Kyoryuger Brave 7: Everybody Hates Everybody

Fart jokes!
Fart jokes!

In this episode, the team had to deal with DoGold’s Devo Monster when Daigo wasn’t around. And without their leader, the Kyoryugers starts to fight each other! Looks like Daigo is really an important King huh?

Kyoryu 7 (1)Kyoryu 7 (2)Kyoryu 7 (3)Kyoryu 7 (4)

Thank goodness, after the last arc being so mediocre that made me lose interest in Kyoryuger, this episode wins me back to it. One of the things that I hated about the last arc is the acting is so overacting that the jokes were corny, but this episode had really great acting, and that makes the corny jokes really funny.

The Devo Monster this time is Yakigonte, a guy who can smack any of his target’s head and turns them into someone else. And in this case, he turned the Zorimas into the fake Kyoryugers. Yes, the traditional Ranger VS Fake Ranger happens in this episode, and it’s quite early if you’d ask me. Heck, this episode feels like we’ve skipped a few episodes because of a certain thing that I would call too early to debut. I’ll go on through that later.

As for the Kyoryugers, the episode title makes me think that this is a KyoryuRed-focused episode. But no, it focuses primarily on Red and Black, and their relationship as a Sentai, with the other three Kyoryugers as a victim to the Devo Monster. To start the focus of Red and Black, Ian asked to borrow Daigo’s pendant, which he believe to be similar to the stone that he searched prior to becoming KyoryuBlack. Now this is interesting, could it be that the stone will play a crucial plot to the series? Maybe the stone will be like the Ultimate Asia from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure? Either way, Ian analyzing the stone caused some speculations and possibly foreshadows.

Kyoryu 7 (5)Kyoryu 7 (6)Kyoryu 7 (7)Kyoryu 7 (8)

Daigo left the team for a while to return to the island that he first defeated GabuTyra, because he left his things, because he forgotten to take them! If his things are left at the island, how did Daigo takes care of himself all this time? Well, I’m pretty sure he sleeps in the Spirit Base. And while he’s gone, the Kyoryugers chased Yakigonte, and they split up to search for him.

And that’s a bad thing because Yakigonte wanted them to split up so that he will transforms the Zorimas into fake Kyoryugers and fools them one by one into fighting with each other. Fake Green tells that Nossan’s oyaji gag is really, really lame, while fake Pink thinks that Souji is a coward. Amy’s part is the best, as fake Black stalks her ass, and calls her fat! But Ian’s is pretty simple, fake Blue tells that they cannot trust him.

At first, I thought how did the Zorimas knew these Kyoryuger’s personal weakspot? And because it’s Sentai I don’t think they’ll explain it and I wouldn’t really care about it anyway. But they did explain it, which is a good thing! Turns out that Yakigonte’s steam ability allows his transformed people to search into their target’s memory, and use their personal worry to embarrass them to the point they’ll get angry. And because the Kyoryugers are pissed by the unbeknownst to them Fake Kyoryugers, they had a fight with each other! By fight I mean argue. Serious argument.

Kyoryu 7 (9)Kyoryu 7 (10)Kyoryu 7 (11)Kyoryu 7 (12)

Back to Daigo, he and Torin teleported to the island because Torin wanted to check on GabuTyra. Half-surprisingly Daigo’s things are still there. Half because I thought that people are gonna steal it from the first place (I’ve been playing Walking Dead recently, so that’s why I’m half-surprised). One thing that I’ve noticed is that Daigo’s hairstyle is different. It’s not really that different it’s just it’s not as curly as before, and I like it. Oh and since Ian’s hair grows a lot, his hairstyle looks a lil’ bit different.

However, Daigo spotted the Priest Chaos doing something at the island. This is the first time the heroes, or rather one of the heroes met the enemy’s leader, although I’m pretty sure that Chaos isn’t the big boss of the series. Anyways Torin steps in and sends Daigo away, as he deals with Chaos, and it’s revealed that the two are longtime sworn enemies. I expected a great duel between Chaos and Torin, but nope, that’s not the main focus in this episode so it wasn’t really that epic. What’s Chaos doing in the island anyway?

Kyoryu 7 (13)Kyoryu 7 (14)Kyoryu 7 (15)Kyoryu 7 (16)

Daigo returns and noticed that his teammates are fighting each other, until Ian blames him for not being around. To make matters worse, Ian destroys the pendant that Daigo gave to him earlier! I knew from that point it wasn’t the real Ian, as the real Ian had been taken away by the bad guys. The bad guys expected that Daigo will also get pissed and they really want him to get real mad, as they ordered the fake Ian to insult Daigo further.

