, except that if you watched this episode directly after episode 9, the opening makes you feel weird mostly because Utsusemimaru smiles, which is covered in this episode.

Despite losing his host, DoGold gets a new one via a new Cambrima, but he remarks that it will only last a month, which makes me think that Utsusemimaru is unusual because he can survive years without being melted.

Other than Koichi Sakamoto, what makes this episode amazing is that we have two special guests, first is Ramirez’s cameo in the beginning of the episode. While brief because it’s a cameo, it’s meant to foreshadow an upcoming event, in this case Ramirez had already located a new Voltasaur, and to an extent, a new Spirit Ranger!

Kyoryu 11 (2) Another guest that sparks this episode is none other than Canderilla’s voice actress: Haruka Tomatsu! It’s really great to see Sword Art Online‘s Asuna’s voice actress in a live action TV show, and she’s a pretty good actress too! Even though the her singing Devoss theme song is mostly lip-syncing, but when the Kyoryugers cornered her she speaks Canderilla’s voice, I thought it was dubbed over but no, she really speaks like that in person.

Canderilla’s plan of happiness is simply having a concert and attract fanboys, and you know how happy we fanboys when we see a cute person singing, not in that 13-year old girls over Bieber bullshit. Anyways the concert and attracting fanboys makes me think that they took this idea from AkibaRanger, when the evils always attracts the otakus for shenanigans. But one thing that bugs me for a while, the song’s lyrics are so damn creepy, how come it can attract people? This is where the MOTW, Honekki’s job comes in. He extracts bones from people and they turned into Canderilla’s sex slave. Even I wanted to be that 😛

Because this is a Koichi Sakamoto-directed episode, untransformed fights are to be expected. The only thing I would like to note is the use of Guardian’s Beast Batteries to ‘defeat’ the fanboys because honestly, heroes cannot harm civilians unless you’re playing Grand Theft Auto. Speaking of Guardians’ BB, it seems that each Kyoryuger has their own preferences over a Guardian, particularly Nossan and Amy, who likes to use #18 Igeranodon & #14 Stymero, respectively. The new Guardians that make its debut is #20 Gurumonite, which causes anyone it hits become dizzy to the point of passing out once a Kyoryuger spins their finger in a spiral pattern.

Kyoryu 11 (3) As for the transformed fight, I gotta give credit to Koichi Sakamoto because previously, he prefers to film in a wide area because of the whole Japanese Michael Bay thing, but this time he decided to film in a tight area, and it worked out great despite not featuring any explosions or wire-fu, unless you count CGI explosions.

What makes this scene more AWESOME is the arrival of KyoryuGold, which makes me forget that they already had a 6th member! KyoryuGold’s fight scene is to simply demonstrate that he is essentially a combination of the whole Kyoryugers, as he can aim better than Ian, stronger than Nossan, kick harder than Amy, and of course his swordskill are better than Souji.

Despite this he’s still arrogant towards the whole group, even mocks them. Well this is what you would expect from a 6th member, or so we thought. Nevertheless, Amy is seriously pissed off and decided to chase Utsusemimaru to bitchslap him.

Kyoryu 11 (4) However this is where we learn Utsusemimaru’s true self: He is not arrogant or a loner, but in fact he’s a pretty nice person and I mean a really nice, humble person. And to be honest, he’s kinda adorable type of guy, especially when he’s around Amy.

The reason why he acted all though is because in the past, his kindness allowed the enemy to fool him and gain the upper hand, but before they can kill him, his master Iwaisumimonosuke (I copy pasted that because it’s so damn hard to type it!!!!) who resembles Daigo, took the blow and died, but not before telling Utsusemimaru that his kindness can be a weakness.

Because of this Amy decided to help him keep his secrets towards others, and Utsusemimaru just become this Sentai’s Kamen Rider Meteor, because he had two-faces, in a good way of course. Oh one thing that I forget is that how Utsusemimaru blends into the current timeline. It’s funny for he addressed ice-cream as ‘frozen sweet’. Also because his name is too long, Amy decided to nickname him “Uchii”. And thank goodness Amy did that, because it’s really a pain to type Utsusemimaru.

