AkibaRanger S02E03: AkibaRanger VS DaiRanger!!!

Now this is a Gosei Sentai!
Now this is a Gosei Sentai!

Need I remind you, kids should stay away from this review!!! Not only that they failed to return ChinaRed back to normal, but now the AkibaRangers are attacked by KibaRanger! And also, Malshiina finally returns!!!!

Akiba 3 (1)

Thank goodness, the episode live up to its expectations and as a result, we have a hell of a two-parter here. First off is the re-introduction of Malshiina. Her re-introduction is really great, the first part makes you feel like you’re really watching an archenemy of our heroes returning, I mean the aura of it. It’s feels like that. Of course, this is a comedy show, so they had to cut the badass part by making Malshiina reading the lines from that FagSoldier (I’m gonna call the Oneedaas that).

As of how Malshiina returns, it was because of the  New Dimensional Intellect Remodeling Underground True Empire Baros W, or rather Baros LOL revived her. Of course, because this is a delusion, AkibaRed doesn’t believe her, but that’s not the case. Also, while the extremely long name of the villain’s group is both the homage of AkibaRanger’s long names and the past villain groups, what’s interesting about the group is that they used the word ‘LOL’ as a name! Sure, the name is Baros Wara, but ‘wara’ means ‘LOL’ in Japanese. It’s really great that they used slangs. Oh, this is unrelated, but did you guys know that the word Gavan is actually a meme at Malaysia?

Back to the topic, KibaRanger here seems like the MoTW, particularly how he works under Malshiina and such. And like how RyuuRanger VS Blu-Ray Chief flashback is done in the style of 90′s in terms of color and contrast, they did the same with KibaRanger’s KouShinsei Midare Yamabiko. In case you don’t know, the attack is basically and echo that causes damage to the opponent, so they made the attack special this time, featuring MoJo and Yukio Yamagata singing their respective Sentai song to disturb the AkibaRangers, at the same time! Honestly, they did a good job making that simultaneous singing annoying.

Akiba 3 (2)

Because they are defeated so easily, KibaRanger let them get away due to how unworthy of them to fight him. Back at the real world, Akagi decides to move ahead and think why the hell KibaRanger is so pissed at our heroes. Meanwhile, KibaRanger pays a visit to Malshiina, who’s taking a bath. I find Malshiina wearing her hat while taking a bath is weird, because the purple wig is obviously tied to the hat, hence why Malshiina didn’t take it off. Also, being a pornstar, Malshiina doesn’t mind showing her body to anyone, and it’s funny how KibaRanger still act like he’s Kou, and to an extent, a kid. Come on, Kou, you’re a pervert, yet a flash is too much for you?

Back to our heroes, they decided to tell Luna about DaiRanger, and I liked this short scene because they didn’t let Akagi explain it to her and instead look up on Wikipedia. But because DaiRanger doesn’t exist in this world, they did some research on Gosei Sentai AkibaRanger, only to find out that AkibaRanger is actually an epic fail in the Super Sentai series, lasting only 13 episodes and Akagi is portrayed by Keichii Wada, the guy who played RyuuRanger! I find it irony that they decided to make AkibaRanger the 17th Sentai, because both actors who play Reds shares the same last name! Whoa, looks like Gosei Sentai AkibaRanger is even worse than Goseiger, even worse than OhRanger, even worse than Power Rangers Turbo!

Akiba 3 (3)

But the strange thing is, AkibaRanger are considered a legend in Super Sentai. That is until Akagi learns that this is all a Gorgom plot errrr, I mean the Baros LOL plot, as they somehow altered reality to make AkibaRangers official, then altered it again to humiliate the AkibaRangers! As this occurs the true mastermind of Baros LOL is none other than General Tsuu himself, as he somehow acquired or built another MMZ-01, this time named MoyaMoya Zukyuun, and he was able to cause all this trouble by sending his own delusions into it, which is why the DaiRangers are downgraded into Chinaman in the first place! And he creates another Blu-Ray Chief, but unlike Aburamushi, the HVD Chief is a repaint, a useless repaint dare I say.

Also, Akagi knew why KibaRanger targeted them in the first place, because AkibaRanger was meant to have 5 members, and KibaRanger was one of it! I’m g;ad that they guessed the other Ranger was meant to be ARanger, and if it was paired with KibaRanger, you’ll have A-KibaRanger, which is another reason why they chose to replace DaiRanger with AkibaRanger!