But much to our surprise, Diago did get pissed, but on himself! He doesn’t even care if Ian insulted him, he cares about how stupid he is to give the pendant to Ian so easily! Because of the great acting that the cast delivered in this episode, I’m starting to like Daigo more particularly when he’s pissed at himself. Otherwise, him pissing at himself would be very stupid if it weren’t for the good acting in this episode. It’s just that the acting in the previous episodes is what makes me think that the last arc was mediocre.

Anyways, Yakigonte are shocked by this and accidentally revealed themselves with the real Ian to the Kyoryugers, making it clear that Devoss are behind this all along. Luckily after freeing from Yakigonte’s grip and disposing the fake Ian, the real Ian tells them the truth and reveals that he still has Daigo’s pendant. Even though that this is the real Ian, this shows that he and the others trust Daigo no matter what, not only as a leader, but as a friend as well.

Kyoryu 7 (17)Kyoryu 7 (18)Kyoryu 7 (19)Kyoryu 7 (20)

After that they transforms and takes on the Devoss. Because this is a Sentai VS fake Sentai episode, Yakigonte creates another fake Kyoryugers (bar Red) to help them confuse the others. However, Ian managed to tell a difference and eliminates them all, because he somehow put a flower on each of the Kyoryuger’s belt to help them notice which is the real one.

Now during the scene where Ian goes slow-mo, I liked that he first takes out the Zorimas, and then tells the others which one is the real Kyoryugers via the flower. For some reason, sticking a small flower in you teammates belt is somewhat gay, but hey, it worked well for them. To finish this off, they used the Kentrospiker Spiking Finish towards Yakigonte, which I’m glad since they didn’t use it in the previous arc.

Meanwhile, Torin, still in the magic duel with Chaos, realized that the Devo Monster has been defeated. But, Chaos reveals that he doesn’t care, because his main objective is to release a sealed Voltasaur trapped in the volcano in the island. Apparently GabuTyra isn’t the only Voltasaur living here, and I liked Chaos’s method of unsealing the Voltasaur, by using a ‘book’ to do it which makes sense because his name is Priest Chaos.

Kyoryu 7 (21)Kyoryu 7 (22)Kyoryu 7 (23)Kyoryu 7 (24)

The Voltasaur is revealed to be #6 PteraGordon (The official name is Pteragodon, a portmanteau of ‘Pteranodon’ and ‘God’, but I’m just gonna go ahead and call it PteraGordon, because I promised that there will be that Gordon crappy joke), a golden pteranodon. This is what I meant ‘too early to debut’, as well, this guy’s gonna be a big part of Kyoryugers, and that thing won’t happen until 10 more episodes. I don’t know why they did that. As for the design, I’m not gonna ramble about it since it’s mostly CGI, and I will tell my opinions once things have been sorted out, i.e I will tell it once PteraGordon finally joins the team.

Back to the Kyoryugers, Yakigonte used the Giant Zorima and transform it into a copy of DoGold. While the appearance is brief due to the transformation, I liked that the returned the Giant Zorima. It’s always a good time seeing a Xenomorph-like creature getting its ass kicked. I hated Alien VS Predator so much.

As for the MegaZord fights, the only noteworthy thing is the debut of the Beast Battery #17 OviraPoo. I liked the MoBuckle’s ringtone. Anyways as the name suggest, the Beast Battery allows one to shoot, well, farts. Yeah, they used it on KyoRyuZin, and GabyTyra starts to fart! It’s really funny that GabuTyra farts and I’m hoping to see the use of this Beast Battery again! Other than that, it’s nothing special. They used KyoRyuZin Macho and initiates the Metcha Mucho Macho Smackdown finisher.

Kyoryu 7 (25)Kyoryu 7 (26)

After that, Ian returns the pendant to Daigo. Much to my disappointment, we don’t know anything about it. But at least the Kyoryugers now knows each other weakspots, such as Amy’s worry about getting fat. However, Torin is not too happy, because of the stolen PteraGordon. At the very least he knows that Gordon cannot fight to its full power because of the lack of a Kyoryuger.

However, Chaos presents the others the corrupted PteraGordon’s Beast Battery, and he entrusted it to DoGold for use. Why DoGold? Does this mean that he had some connection to PteraGordon?


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