Kamen Rider Wizard 32: That Damn Phantom Plot

Wizard 32
Watch your back!

Nitou reunites with his old friend, who’s going for a job interview that gives 1 million yen (roughly 9800 USD) to their employees a day. Sounds too good to be true right? It is, because it’s a goddamn Phantom plot!Wizard 32 (1)

For starters, this episode is obviously a filler, and the type of fillers that didn’t have anything to do with the plot. The only thing worth watching this episode is that it’s an episode focused on Nitou, but the very first episode that doesn’t deal with Nitou complaining about his hunger. Seriously, he didn’t even mention about the empty stomach for the whole episode! Another thing is that this episode is seriously hilarious. For example, Nitou tries to chop the onions and you know chopping them is painful, so Nitou cheats using goggles! For adults, we know that the reason we ‘cried’ when cutting onions is because of the stench that we smell, and upon seeing this joke I realized that this episode was meant for kids.

And since this is a Nitou focused episode that doesn’t have anything to do with his hunger, they decided to let Nitou reunited with his best friend from high school. His friend Tsuchiya is a guy who loves to play guitar and make speeches. When he starts giving his speech, him shouting “hitotsu” seems like a reference to Kamen Rider Ichigo, due to the pose and the high pitch on “TO” part.

Another thing that this episode is worth watching despite being a filler is that we see Gremlin taking his role as Wiseman’s right-hand man, and as a result Medusa becomes his subordinate. Medusa is obviously dismayed by this, and I just love how Gremlin takes his jobs seriously. Despite having those cheery attitude, he doesn’t mind using his psychopathic side in order to make Medusa obey him. Now this is what a villain should be: terrifying. And with Gremlin using the cheery attitude as a facade, Gremlin is one hell of a villain.

Wizard 32 (2)

Surprisingly Tsuchiya is also a homeless guy, by homeless I mean his house is so small it’s the size of a public toilet or something like that. This is because he tends to use every money he earned to buy lots of guitars, and use them as a collection. I can tell that Tsuchiya is an avid collector, as he refused to play any of the guitars that he bought. It’s like when you bought lots of Figuarts, but never take them out of the package!

The main plot of this episode deals with Tsuchiya telling Nitou about a job that offers 1 million yen a day. It’s understandable for a hobo like Tsuchiya to be blinded by that oblivious offer, and Nitou being a hero and heroes must always have moral values thinks that it’s suspicious, and went to check it with Tsuchiya. Meanwhile, Shunpei approaches the Omokagedou gang and tells them about the very same job. But thanks to Haruto and Koyomi he refused to take the job, reluctantly. Also, Koyomi seems to have a more active speaking role in this episode, which is good because she always plays the cute and quiet girl that sits on the background worried about her brother. And to prove that Koyomi is in a more active role, look at the pic, it’s cute and hilarious!

Back to Nitou, they went to the interview. The supervisor interviewing the candidates is one hell of a creepy guy, because of the way he talks, the way he walks, the way the camera points at him, and the scary music that played around. Seriously everytime there’s a scene involving him, it scares the shit out of me! I mean look at the way he walks, he doesn’t even walk! He floats!

Knowing that he floats, this could mean that the guy is obviously a Phantom, and the whole 1 million yen thing is actually part of Gremlin’s plans to lure Gates. By using Medusa to search for Gates, he lures random people and Medusa will tell him who’s the Gate, that it’s faster to create more Phantoms. Honestly, Gremlin can do an even better job than Medusa, it’s really neat! And the selected candidates is the Gates, and Tsuchiya is one of them!

Wizard 32 (3)

But the weird thing is, how did the Phantoms are able to get a hold of billions of money? At first I think that the Gates will be attacked upon their first day on work, but nope. And the job simply requires them to do nothing. Seriously, nothing. You can do anything, and in the end you will get 1 million for slacking off! That’s a job that everybody dreamed of that will never happen. And since he got his first payment, Tsuchiya spends the money buying a new guitar, as well as treating Nitou for a portable sushi. Yeah, Tsuchiya has been blinded by money. I mean why not? You did nothing and you get 1 million yen that’s equal to 9800 dollars, PER DAY. Even I will be blinded by money.

The next day, Nitou tells the Omokagedou gang about the job while eating dinner. I gotta admit, the dinner scene is really well done, as they are able to get many camera angles that it’s hard to imagine how many takes did they have to film the simple scene. I gotta give credit to that.

Even Rinko is suspicious about the job. Because of this, she and the Riders decided to spy on the job, and Haruto noticed that one of the employees is a Gate that was attacked earlier in the episode. Now they know that all of this is a goddamn Phantom plot!

Wizard 32 (4)

Sneaking into the facility, it’s great to see Nitou used magic outside of his Rider form. This time he used Chameleo Ring to become invisible a la Predator which caused a traumatic event in my life that I can event sleep now, and Haruto, hilariously used the Small Ring. It’s just funny to hear Haruto’s chipmunked voice and how he acts when he’s small.

When they arrived, they found out that nobody’s home. And they found a room where a makeup table is used as a surveillance camera, and that Medusa is in the other room. Medusa reveals the whole damn plot to our heroes, as an act of secret rebel against Gremlin. It’s really cool to see Nitou wielding the Mirage Magnum outside of battle. and he certainly looks badass while doing it.

Wizard 32 (5)

The heroes found out that the whole group had travelled to…….. Dr. Maki’s mansion?! Oh Toei and your love of recycling sets! Anyways in the mansion, the supervisor decides to rape the employees by revealing that he’s a ghost, to be precise, Phantom Bogey. Bogey has got to be the very first Phantom that really means Phantom. Also, Bogey is based on boggart, and I’m pretty sure everyone’s familiar with Harry Potter, so I think they decided to use the name in honor of the Dementors, hence why Bogey floats around. To be honest, I think his human form are way creepier than his Phantom form. Huh.

When the Riders fought him, it’s cool to see Beast’s normal form wielding his Mirage Magnum. I’m not gonna say much about the fight though, other than I find the use of Infinity Style to be a bit unecessary, but since they wanted to promote toys, whatever. Besides, Bogey is actually a though foe.

Wizard 32 (6)

Using Infinity Style, Wizard is able to defeat Bogey, and Beast managed to save Tsuchiya and others by eating his usual appetizer Ghouls. However, Gremlin appears and warns Haruto that it’s only the beginning. Yeah, they always said that when they lose. Pretty typical.

After that, Tsuchiya and the others quit their job and since they’re Gates and they haven’t been Engaged yet, they are instructed to leave Tokyo. But before that, Tsuchiya gave Nitou a guitar pick as proof of their friendship. It’s really cool. And it’s funny how this episode ended like it was a single episode arc.


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