Kamen Rider Wizard 33: Bad Luck Brians Everywhere A.K.A Friendship is Magic~

Quadruple Kick Strike!!!!
Quadruple Kick Strike!!!!

Apparently the previous episode isn’t a single episode arc after all! Now I’m bummed. So if this episode continues the previous event? What more to be explored? Blame Gremlin for his words of “The real show starts now”. Fuck you Gremlin!!!!Wizard 33 (1) Really, there’s not much to say about this episode, other than it being a poorly done filler, but with a moral value that most people would get it by now. Actually this episode, this particular episode is focused on children, as they wanted to tell us money isn’t the solution to everything.

The reason why I said that this episode is a poorly done one is because the previous episode ended perfectly, making it seemed like they’re going for a single episode arc. But no, because of that Gremlin’s words, this episode explores that. He mentioned that the real show starts after Bogey’s death, and it focuses on the previous Gate victims. One thing that’s noteworthy is that Gremlin is aware that Medusa rebelled against him, although he doesn’t really care about it because he’s superior than Medusa now, he can just call Wiseman and rape the shit out of Medusa.

The real show deals with the previous victims, whom suddenly got a strange case of being lucky. Seriously, everywhere they go, everything they do, they ended up being lucky, which resulted them getting a lot of money. Because of this, the victims decided not to leave Tokyo as instructed by the Riders. Tsuchiya in particular, decided to take more chances then finally leave Tokyo, much to Nitou’s dismay because their farewell is greatly done that Tsuchiya’s change of plans ruined it.

Wizard 33 (2) As for Haruto, he noticed that the another Gate who fell victim to Bogey didn’t leave Tokyo either, because of the string of the good luck they got. He noticed that something is very wrong, a person can’t really be that lucky unless there’s sham to it.

Back to Nitou, his friend Tsuchiya became blinded by money that he forgot to leave Tokyo and decided to win more and spend more, apparently buying all the guitars in a store. And no matter what he did, Nitou failed to convince Tsuchiya that money’s not everything. To be real honest, when I get that lucky, even I would be blinded by money. Just saying.

Apparently Haruto’s theories are corrected when he witnessed the afro Gate suddeny had a change to his luck, becoming an afro version of Bad Luck Brian. In reality, it was revealed that the Phantom Bogey survived and attached itself to the Gate. Also, this time we get to see Bogey’s real ability, he can manipulate luck. As such, his fight with Wizard ended with Wizard getting embarrassingly defeated due to Bogey making him a Bad Luck Rider. I gotta admit the scene where Wizard fell victim to Bogey’s manipulation is pretty funny, especially when he rolled in the trolley and stuck in the garbage can.

Wizard 33 (3) Despite this, Wizard managed to use Land Slash Strike to Bogey, instantly defeating him. However Sora appears and revealed the truth to Haruto: Bogey has a special ability that is when defeated, he will split himself and attach to other people and manipulate their luck. It makes sense, because the newly defeated Bogey is significantly weaker than the previous, who required Infinity Style to defeat him while this one only took a normal Slash Strike.

Haruto informs Nitou about the continuing threat, and he leaves Tsuchiya to Nitou while he get the other victims. Question is, how can he get to other victims in time? Enter the BoyBand Style. Yeah, the best thing about this episode is that they make a good use to the BoyBand Style, which is great since mid-season upgrades tend to be abandoned once the Rider got the final upgrade.

As for Nitou, he tells Tsuchiya that it’s all a sham, but to no luck. Eventually Tsuchiya thinks that Nitou’s jealous, and even if he believed Nitou’s explanation, he wanted to keep the Phantom for causing him to become Good Luck Brian (LOL, is there even a Good Luck Brian?)

Meanwhile back to Wizard, this is why I don’t really like the episode. Even though he used BoyBand Style, each of them fell victim to Bogey’s luck manipulation, and while the previous are funny, this one is really stupid. I can take Hurricane Dragon being trapped and Land Dragon’s Extend hand getting trapped, but I can’t stand Water Dragon steps on a dog poo.

Wizard 33 (4) Back to Nitou, Tsuchiya turns into a jerk when he hired some boyz to beat up Nitou, further emphasizing that he thinks money can buy anything, even friendship. But what I don’t get about this scene is Nitou. I mean he’s a Kamen Rider, he fights, yet he lost against a couple of douchebags? I know that they wanted to make this drama where the guy who think money can buy anything wins, and his friend who tried to convince him loses, but it’s just too childish, even for a kids show.

As for Wizard, the embarrassment gets stupider. Yeah, Bogey controlled his luck, but making Wizard failed to reach the Ring Holder is just too stupid. And because of this, all of BoyBand Style had a hard time fighting Bogey.

Back to Nitou, Tsuchiya breaks their friendship and joyrides with his new male bitches. However the Bad Luck Brian curse came into effect, as the car got into an accident after it evades a mother and a baby crossing to the street. Honestly during the crash, I wanted to salute the mother and her baby for indirectly caused the car crash.

This is where Tsuchiya learns about friendships and money. His male bitches whom he make friends using money, refused to save him when he’s in peril. But Nitou whom he made friends because of the sole purpose of friendship, are willing to save him despite Tsuchiya mistreating him earlier.

Wizard 33 (5) After getting his ass saved, Tsuchiya apologizes to Nitou and allows him to kill Bogey. During the fight, Beast tried to use the Saber Strike, but the Bad Luck Brian curse hits him when the Saber hits one! But because friendship is magic, this is perhaps the only time we get to see the One Falco Saber Strike hits the enemy hard. At the very least the scene is neat.

As for Wizard, he refused to lose because of stupid luck thing, and managed to break off the sham. This is the only time where we get to see not only the Dragon Kick Strike, but 4 of them at the same time! As for Nitou, he assumes Beast Hyper and kills the last Bogey.

Wizard 33 (6)After that, Tsuchiya confessed that money cannot buy friendship and such, and he begged Nitou to continue being his best friend, as it’s the most valuable thing that he cannot get by money. Well, all’s well that ends well………

Overall, the only thing worth watching about this episode is the quadruple kick strike and the fact that One Saber Strike actually pwns the enemy, the rest aren’t really worth it. I would just say treat the previous episode as a single episode arc, and move on to the next episode.


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