TMNT 2012 S01E20: The ‘Alliance’


The Krang transported a UFO to NYC, and because the Turtles’ arsenal cannot stand against them, they are forced to form an alliance with Karai, without Shredder knowing!

TMNT 20 (1)TMNT 20 (2)TMNT 20 (3)TMNT 20 (4)

This episode is basically another Leo/Karai episode. I don’t know, it’s just that the ‘enemies-in-love’ here gets old pretty fast, maybe it’s because of my disdain towards this incarnation of Karai, whom I still think is a mutant monkey. Anyways, this episode also continues the events of TCRI, which disappointingly doesn’t have anything to do with the revelation on April.

To sumarize this episode up, it’s another hero/villain teamup, although this one the Turtles are far hesitant than they were back in ‘Baxter’s Gambit’. This is because Karai is so close to Shredder, and the Turtles’ previous teamup is basically to get out of the maze. But here, they could suspect that Karai maybe wants to lower their guard and strikes when it’s obvious.

Because this episode continues the events of TCRI, the Krang is the main antagonist of the episode. And the monster of the week? It’s the Krang’s UFO. Even though the UFO is just the size of a car, the Turtles think that this is the first step of a full Krang invasion, and they have to initiate a covert mission so that the UFO can be taken down before things gets worse.

TMNT 20 (5)TMNT 20 (6)TMNT 20 (7)TMNT 20 (8)

However that proves to be a failure, due to the UFO is a high-tech Krang piece, and the Turtles are pretty much vigilantes with only custom no-risk-of-destruction weapons, so they are pretty much useless.As for now, the only thing they can do is to track the UFO and take it down using the Shellraiser. Oh, and I forgot that the UFO has this invisibility function, thus why the Turtles need to track it down. Well it makes sense that it has an invisibility, since UFOs are commonly sighted at rare times.

As for Karai, she desperately tried to convince Shredder about the Krang. Much to my surprise, Shredder doesn’t even care about the whole invasion thing. All he cares is to defeat the Turtles and Splinter. That is one dirty obsession, and it drives Karai crazy that she had to rebel secretly. But honestly, why didn’t Shredder takes an interest about the Krangs? I mean he did know about them thanks to Baxter and possibility through stalking the Turtles.

TMNT 20 (9)TMNT 20 (10)TMNT 20 (11)TMNT 20 (12)

After setting the tracking device, Leo is confronted by Karai gain, who offers her help of defeating the UFO. It’s obvious here that Karai really wants to help the Turtles, because she wanted the world to be safe so that the Foot will continue their battle with the Turtles without any third party involvment. Leo however doesn’t trust here, albeit some hesitations due to his crush on her.

He asked Splinter for advice, and I gotta say that Splinter’s advice is pretty confusing. Basically in order to trust Karai, Leo must trust his instincts, unless that his instincts are wrong because it wanted Leo to believe what he wanted to. After thinking for a while, I got what Splinter means. We must trust our instincts, but we have to beware because sometimes our instincts wants to believe something, and that something isn’t always right, so it’s a risk. Put simply, it’s a risk to trust your instincts. What a dick.

Also during this scene we get to see April training while the Turtles are talking. Much to my disappointment, actually two disappointments, April acts like nothing regarding the events of TCRI, and she doesn’t even train using her newly-acquired weapon. Well at the very least if the Leo/Karai thing gets old to me, the Donnie/April thing didn’t, so it’s pretty good.

TMNT 20 (13)TMNT 20 (14)TMNT 20 (15)TMNT 20 (16)

During their second battle with the UFO, the Turtles used the Shellraiser to counter it. It’s clear that the UFO’s mission is to get rid of the Turtles. They have become dangerous enough to Krang that the Krang required a small battleship to defeat them! And thanks to Mikey’s misdirection, the Turtles are cornered. Gee, even though Donnie assigned everyone to their station on the Shellraiser, Mikey still can’t do his job.

Luckily, Karai arrives to help! But unluckily, Karai takes the UFO bare handed, now Leo must rescue his damsel in distress! This part is basically my favorite part of the episode, Leo using the Stealth Bike! Yeah, I think the Stealth Bike is the show stealer for me, I always liked armored bikes. Sadly, the scene is short because Leo only uses it to save Karai.

After saving her, Karai tells the Turtles that they need a real weapon to defeat the UFO, and that she will help them get it through Shredder. I loved how Raph is willing to hear her out when she said that she could get them a missile launcher, although later he still thinks that this is a trap. Furthermore, Shredder will never borrow his weapons to the Turtles. Karai tells them that she can sneak during Shredder’s deal with some Russian.

TMNT 20 (17)TMNT 20 (18)TMNT 20 (19)TMNT 20 (20)

After the discussion however, the Turtles plan to launch a surprise attack on Shredder, due to the fact that he will lower his guard during the deal, much to Leo’s hesitation. On other minor note, Donnie finally knows what it feels like to mock somebody up about their ‘girlfriend’. In this case, Leo. During the trade, I really liked how it was set during daytime, since it’s really rare that the series has shown during daylight.

Anyways the plan has got to be the very first time the Turtles did a stupid mistake. A very, very stupid mistake. This is because Karai is aware of their sneak attack, and foils it. Thus, not only the Turtles’ deal with Karai is off, but they also need to face Shredder. Yeah since facing Shredder means trouble, it means that the Turtles did a stupid job.

But, much to my disappointment, Shredder in this episode basically acts as an MotW. Sure he did make some badass move, but he wasn’t much of a threat here. He mostly serves as the obstacle for Raph, Donnie and Mikey so that they will get busy, while the episode focuses more on Leo and Karai’s relationship, now that Karai thinks that Leo betrayed her.

TMNT 20 (21)TMNT 20 (22)TMNT 20 (23)TMNT 20 (24)

Yeah, not only she thinks that Leo betrayed her, but Karai also thinks that Leo is no different than Shredder due to his desire of defeating Shredder. Unbeknownst to Karai, she’s actually wrong because it wasn’t Leo who planned to take out Shredder, it was Raph. Yeah, Raph takes the blame here. Oh I wish Splinter punished him big time.

Anyways during the battle the Krang UFO arrived to interfere, and Leo managed to grab the launcher from Karai. Much to my surprise, the Krang UFO is actually that vulnerable. I mean in most alien movies, the alien’s equipment and vehicles are far superior than Earth’s and it usually needs the human to find its weak spot. But here, a bazooka can dealt a serious damage to the UFO. I’m guessing that the Krang invasion is something that we can laugh about.

TMNT 20 (25)TMNT 20 (26)TMNT 20 (27)TMNT 20 (28)

After firing the missile, the UFO crash landed, and Shredder is just stupid in this episode. He tried to block against the incoming crashing UFO, only to be thrown into the ocean! Even though Karai is fed up with her father’s obsession, she still saved him.

This is because she is Shredder’s daughter. So even if they form an alliance, Leo will never get Karai on their side. Leo reveals that he tried to believe what he wanted, which is to take Karai and make her join them.

Meanwhile, Karai managed to save her father, and by the looks of it, Shredder seems to be finally taking an interest of the Krang. This could mean that they will finally form an alliance, and now the Turtles are even more in danger due to Karai is now completely hates them, and they are officially archenemies.

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