Kyoryuger Brave 8: Oyaji Gag is AWESOME!!!

KyoryuBlue VS Sadako!!!
KyoryuBlue VS Sadako!!!

In this episode, Nossan and his family are trapped in an amusement park, and all of the people trapped are further trapped in a maze of illusions! Will Nossan not only get out from the maze, but also save his family as well? Meanwhile, PteraGordon is still in the enemy’s hand……

Kyoryu 8 (1)

This episode is an episode which I would call a redemption episode, particularly in the case of Nossan. If you follow my reviews, you know how I hated Nossan’s acting in the Ramirez arc, and thank goodness it was fixed in this episode. Heck, they made Nossan AWESOME again! And if Nossan is AWESOME, that means his oyaji gags are even more AWESOME. Seriously, I think that his gags are corny but in a hilarious way.

This episode also proves that Nossan is a valuable member of the team. Not because of usefulness, but rather in terms of the mood. Without Nossan’s oyaji gags, the team really feels bland, like Troy in Power Rangers Megaforce. Really, it’s like that. With Nossan things are lively, but without him things aren’t. This is why I like Kyoryugers, every member has their own importance: King is the leader, Ian is the tactical guy, Souji is the pure badass guy, and Amy is just a hot chick and every Sentai needs a hot chick. Although Luka Millfy and Jasmine are way hotter.

Speaking of Jasmine, she did appear in this episode. If her previous appearance makes her look like a major star in a minor role, this episode is more of her being a guest rather than a recurring. But still, seeing Ayumi Kinoshita is always a good thing. This episode gives us the backstory of Nossan’s family, particularly on Rika’s father. Before, I always thought that Yuko (Ayumi Kinoshita) was impregnated by an irresponsible boyfriend and ended up being a single mother that never even married. But hey, that thought is only for adults, so they can’t incorporate it in a kid’s show! So they revealed that Yuuko did have a husband (Grrrr…..) and he died in an accident. Guess what, Yuuko’s husband is portrayed by the guy who portrayed Kamen Rider Decade’s incarnation of Kabuto/TheBee. This makes me think that they were alluding to Ayumi-chan’s unknown husband, who is 8 years older than her. Not that I wanna say that Yuuko’s husband is old, but Ayumi-chan still looks young to me. Not sure if that’s a compliment or lovesick.

Kyoryu 8 (2)

Also, this episode continues the story arc of PteraGordon, which makes this episode is a must watch. Torin didn’t inform the others about the newly revived Voltasaur, as he still keeps on searching it on his own. Turns out that PteraGordon is nearby, judging by the fact that a KyoryuGold silhouette appears. Yeah, spoiler, spoiler, we will get a KyoryuGold soon, if you didn’t know about that. I really don’t get why they need to debut a 6th Ranger this early?

So what’s the problem with Nossan’s family? Simple, this episode is about moving on. Yuko and Rika lost their husband/father and Nossan is worried that the two still can’t get over it. And what a bad timing, Devo KokoDoko traps the people in the amusement park and sent them to a maze where they encountered dead persons! Yuko earlier said that she’s fine about the loss of her husband, but the truth is she’s not. Upon seeing the illusion of her husband, she quickly succumbs to tears. Put simply, Yuko still can’t get over the fact that her husband is gone.

Strangely, Nossan is not affected by this. At first I thought it was the Brave that protected him, literally meaning that he’s brave enough not to be fooled by illusions. But no, we will get through that later.After failing to fight DokoKoko, KyoryuBlue encounters Rika, who isn’t affected by the illusion as well.

Kyoryu 8 (3)

At this time, the others arrived and try to break the force field surrounding the amusement park. To make it work, they sent two of the most badass Kyoryuger members, Ian and Souji! The fact that these two often work together since the episode focused on them makes me think that Kyoryuger should start with three people and these two is a la Go-Onger. They did start with three, but were introduced with 5. Whatever, we’re 8 episodes now, I don’t need to nitpick about that anymore!

Back to Nossan, he assumes that Rika wasn’t affected because she was little by the time of her father’s death, so she wouldn’t remember a thing. Actually, it’s quite the opposite and it surprises me. Rika remembers everything about her father and she fully accepts that her father is dead. I’m starting to like this kid more. I always loved how she communicates with others, showing that she’s a smart kid, and it really did.

