AkibaRanger S02E01: The Official Episode 14!!!

Akiba2 1

So, AkibaRangers returns for a second seasonobviously to entertain us fans as well as promoting SH Figuarts! So what happens in the first episode of the second season? Not much, really.

Akiba2 1 (1)Akiba2 1 (2)Akiba2 1 (3)Akiba2 1 (4)

Really, there’s not much. The episode is basically a recap of the first season, which makes me think that season 1′s episode 13 is kinda pointless. BUT, they decided to do an ass whooping to the show which retcons the latter half of the series, making this episode is both a recap and a reboot to the show! I really liked the idea, mostly because as funny as hell the breaking the 4th wall stuff is in the first season, it’s kinda weird since they announced season 2, and I wonder how will they act in season 2 knowing that they are a TV show. But no, this season retcons every of the 4th wall stuff and replace it with a new plot.

Moving on to the real episode, Akagi had a dream about the AkibaRangers’ final battle with Sutema Otsu, drastically different than the ones we saw in season 1. At first I thought this was merely a dream that Akagi manifested because he missed being an AkibaRanger, but no, it’s real. Because this show is a parody, it wouldn’t stop them from making this episode feels like a cheap fan-made parody, judging by the fact that the official Super Sentais appeared in SH Figuarts form in Akagi’s dream! Yeah, AkibaRanger has turned into what most Tokusatsu shows are: promoting toys. In this case, they are promoting SH Figuarts, which I really appreciated since every fans need to know about SH Figuarts.

As for the opening theme, whoa. It’s just whoa. Not whoa in excitement, more like whoa in “WTF’? Seriously, the thing that they did to the opening such as incomplete lyrics, rough sketches to hide the upcoming spoiler has got to be the very first time something like this happened in a TV Show. Not to mention that a crew holding the SH Figuarts Machine Itashaa is hilarious!

Akiba2 1 (5)Akiba2 1 (6)Akiba2 1 (7)Akiba2 1 (8)

Like I said, this episode retcons the events of season 1, judging by the fact that the AkibaRangers defeated Malshiina and went separate ways, while in the original series, they didn’t defeat her, but instead try to prevent Sutema Otsu from getting defeated so that the season won’t end! Also, Hakase didn’t reveal to others that she’s the voice actress for Aoi-tan, and her father did developed the MMZ-01, but never became Dr.Z. Instead, he worked on to build a giant robot at MIT. What is this, Pacific Rim?

Also, Akagi continues to be a fan of Z-Cune Aoi, and apparently it has movies titled W, X, and Y! And they already have a new movie coming in, titled Z. Really, what’s the matter with Japan using the word Zs lately? I mean Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (although that’s because it’s Dragon Ball Z, not added Z to the title), One Piece Film Z, and even Super Hero Taisen Z. Somebody give me an explanation!!!!

Back to the topic, from that point we get to see some recap, although it changes once AkibaYellow gets harassed by a pervert. Turns out the pervert is actually Delu-Knight, and he appears way earlier than he did. Also, since this is a retcon, we get to see behind the scenes of Mitsuki going to the Aoi-tan’s festival bla bla bla. Turns out, she was approached by the same man who approached Akagi to escort him for Pentagon. Because this is the same man, it was Mitsuki who got the chance to go to Pentagon! Two nitpicks that are present in the scene is that the English man got dubbed over, while it’s obvious that we can still hear the English. Another is that Mitsuki spots a longer hair, because this is a new footage. I get it that they wanted fans to know that this is a new footage and Mitsuki’s actress are still involved as a guest in season 2, but alternating between short and long hair is weird. It also gives the impressions of this being a fan-made parody, that I can forgive.

Akiba2 1 (9)Akiba2 1 (10)Akiba2 1 (11)Akiba2 1 (12)

While I still don’t get why AkibaBlue’s actress won’t return full time to Season 2, I find it great that they decided to write out her character by making Mitsuki was the one who got selected to the Pentagon! Also, in the scene where Malshiina’s in Fourze’s classroom where she found the portal to the real world, it’s replace by making the portal was actually a portal to Delu-Knight’s base, where he tells Malshiina that the final battle is near. Thus, this changes the whole second half of the series where the battle was supposed to take place in the real world, but here they rectonned in so that it stays in the delusional world.

Cutting to the final battle, I’m glad that it’s actually a new scene. I’m starting to get bored of the recaps when they suddenly pull out new scenes, while still making it looks like a recap! Also, during the final battle, Delu-Knight summons three dead Chief Clerks, one of whom is Aburamushi 2.0. Back in the series, they joked about how Aburamushi is no different than the previous Aburamushi, it’s revealed that the only difference is that this Aburamushi has a gold tooth! Making it looks like this Aburamushi is a gangsta. And they still retained the use of AkibaRed’s hair as a weapon. Neat!

