Kyoryuger Brave 10: The Winged Swordsman, KyoryuGold!!!!

Go Gold Ranger!!! Wait….. wrong show -____-

DoGold is revealed to be an armor trapping Utsusemimaru, known as KyoryuGold. Can the other Kyoryugers free him? Well duhh. of course they can. It’s the debut of the show’s 6th Ranger!!!

Kyoryu 10 (1)

After revealing that Utsusemimaru is his host, DoGold began to demonstrate the former’s infamous sword skill: Lightning Afterglow. The attack is basically an energy wave from a sword, but I’ll talk more about it later. Because Torin is suddenly weakened badly, the Kyoryugers had to retreat, and I really liked that KyoryuBlack used the OviraPoo Beast Battery, but instead he flips the GabuRevolver backwards to make it look like it’s farting.

Back to the base, Torin reveals that the previous battle against Devoss had caused him an everlasting pain, which would kill him if he uses too much energy. This proves that he’s like Zordon, a more badass version of Zordon, with arms and legs. And wings. And a beak.

Meanwhile, DoGold visits the captive Souji and Amy, and it appears that he cannot really control himself due to Utsusemimaru finally awaken. This is where we learn more about DoGold and Torin, DoGold in particular about his irritating anger. As we all know, the original DoGold isn’t irritated as he is now, this is because it’s from Utsusemimaru’s own anger, fueling the armor. At first I thought it’s because of Utsusemimaru’s anger because of his fallen friends, but actually it was because he was angry that his body was used to fight against his friends. Huh. As for Torin, remember that I said about him being a very nice person? He is, in the sense that he is willing to sacrifice himself for his friends.

Their conversation didn’t last long, as DoGold takes over the body. As this happens, the Devoss creates another Cambrima, further supporting my theory that these mofos are like the DoGormin for Kyoryuger. They were planning to have an all-out attack to Kyoryugers, which is pretty neat considering that this is the 6th Ranger debut, they need to make it as badass as possible.

Kyoryu 10 (2) Back to Souji and Amy, they are still trying to bail out, although Amy seems to lose hope. And for this, she wants to admit something to Souji…………. that she has the ability to control her feet like a hand! Dang it, I thought she was going to say that she liked Souji or anything like that. Whatever, at least we know now that she’s Aeon Flux right? The untying rope is really awkward, if I may say, but it worked.

As for Ian and Nossan, they had to figure out a way to bring down PteraGordon, while Daigo went to find a way to stop DoGold. And their only plan is to use the Guardian’s Beast Batteries, with humorous results as shown by Nossan trying the #22 Pukuputor, which inflates any target. However, Ian seems to have another idea.

Kyoryu 10 (3) As for Daigo, his plan to take down DoGold is to visit Souji’s father to learn more about Utsusemimaru’s sword skill. It makes sense, since the Rippukan family are swordsmen for generations, and they must have known about special techniques and such. Also, Genryu’s explanation about the Lighting Afterglow attack is pretty cool, as it makes the technique realistic, not just some fancy super-powered move. The Lightning Afterglow actually requires a sword to act as a lightning rod, and using air and friction of the sword it will absorb lightning, and the user will able to shoot it. See, pretty realistic huh?

Basically Daigo’s plan to take down DoGold is to move fast enough to evade the Lightning Afterglow, as well as falcon punching DoGold at the same time. Surprisingly on the first try it worked, so it wasn’t really that hard. But what I like about this scene the most is that Genryu asked about his son, to which Daigo reply he’s fine and when he gets a call, he just know that Souji had escaped and already starting his counterattack. Looks like Daigo was pretty serious about his words in the previous episode, which is amazing.

As mentioned, Souji and Amy got out and starts their counterattack, but not before standing before the approaching Devoss generals, DoGold, Canderilla, Aigallon, Luckyuro (!) and another Cambrima. And to begin the battle, DoGold calls out PteraGordon to make the first move.

Kyoryu 10 (4) However, KyoryuRed arrived and blocked PteraGordon’s lightnings, and Black and Blue arrive just in time to present their plan to take PteraGordon down. The plan is to use #16 Beyonsmo to GabuTyra, which allows the latter to extends its neck and bites down PteraGordon. As cute as GabuTyra is, it’s really cute when his neck extends.

Now the five of them are assembled, so the battle is on the way. However, in the midst of battle KyoryuPink suddenly takes her leave and give Green her DriceLance, and surprisingly KyoryuGreen knows how to use the weapon! That’s my favorite Kyoryuger.

Kyoryu 10 (5) And since they already debuted the FangShot in the previous episode, it’s time to debut the other half of KentroSpiker, the ShieLanSlaher. Yeah, the name IS weird. To put it simply, the weapon is a powered up DriceLance, as well as a version of Kamen Rider Birth’s Drill Arm. It’s like that. And I’m really glad that my favorite Kyoryuger used the weapon.

As for Daigo, he managed to use the technique he learned earlier to falcon punch DoGold with GabuTyra Fang, leaving the latter to caught off guard by Torin. Torin’s arrival is to free Utsusemimaru inside DoGold. And honestly, I’m a bit confused with Daigo, because before he doesn’t hesitate about his captured comrades, but now he’s hesitating to shoot DoGold with Torin holding him. It’s strange considering that he had a change of personality in just a single episode. I know that he’s worried that Torin might die, but Daigo is King, he never worried.

