Kyoryuger Brave 9: The Mystery of a Guy Named DoGold

That gorgeous cape!
That gorgeous cape!

The Braves finally learn about PteraGordon and his presumed deceased partner, KyoryuGold. However, Chaos instructs DoGold to attack the city, just to show the Kyoryugers PteraGordon’s true power: PteraidenOh!!!Kyoryu 9 (1)

Even though this episode is the first part of KyoryuGold’s debut which I will talk about how early it was later, this episode feels like you’re watching a 2 parter in a single episode. This is because the first part is about DoGold’s rampage and PteraidenOh’s evil debut, and the second part is about the Kyoryugers discover the truth behind DoGold. As for the episode itself, it’s kind of a mixed bag, but with more good. Basically it’s 65% good and 35% bad. The bad parts is mainly because of nitpicking, particularly that this episode is not directed by Koichi Sakamoto. Not that the action in this episode are bad, in fact it’s good. But since this is our 2-parter 6th Ranger debut we need to make it look epic, and if Koichi’s handling the show then he needs to direct it. Also it’s because whenever Sakamoto’s directing, he tends to use high contrast, making the visual look stunning, dark and beautiful (I’ve been using contrast settings to edit my images, that’s why it looks a little different).

Anyways moving on to the episode, Torin explains more about PteraGordon, i.e why he’s so special. He’s the powerhouse of the 10 Great Voltasaurs, and it’s pretty normal because he’s the 6th Ranger’s Zord, it’s only natural why he’s so special. And during the explanation, Nossan’s acting again falls flat. Honestly I think Nossan’s acting is better if the episode’s focused on him and it mostly deals with him getting worried and such. I don’t know, his jokes are bad here and his acting is a little overacting. I think he tries too hard to be like Don Dogoier. Well, as bad as his acting is, it’s not bad as Power Rangers Samurai’s.

However before Torin can explain more, PteraGordon’s attacking the city, prompting the Kyoryugers to battle. What makes this battle interesting is that this is the very first battle that involves Torin, particularly Torin fights hand-to-hand and not casting magic beams or something. That aside, Torin  wielding his gorgeous blue sword reminds me of a shogun joining his samurai to battle, and it had this aura of badassness in it. Sadly, Torin didn’t really do much due to his weakened state. Yep, this is why he avoids battles, because he’s weakened. This somewhat reminds me of Zordon, and of course DekaMaster.

Kyoryu 9 (2)

In this episode, the character that stands out the most is definitely Daigo, as he really shines to the point where not to call him ‘King’ is a sin. During the first battle his leadership skills are superb, assigning everyone each to their specific jobs while he helps Torin battle DoGold. This is what a leader should be, while he’s always takes the spotlight naturally, he  doesn’t mind giving others their jobs, as well as their chance to be in the spotlight.

However, DoGold decides to make it personal when he transforms PteraGordon into PteraidenOh, and due to Green & Pink are occupied, they can’t really form a KyoRyuZin because the two of them are the ones that are needed to form the left hand. BUT, thanks to the Beast Batteries system incorporating in KyoRyuZin, any Voltasaur can be attached to GabuTyra on any hand, thus making Stegotchi becoming the left arm for this special combination. It’s really neat that they used this system, and it also differentiates KyoRyuZin and AbarenOh, whom I’ve been complaining that KyoRyuZin is a ripoff of AbarenOh.

The Zord battles in this episode are bad. Bad in a sense that the camera angle is too close to the Zords it ruined the scene. As a result, I can’t get any better image of PteraidenOh VS KyoRyuZin, and because of that I will not say anything yet about my first impressions on PteraidenOh, other than this evil version is really neat mostly due to the cape. Honestly, when was the last time a MegaZord has a cape? I think it’s in Gokaiger’s summer movie, and even that belongs to the Fake GokaiOh, the evil one.

And here’s when Daigo’s leadership skills shines once again. Even though PteradenOh is superior in close attacks (using its hand blades thing) and ranged attacks (thunders from the sky), KyoRyuZin are able to win this not-so-intensive fight (due to the poor camera angles) thanks to KyoryuRed’s plan. The plan that involve throwing the shield to deflect the enemy’s finisher and then add another damage using ParasaGun’s gun is really cool.

Kyoryu 9 (3)

However the attack caused DoGold’s face to have a small crack, and as a result it’s revealed that it’s actually a mask, and a human’s in it! Great, another Zen-Aku/Rouki. Now all that’s left is to find out who’s inside the armor. And since the battle is over for now, the first part ends and now a new part comes in: the mysteries of KyoryuGold and DoGold. Gee, even if you didn’t watch this episode yet, you’re already know that mystery right? Question is, how did KyoryuGold ended up ditching the ‘Kyoryu’ and taking the ‘Do’? And what a bad pun I made     -_____-

Anyways while Souji and Amy hunt down DoGold, Chaos decides to create a new Devo Monster, Cambrima. Although a Devo Monster, I feel like this guy is like Orangehead or DoGormin, because in future episodes Chaos are able to create more of them, so they’re basically a higher-class footsoldiers, like Zorima to pawns and Cambrima to knights. It’s like that.