Kyoryu 11 (5) Meanwhile, the other Kyoryugers searched for Devoss, until Nossan encountered Canderilla’s human form. But before that I gotta admit that his oyaji gag about Devoss and “teh boss” is pretty good. And it’s really funny how Canderilla wooed Nossan, considering that Nossan is too old for a bachelor, so it’s understandable why he’s easily fooled.

The next day, Nossan confronts the others wearing a pink jacket to signify that he’s Canderilla’s slave, and Honekki traps the remaining Kyoryugers and extracts their bones, expect for Amy who’s unaffected because she’s a woman and Honekki’s not ery good with girls. Oh my. But out of all Canderilla’s slaves, Souji is the one that amuses me the most, simply because he’s acting out of character. Even Amy stated that.

Another untransformed fight is a very unique but cheesy scene that involves Amy riding the unicycle and attack the Zorimas. Honestly by attacking I mean no, she didn’t even attack them, she’s just ride the unicycle and the Zorimas will flee because they afraid if it crashes on them. But what amazes me is that they didn’t used any stunt doubles for the unicycle scene, Amy’s actress does the job herself. So she’s now a Sentai version of Fujii Mina! Regardless as cheesy as it is, the unicycle scene is actually very unique in Sentai history. Props to everyone involved.

Meanwhile, Uchii got his new clothes thanks to Amy buying it to him and I gotta say, if you saw Uchii in his current attire, you would think that he is a cosplayer. But I really liked his outfit, which is weird since I tend to go ‘meh’ about Sentai’s outfits and usually Power Rangers are better at those (go ahead, kill me!!!). The only moment where I like Sentai’s clothes is Gokaigers and Go-Busters. But Uchii’s outfit is really cool, as it makes a good cosplay material, and that gold sneakers is a win.

Kyoryu 11 (6) However when things get though because Amy is alone and the boyz are backing Canderilla, Uchii arrived to even the odds. Not much to my surprise, they failed to extract bones from Uchii, because Uchii is apparently not good with girls. It didn’t really surprise me because in his early appearances, the 6th Ranger would be invincible.

Anyways the two pretty much steals the show after Uchii mocks the other Kyoryugers for nor taking care of a woman. The usage of Zandar Thunder and Koichi Sakamoto really blends well, and it’s really cool on how he uses them by level, especially when the weapon chants “Zan!” “Zandar” and lastly “Zandar Thunder!!!”.

Oh, because this is a Pink & Gold-focused episode, it’s natural for them to perform the finisher together. For this, I named the attack ZyuDen Brave Finish: Lightning Afterglow Drill Slash. Catchy.

Kyoryu 11 (7) As for the MegaZord fights, ehh it’s not impressive if you ask me. I know that Koichi can’t really use his trademark directing skills because A) They filmed this is a studio, so there’s less room to do wire-fu and B) The suits are heavy for wire-fu.

So yeah, I didn’t enjoy the MegaZord fights either. The only thing noteworthy is that KyoryuGold is actually willing to work with other Kyoryugers, as he lets them attack and performs the finisher alongside them. Oh and that theory about PteraidenOh being weaker than KyoRyuZin? The finisher explains it. Still, it’s really weird to see KyoRyuZin and PteraidenOh side-by-side, mostly because KyoRyuZin is savage looking while PteraidenOh is majestic knight-looking.

Anyways, all went well, even though the male Kyoryuger are bummed that Uchii mocks them for not being brave enough. As for Amy, she texts Uchii and tells them that it’s okay. Now here’s what confused me: Uchii tries to blend into the current timeline judging by how he doesn’t understand English, yet he knows how to use a MoBuckle. Granted that he may know how to use it because he’s been KyoryuGold for a long time, but doesn’t that seem to be unrealistic?

Kyoryu 11 (8)One thing to note is that the ending theme now features Uchii on his part and alongside others. While it’s good that he joined, the ending sequence seems poorly attached thanks to some scenes where the Kyoryugers are dancing in a restaurant or something but Uchii is missing, yet the next shot in the Spirit Base, he’s there.

Overall, like I said, it’s THE BEST episode in Kyoryuger. I’ve already expressed my thoughts in this review, so I wouldn’t say much except that if I’m JeremyJahns, I would rate this as ‘AWESOMEtacular’. I really hoped that Ms. Tomatsu would appear again soon, because her appearance is one of the best part of the episode. Now, I would dare Brave 12 to better than this. I dare you, Brave 12!!!


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