However, to add up the possibility of Utsusemimaru’s liberation, KyoryuPink arrived with KyoryuCyan! It’s really great to see Ramirez again, even though in suit. It’s really fitting, since this is the debut of the 6th Kyoryuger as well as an important event, they need to bring everyone together.

Kyoryu 10 (6) However, even with the help of KyoryuCyan, they failed to liberate Utsusemimaru, or so DoGold thinks. The part when Utsusemimaru breaks out from the armor is really epic, as it feels like all hope is lost, then suddenly a new hope arrived.

Now with Utsusemimaru finally freed, it’s time for the debut of the 6th Kyoryuger. As usual, they will take the spotlight, and I mean the whole spotlight, as Utsusemimaru decides to take care of things on his own. And since he’s a Kyoryuger from the past, he doesn’t need a GabuRevolver, but instead a different morpher, GaburiChanger. To be real honest, KyoryuGold’s arsenal seemed to be unrealistic in terms of naming, since Utsusemimaru is a man from the past where English education wasn’t compulsory, so I wonder if Utsusemimaru actually understands what it means. And for the dance, it’s pretty unique, since it’s a mixture of a dance and hand waving.

As for the design, as with all recent additional Rangers, the design was pretty basic, and it’s just a different patterned of the usual Kyoryuger and a bit of armor. The last time an additional member design was drastically different was GekiViolet and GekiChopper, while the last 6th Ranger to be drastically different from the core team is AbareKiller. Regardless, the suit is fine by me, as I liked the fact that it has two shoulder pads, as well as those things on the back which I don’t know what’s it called. You know, the wing like structure on his back? But my main nitpick is that the suit actor is too skinny for KyoryuGold, and sometimes I think it’s a girl (speaking of that, what if Power Rangers had the balls to make KyoryuGold a female, and thus the real female sixth? It’s pretty cool if you ask me).

Kyoryu 10 (7) As for Gold’s first revival fight, it’s pretty good. What I liked the most is that he loves to name his attacks. And his morpher also act as a weapon, in this case it’s actually a hand-mounted slingshot. See Kamen Rider Beast? KyoryuGold knows what it means to be ancient in terms of weaponry, unlike your Mirage Magnum you so-called ancient mage. And his wing like thing can be used as wings as well.

Now for his signature weapon, the Zandar Thunder, it’s actually a pretty AWESOME sword. It allows KyoryuGold to insert 3 Beast batteries, and each battery will cause a different effect. A single battery allows the weapon to shoot lightning, and it’s called Thundering Dance, as well as the weapon shouting “Zan!”. Two batteries will cause KyoryuGold to unleash stronger slashes, and each slash will electrify the opponent called the Lightning Shockwave, and it will chant “Zandar!”. Three full batteries is used for the ZyuDen Brave Finish: Lightning Afterglow, as well as the chant “Zandar Thunder!!!”.

What I liked about the ZyuDen Brave Finish is that it actually has a name, as opposed to a generic name but different effect. As such I don’t need to rename it. And the attack is basically the Lightning Afterglow combined with the power of a Brave Finish, and while it’s a normal energy wave, what makes it really, really cool is that the wave actually written “Zandar Thunder” on it. It’s like the energy word of death if I may say.

Kyoryu 10 (8) As for the Zord battles, let me talk about PteraidenOh’s design first now that it ripped off that gorgeous mantle (so sad). Seriously, it’s THE most elegant mecha design ever. It’s sleek, shiny and the knight motif makes PteraidenOh so damn elegant. But honestly, I would’ve prefer the visor down, since I really dig the knight-like visors. It’s kinda funny how KyoryuGold is an ancient Sentai, yet PteradenOh seemed to look like a futuristic mecha that belongs to the Mobile Suit or something.

For its first fight, just as KyoryuGold used his GaburiChanger as arm blade, PteraidenOh did it as well. Fitting with its sleek and elegant design, PteraidenOh sports fast, spinning attacks. Surprisingly and disappointingly, PteraidenOh is said to be somewhat weaker than KyoRyuZin, and it’s finisher is weaker than KyoRyuZin’s own that it has to land another attack. For the finisher, to which I rename it as PetraidenOh Brave Finish: Raiden SpinBolt Slasher, since it shoots lightningbolts and PteraidenOh had to slash it.

Kyoryu 10 (9)After that,KyoryuGold went to check on the DoGold armor, only to find it gone. This means that DoGold is still ‘alive’. And then comes the time where the core team meets up with their new member. Upon meeting Daigo, KyoryuGold realized that Daigo reminds him of his master, whom he bears a striking resemblance to, with a mustache. As a 6th Ranger, it would be pretty typical that KyoryuGold shrugs off and went away. I mean sixth Rangers are known for their loner attitude right?

Overall, it’s a sin to not to watch this episode. But honestly, it’s pretty weird for a 6th Ranger debut. Not because of how early it was because I already talked about it, but rather that he appeared pretty late in the episode. Usually the 6th Ranger debut would make the human form appear in the beginning of the episode, then morphs in the climax. Granted that Utsusemimaru did appear earlier, but the fact that he truly appeared outside of KyoryuGold is just a little off. Regardless, this is a pretty AWESOME episode.


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