Akiba2 1 (13)Akiba2 1 (14)Akiba2 1 (15)Akiba2 1 16)

The rest is pretty much the real version of Akagi’s dream, because the arrival of the official Sentais are suits, not SH Figuarts. But still I loved the use of SH Figuarts. Also, each of the official member’s voice is done by different people. While it’s hard to notice during the Bouken boys, it’s noticeable on the girls. And DekaRangers are WAY different than they are. As for Jetman, I never watched the show, so I don’t really know, although Yellow Owl did a pretty good impersonation.

While the official Sentais are doing the roll call, each of the AkibaRangers take a pic, and I find it silly when they take a pic of Jetman, AkibaRed requested to take it again because he closed his eyes. I mean, he’s wearing a helmet, nobody gives an F about it! Let alone that part really makes me laugh on a cheesy way.

Joining the fight, it makes me feel like as if I’m watching a remake of Super Sentai World rather than a Legend War. This is because the Legend War is filled with explosions and is a really dramatic final battle, while Super Sentai World is more like a “Hey, this is a special, so let’s have a fiesta off evil ass kicking” kind of thing.

Akiba2 1 (17)Akiba2 1 (18)Akiba2 1 (19)Akiba2 1 (20)

In order to make this final battle looks ‘epic’, they had to pull in a funny move which is making the fight lasted 3 days and 7 hours, by showing a meal that went empty as time goes by. Making the battle really long was something that I expected in AkibaRanger, and it’s a nod to their very first battle which took a very long time, because the AkibaRangers thought that the enemy is resurrecting and they had to wait for it, only for nothing. But this time, the entire time was packed with action, that goes on and on and on until the heroes starts to get tired.

Luckily they defeated the three Chief Clerks, and only Delu-Knight and Malshiina remains. Apparently Delu-Knight is defeated way easier than he should, with just a fire from the Outrageous Cannon. I really liked how they had to pronounce the Outrageous Cannon’s full name quickly, only to repeat it to add ‘Fire!’

Akiba2 1 (21)Akiba2 1 (22)Akiba2 1 (23)Akiba2 1 (24)

And with Delu-Knight defeated, only Malshiina remains, in a giant robot! This robot is different from season 1, completely different. Also, while Itashaa Robo did have some CGI, they need to come up with something cool, which is having Malshiina’s giant robot fighting an SH Figuarts Itashaa Robo! Seriously, the robot, along with the AkibaRangers are all SH Figuarts, reminding us that this show is a Goddamn parody, and to make it clear, they had to make it look like a fan-made parody! I really,  really, really like how they handled this. Maybe some people hated the concept of using a toy, but hey, the MegaZords that we saw are basically suits that are based on a toy!

With Malshiina defeated, the battle is assumed to be over, and Mitsuki departs to America. And just then Yumeria decides to retire as well, leaving Akagi with no choice but to retire and resume his job as a delivery boy. Back in the present day, Akagi still haven’t heard from the others except Hakase and Kozkoz, and on a side note, his crush Sayaka leaves Akihabara to work with her father in Bhutan, which I don’t mind since Sayaka is only there to remind us that Akagi is a grown up man, to be precise an old man (because nowadays 30s are considered to be old, while I consider it to be the early age of adulthood)

Akiba2 1 (25)Akiba2 1 (26)Akiba2 1 (27)Akiba2 1 (28)

With the recap over, we finally get to see what will happen with the present, or accurately, what will occur in Season 2! It all started with Akagi spots the AkibaRanger merchandise in the same store that he went to purchase Galaxy Robo. Confused, Akagi asks the store’s manager why AkibaRanger is a product when all this time they didn’t even exist? The store manager is revealed to be the very same guy who played Dr.Maki in Kamen Rider OOO, and he even retained his trait in the said show by holding a doll on his shoulder, the difference is that the doll is not Kiyo-chan, but rather Bae from GekiRanger! I just love this guy’s cameo, and how he retained Dr.Maki’s ridiculous side on him. Turns out, AkibaRangers are official Sentai because they are indeed official, and somehow they replaced DaiRanger as the 17th Super Sentai! What happened to DaiRanger then?!

Overall, a pretty good episode, though they wasted it on recaps. But at least they retconned the story, so it’s worth it to watch, as well as reminding newcomers that they need to watch season 1 as well if they haven’t because of the retconning. And Dr.Maki’s cameo is just pure gold.


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