Moving on, the AkibaRangers decided to kidnap ChinaRed in order to force him to remember his days as RyuuRanger, by reenacting the DaiRanger opening theme!

Akiba 3 (4)

Seriously, the reenacting scene is just priceless. From making a RyuSeiOh from a box, to riding an exercise bike while wearing a mask with the DaiRanger’s human form’s face is just priceless. I mean that riding bike scene, it’s really, really funny. This shows that this is how a fan made parody or reenactment is supposed to be! This scene is almost perfect, save for one thing, how did Luna know the lyrics of DaiRanger? Maybe the other two explain it to her beforehand.

However, they failed to make ChinaRed remember about being a DaiRanger. but before they can do anything else, the Baros LOL appears. If KibaRanger looks like a MoTW earlier, he know looks like a permanent member of the group, thanks to HVD Chief being the MoTW. Speaking of HVD Chief, I called himw useless repaint is because he claims to be 40 times stronger than Blu-Ray Chief, yet he didn’t really do anything in this episode other than tracking the escaping AkibaRangers and being a punching bag for them later.

Akiba 3 (5)

This is mostly because the main focus of the episode is the AkibaRangers trying to get DaiRangers back to normal, and this time they did it by forcing ChinaRed to fight AkibaRed a la Ryo VS Jin Matobo from DaiRanger episode 27! From this point, it’s time to say goodbye to ChinaRed as the moment he said “An opening”, Tomokazu Seki is replaced by Keichii Wada as the voice actor, indicating that RyuuRanger is back.

Man, when ChinaRed starts to fight back as RyuuRanger, it’s really epic, and it shows how badass the DaiRangers are and I’m glad that Saban didn’t use the suits in MMPR s2 (I’m still against the Gokaiger power up thing, in fact, I’m starting to hate Power Rangers now due to the recent events. Poor, poor my dying childhood). But the gem of the scene is AkibaRed’s epically fake bleeding effect! It’s a mixture of epic and hilarious, so it’s truly a gem.

Now that ChinaRed returns as RyuuRanger, it’s time to change KibaRanger. To do this, AkibaYellow wears that priceless mask with Rin’s face on it, and reenact the scene of Rin and Kou from DaiRanger episode 33. Because I never watched DaiRanger, I thought that this was at first to show Kou’s pervert side when they showed Rin’s actress outside job, being an idol. But no, after doing some research, it was purely from DaiRanger episode 33.

Akiba 3 (6)

And with both DaiRangers return to normal, it’s time for some team up of the Gosei Sentai, the official ones and the unofficial ones! Keichii Wada and Wataru Abe is still strong in doing the RyuuRanger and KibaRanger rollcall, and I think that Luna’s rollcall is basically her promoting her own name, not AkibaBlue.

Regardless, the action is really great. DaiRanger’s best point is that they are the best hand-to-hand fighters in Sentai, and they did a really good job here, even if they didn’t use weapons. Also, KibaRanger now is more of a sidekick to RyuuRanger, which is funny because most of the time I saw the suit as being the greatest one in MMPR, basically what I mean is that the suit is a leader in MMPR, yet in Sentai he’s just a 6th member, more of a sidekick-role. It’s maybe because of the fact that KibaRanger is shorter than RyuuRanger.

As for the Inordinate Power, it’s gorgeous. Sure it looks funny due to the hand design, but I find it really cool, since it matches well with DaiRanger’s theme. TheDaiRen Bomber is basically two guns, that’s similar to Blue Racer’s weapon. And I find that AkibaYellow is trying to be like Yuki Jojima from Fourze, shouting ‘Kitaaaaaaa’ everytime. Either this is an homage, or that word is a must for Toku now.

Akiba 3 (7)

Anyways, they finished HVD Chief rather quickly thanks to Malshiina raising the flag for losing by walking away from battle, and now things are back to normal! The AkibaRangers are back to being unofficial, and DaiRangers are the 17th Super Sentai again! But one question remains to our heroes, how the hell did the delusion world is messed up, and it affected the real world as well? Could it be that MoyaMoya Zukyuun has a side effect on the real world, and to an extent, General Tsuu was responsible in rectonning season 1?! The answer remains to be concealed…….

Oh and Luna decided to retire, due to her finding out that the whole thing is not filmed, and it had nothing to due with her dream of being an idol. Honestly even though Akagi pointed it out, I feel like having Blue won’t be transforming again is not necessary, but this may be due to history back to normal, and Luna wasn’t a fan of Super Sentai because she’s only a fan of Gosei Sentai AkibaRanger.


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