Kamen Rider Wizard 29: Beastmon, Digivolve to…… HyperBeastmon!!!

Kamen Rider Doraemon~
Kamen Rider Doraemon~

Kousuke Nitou realized that his belt wasn’t really stolen, and with the help of Haruto and co, he must convince the thief to return it before BeastChimera’s hunger kills him completely!

Wizard 29 (1)Wizard 29 (2)Wizard 29 (3)Wizard 29 (4)

As expected when in a pinch, Wizard used BoyBand Style and managed to fend the two Phantoms. To be honest the use of Drago Timer could’ve been sooner, as they could just use it in the previous episode. But no, the hold it off to make it looked suspense in the previous episode, and that’s what makes the previous episode look weak. But thankfully and naturally, this episode kicked ass. Well, every episode that debuts new things kicked ass right?

Because the enemy naturally retreats at the beginning of an episode, the group returned to Omokagedou to discuss things out. Haruto finally decided to try the Please Ring to give Nitou some mana like Koyomi, but to no avail. Either that this Ring only works on Koyomi, or BeastChimera refuses given ‘food’. That dumbass lion is ain’t no zoo animal huh? Anyways I loved the interaction between Haruto and Koyomi. Tough minor and brief, Koyomi is worried about Haruto using the Please Ring as it drains most of Haruto’s mana, further emphasizing that their relationship is like a brother and sister.

As for the others, Shunpei continues his annoying assistant which proves to be useful later, but the most useful here is Rinko, as she begins to take her job as a detective and begins to question Osamu about the stolen belt and artifacts. She looks like the way she was in the episode where she wanted to know more about Phoenix, and I love the way she plays the role of a detective asking questions like that. It’s good enough to differentiate her and Shotaro Hidari.

Wizard 29 (5)Wizard 29 (6)Wizard 29 (7)Wizard 29 (8)

After that, they noticed that Osamu is lying, and told Nitou about it. Because of Nitou’s attitude, it would be normal for him to just boldly accuse Osamu of stealing the belt. Osamu throws them out, which means that he could be the one stealing it. But in order to prove it, Haruto asked Shunpei to get something for him.

As for the Phantoms, Sora reveals to Medusa and Spriggan that the stolen belt was actually a part of his plan, to ‘drive Osamu through despair’! If you watched the previous episode, we all thought that Osamu did it on purpose, but he was actually provoked by Sora. Now this gets really interesting, and it explains well how Sora ended up in the lab at the first place. I thought that he just stalked the guys and decided to attack them without knowing that the belt is stolen.

But Sora is not your typical Phantom, he doesn’t really care about driving people to despair. Why? Because he wanted to know everything about the Phantom’s existence, from Wiseman to the Sabbath. This possibly gives us a foreshadowing that his plan to betray the Phantoms might come into fruition sooner. Surprisingly Medusa doesn’t really seem to be aware about it, thanks to Sora’s attitude hiding it well.

Wizard 29 (9)Wizard 29 (10)Wizard 29 (11)Wizard 29 (12)

Back to the heroes, Osamu saw Shunpei holding the Beast Driver and was surprised because he locked his lab, nobody can enter it in the first place. When he goes to check, he found that the belt is still there, but before he can do anything he was caught red-handed by our heroes.

The belt Shunpei was holding is actually a fake one! And much to my surprise, they explained how they were able to get a fake one, it’s all thanks to the Golem PlaMonster’s building ability. While his work is pretty small, but the outcome is so big that we were moving much closer to the solution now. I hope they can find Golem to be even more useful in future episodes, I just hope that he didn’t suffer the same effect as CanDroids from Kamen Rider OOO.

Now that Osamu is caught red-handed, we all can be happy as the old jerk can be finally put into justice. But, what comes next caused me to be more sympathetic to him. This is because in his previous work, Osamu did manage to make a discovery, but sadly his superior took all the credit, and leaves Osamu as a shadow. This is why he wanted to make the latest discovery a success no matter what, so that he can finally be acknowledged as well as exacting revenge to his superior.

Wizard 29 (13)Wizard 29 (14)Wizard 29 (15)Wizard 29 (16)

Before Nitou could do anything, he started to get weaker due to BeastChimera getting hungrier. Man, I’m guessing that the Phantom must be starving a lot that it starts to affect Nitou’s body. Not having other options left, Haruto decided to the gay proposal, only for Nitou to stop it for the third time! Nitou has got to be one of the anti-gay people huh?

We learned in episode 19 that Nitou actually wants BeastChimera to be alive because he thought it’s so cool to be a hero that he doesn’t care about the curse, and here we get to see that part expanded. Not only Nitou thinks that BeastChimera allows him to become a superhero, but it also proves that Nitou made a big discovery, and he wanted to keep it to treasure it, much like Osamu did. Basically, even though the Beast arsenal is a disastrous item, it’s a once in a lifetime chance and Nitou doesn’t want to let it go.