Back to out heroes, it was revealed that Aigallon was the one who started this mischief as he gets selected, AGAIN. I think that Aigallon will be one of the villains that stays throughout the series, due to how much he got selected to feed Devoss by using the emotion of despair. Also, I liked how King thinks that Amy is brainless, giving me the impression that King thinks Amy is a hot chick without a brain, put simply, a whore. LOL

Kyoryu 8 (4)

Back to Nossan, he tries to convince Yuko by cracking multiple oyaji gags. Turns out that this move isn’t only for cheering up Yuko, but also proves that her husband is just an illusion, as he was the only guy who really loved Nossan’s oyaji gags. This brings us to the flashback during Nossan’s time with his brother-in-law. Much to my surprise, Nossan actually works in a company and wore a suit, and that his current job and attire is actually his brother-in-law’s! At first I thought that why would Nossan quit his previous job if that job is more profitable. Then I knew that if a job is profitable, it means there’s less time with your family, and Nossan wanted to be on Rika’s side all the time, so that’s why he quit his old job.

And during the scene between the two bros-in-law, I really liked their chemistry. I just loved how Yuko’s husband laughed hardly at Nossan’s oyaji gags, even though it’s corny. Heck it’s even cornier when Nossan cracks it while wearing a suit!

Now that Yoko knew that this was an illusion, Nossan tries to get her out by cheering her up, by cracking oyaji gags again! Yuko did laugh not because it’s funny, but rather it’s so corny that makes Devo DokoKoko disgusted to hear it. One thing that I like to note is that watching 8 episodes, I finally knew how the transformation gimmick worked. During early parts of the episode or when the heroes are running or the episode is simply not directed by Koichi Sakamoto, the Kyoryugers will just fire the GabuRevolver without dancing. But in the climax, they will dance, to show that they are winning, they need to dance!

Kyoryu 8 (5)

Yuko finally talks to KyoryuBlue, and she seems to forgive/apologize for being cold to him. KyoryuBlue tries to reveal his identity to her via oyaji gags, and it seemed that she noticed it. Seems. Well, joined by the others, KyoryuBlue fights DokoKoko.

To finish him up, KyoryuBlue shows the new Beast Battery, #18 Igeranodon. Based on an iguanodon, this is one of my favorite Beast Batteries, and my most favorite of the Guardians besides DeinoChaser. This is because Iguanodon is a fond memories of Aladar in Dinosaur, that movie is one of the first movies I watched in theaters. Also Iguanodon also inspired the creation of Godzilla, ’nuff said.

Igeranodon’s ability is tickle the opponent, which is perfect for stunning them. If I was Nossan, I would use the Beast Battery to stun the opponent and cracks the oyaji gags and the opponent will be forced to laugh hardly. And guess what? He did it! He cracked a very lame oyaji gag, and DokoKoko are forced to laugh hard, only to be destroyed by further effects of the Beast Battery due to it being a ZyuDen Brave Finish combo of Stegotchi and Igeranodon. This makes me think that Igeranodon are one of the most powerful Guardians besides is silly ability. Iguanodon FTW!!!!

Kyoryu 8 (6)

With DokoKoko defeated, the Kyoryugers are attacked by PteraGordon. As Torin give details about it, they form KyoRyuZin Western and fights it as well as the revived DokoKoko. I’m glad that they used the Western formation, at least they did something different here as opposed to the normal KyoRyuZin and then call upon another Voltasaur for another combination.

Also, PteraGordon seems to be a wildcard, since he attacked both KyoRyuZin and destroys DokoKoko. This is revealed when DoGold was behind this, as he inserts the corrupted PteraGordon Beast Battery into PteraGordon. The Devoss energy replacing the Brave energy is so intense that it drove Gordon mad, and it’s unable to control its powers. DoGold claims that he still needs time to adjust to the ‘Devoss In’ thing.

Kyoryu 8 (7)

At least, things are back to normal, because it wouldn’t really help the Kyoryugers if they need to worry about PteraGordon right now. So with things are back to normal, they had a lunch at Tiger Boy, and Yuko is apparently a dumb bitch, she doesn’t even know that Nossan is KyoryuBlue, despite him giving an obvious clue! Well, I’m gonna get killed or calling Ayumi-chan dumb, so I apologize. Sorry Ayumi-chan~


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