Meanwhile the other three Kyoryugers demanded Torin explain more about DoGold, and it’s basically a flashback of KyoryuGold. I find that KyoryuGold being a samurai from the Warring States era is pretty cool. I mean when it comes to the ancient times, Toei tends to use Edo Period because of that frequently used set, so it’s refreshing to hear something other than Edo.

Kyoryu 9 (4)

We get to learn that Chaos and DoGold slaughtered KyoryuGold’s friends, causing him to become and angry emo. Unfortunately that emo is short lived as Gold and DoGold are trapped in a portal. Torin marks that he didn’t even found KyoryuGold’s spirit, and DoGold can use the Beast Batteries is strange because only a true hero can use it, which obviously mean one thing: KyoryuGold are somehow DoGold and because of that he was able to do ‘Brave In’. But because he’s a Devoss, it changes into ‘Devoss In’.

Oh, and it all happened because Torin got careless in battle, as Chaos and DoGold caught him and prepared to slaughter him, which triggers a chain of event that leads KyoryuGold merging with DoGold. Honestly, the scene where Chaos and DoGold held Torin hostage is funny for some reason, because if you look at Torin, he’s like a chicken that’s caught bu humans. You can imagine how they will look like. Poor guy.

And since that day Torin blamed himself for losing Gold and causing Gold to become anangry emo kid. Even though he blamed himself, it’s obviously not his fault KyoryuGold ended up like that. It was the Devoss’ doing from beginning. They attacked his heart by killing his comrades, and upon seeing his last friend Torin about to die he gets angry because he didn’t want any more death of a comrade. And this statement makes me realize who Torin is: He’s a very good person.

Kyoryu 9 (5)

Souji and Amy are nearing to capture DoGold, and just after they learned about KyoryuGold, Cambrima makes a surprise attack on them. Off guarded, the two are easily defeated and captured onscreen.

The three Kyoryugers are alerted to DoGold and Cambrima’s attack, because they have captured Souji and Amy. Now this is where the hostage scene is held up. As usual the bad guys forces the heroes to surrender, but in an amazing twist we instead got to see more of Daigo taking the spotlight. He refused to surrender himself to rescue his teammates, because to him, kidnapping strong guys is a pretty stupid thing to do. This makes Daigo one hell of an interesting character, I mean he trusts his teammates enough that he doesn’t worry about them needing to be saved. And also usually this scene will involve the hero surrender, but this time he refused to surrender! Even Torin marks how brave Daigo is.

Kyoryu 9 (6)

Because they refused to surrender, this is now a fight. While KyoryuBlack and KyoryuBlue handle Cambrima, Black offers KyoryuRed his Parasa Shot to take down DoGold. It’s a great move, as other than it shows how he respects his King, Ian can hold on his own without his personal weapon because he’s a gunman and he still obviously has his GabuRevolver, he can just use that.

And seeing KyoryuRed using Parasa Shot is pretty normal to me, mostly because it’s a gun and they had experienced guns with their GabuRevolver, so it wouldn’t be too different for them anyway. LikeGoseiger, the KentroSpiker can be split into two finisher weapons, shown in this episode is the FangShot, a combination of the first two components of KentroSpiker: GabuTyra Fang and Parasa Shot. Its finisher is nothing special, but it did rips DoGold’s mask enough to fully reveal who he is.

Yeah, he’s obviously KyoryuGold, Utsusemimaru. The viewers would already knew, it’s just that our heroes didn’t, and they explained how Utsusemimaru merges with DoGold, and the reason why DoGold is an angry bastard is because Utsumemaru’s anger flowing into DoGold’s sentient armor. That said, DoGold’s real personality is WAY different, as he seems like this psychopathic evil guy!

Kyoryu 9 (7)

And the episode ends with a cliffhanger, because it’s a two-parter. I gotta say, it’s really early for them to be introducing the 6th Ranger. I know that Kyoryugers would have 10 members, 4 of which are spirits (unless they have a Kyoryuger for Pleson. because the Zord is considered to be a major Zord), but I honestly think that they should introduce another spirit then introduce KyoryuGold. The only reason I can think of is that it’s been more than a year Sentai didn’t have a 6th Ranger. Yeah, Go-Busters had the Bug Duo, but they are 4th & 5th, and they would most likely fall into the category of GekiViolet and GekiChopper, both are 6th-like Ranger but aren’t classified so by Gokaiger.

Anyways, this episode is really good for the first part of a 6th Ranger debut. And other than it’s a first part of the 6th Kyoryuger debut, the reason to watch this episode is because of the King himself, Daigo. He really stands out in this episode. Give it a watch, you’ll be amazed by his performance.


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