However, Spriggan corners the heroes, and I find that the line “keeping your precious moral support in a bank” is really cheesy, like Power Rangers level of cheesiness. Anyways with Nitou too weak, Haruto had to deal with Spriggan by himself, and lure him away by using the Fall Ring, which generates a hole. Put simply it’s a harmless Drill Ring. Now you probably wondered why the Fall Ring is colored differently than the rest of the Ability Rings? This is because the Fall Ringfirst debuted in Movie War Ultimatum, which came in set with a Time Ring. Because both debuted in a movie, they need to make it a little bit special by changing the color. Also you can see that after the Fall effect, Osamu’s superior can be seen in the background. I’m a little bit disappointed that Spriggan didn’t kill the man for getting in the way.

Wizard 29 (17)Wizard 29 (18)Wizard 29 (19)Wizard 29 (20)

Nitou decides to aid Haruto (by aid I mean he wanted to eat Spriggan) regardless of his condition, only to be stopped by Osamu, only for Osamu to give the artifact to Nitou, as it was Nitou’s all along, and he had to apologize because his lust for success had caused him to victimize others. With this, the Gate redeemed himself and his role is pretty much over.

When Beast arrived, BeastChimera is so hungry that Beast cannot even attack the Ghouls, his appetizers and usually his only meal if there’s an episode that wasn’t focused on him. This is when Beast decided to use the artifact to power up himself. Interestingly, the way he first activates the new Ring is akin to the first time he transformed into Beast, that time stops and he is confronted by BeastChimera once again.

And BeastChimera becomes even more of a jerk this time, insulting that Nitou is about to die soon. Seriously, Nitou unsealed this guy, and all he did is to give Nitou a curse and further insults him? He doesn’t even thank Nitou for once! If it weren’t for Nitou, this guy will remain sealed the whole time! This proves that BeastChimera is a real jerk, unlike WizarDragon that’s evil yet willing to help Haruto.

Wizard 29 (21)Wizard 29 (22)Wizard 29 (23)Wizard 29 (24)

However, thanks to Nitou’s speech, he was able to convince BeastChimera to fight alongside him, and BeastChimera merges with him, creating a new form:Beast Hyper! The form is basically Beast’s equivalent of Wizard’s Dragon forms, as it merges him with BeastChimera. First impressions of the suit. Now, we all know that the blue and gold coloring scheme is stupid considering that Kamen Rider Meteor Storm, Beast’s upgraded predecessor spots the same color scheme! I don’t mind the gold, but why blue? Sure, I’m an idiot because I couldn’t think of any other color that would fit him, but honestly, why blue? Maybe it’s because blue blends well with gold, but it’s just stupid mainly because of Meteor Storm.

And like Meteor Storm, this form wipes out Beast’s uniqueness. From a multi animal-based form with an awesome rapier that functions like a dice for a finisher, Beast Hyper was more of a demoted form, as Beast’s main superiority is a gun wielding form. But, what makes this form redeems itself is that the tassels can be used as a whip-like weapon, which is cool considering that one of the reasons I liked the Kamen Rider franchise is that they were able to make some minor things look cool.

But the best thing about Beast Hyper is that Beast failed to initiate its finisher! Well, Beast was known for his finisher fail, but I find that the scene where he tries to figure out how to execute the finisher is realistic, as this is your new form, so you have to take time getting to know about it, unlike some Rider who just dons the suit and already knows how to do the finisher. Also, the fact that the Hyper Ring is required to open its mouth to execute the finisher is interesting and a let down, as it’s the only Ring that’ll work with the Mirage Magnum, thus neglecting all other variations of Magnum Strike utilizing the Beast Mantles Rings. As for theMagnum Strike, it’s nothing special, although I liked the way Spriggan used his shield only for the finisher to penetrate it, which is interesting considering that they weren’t able to defeat Spriggan before because of the shield.

Wizard 29 (25)Wizard 29 (26)Wizard 29 (27)Wizard 29 (28)

With the upgrade, Beast easily gets all of the food himself, although I do wish that they include the Hyper Ring allows Beast’s consumed mana to be twice as usual, meaning that it’s a really big haul for Beast even if it’s just one Phantom. Yeah, if they explained that Beast would completely discard his other abilities and prefers his ultimate form much like Kiva did, but Kamen Riders usually use this kind of stuff to promote toys, so I think it’ll be helpful if they explained that, which would also cause some rage from fans because of the Mantles now redeemed useless.

Speaking of redemption, Osamu leaves Japan in hopes to make another discovery, and our heroes wish him luck so that he could finally achieve his dream. Speaking of dream, Shunpei asked Haruto what’s his dream, only for Haruto to respond that the Phantom’s demise is his current dream. Hmmm, the way Haruto reacted to this suggest that Haruto might have another dream, which I think will be revealed towards the show’s end.

Meanwhile, Sora visits a guy named Naito, who’s somehow tied to the chains. What could this mean? Could this mean that Naito is a Phantom, and Sora has been secretly created a Phantom out of Wiseman’s notice? If so, then Sora alone can do a way better job than Wiseman, Medusa, Phoenix and with the help of a MotW Phantom usually did.


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