Kyoryuger Brave 6: Ankydon is a MACHO Voltasaur!!!!

Our 6th Ranger? NOT!!!
Our 6th Ranger? NOT!!!

Ankydon’s suffering is revealed to have come from a different Devo Monster attack, one that’s connected to Ramirez’s past as KyoryuCyan. Can Amy help him regain Ankydon back from the Devoss’ grip?

Kyoryu 6 (1)Kyoryu 6 (2)Kyoryu 6 (3)Kyoryu 6 (4)

First things first, if it weren’t for Robert Baldwin playing Ramirez in this episode, I would’ve really hated this episode. Still, even with Ramirez the episode is still weak, due to them being more comedic and by comedic I mean silly comedy. Yes, silly comedy that will only make children Arr-Ow-Tee-Eff-El-Ow-El while older fans would only be ‘HA’. Other than the silly comedy, this episode is an Amy-focused episode. Girl episodes in Sentai are arguably weak episodes, unless you’re watching Go-Busters (YellowBuster had a pretty good character development episode, something that Go-Busters excels and people DIDN’T see that) or a Luka Milify-focused episode (Because she is the goddessdamn Mao Ichimichi).

That aside, we learn that the Devo Monster that controlled Ankydon, Devo Virusun was the Devo Monster of the past. One thing I liked about this series is that they alternated between newly-created monsters and monsters of the past. It shows that Devoss is one powerful army because not only they had monsters that’s in slumber or hiding, but they can also create new monsters. I would like to see in one episode where they had to fight one Devo Monster from the past and one newly-created Devo Monster.

As for the other Devoss, Canderilla and Luckyuro are depressed about their recent defeats, only for Virusun to seek their help. Virusun’s body is trapped in Ankydon’s Beast Battery and until he defeated Ankydon, he cannot leave. The problem lies both on the heroes and the villains. For the heroes, if Ankydon is defeated Ramirez will lose his Kyoryuger power and  cannot return as a spirit anymore. As for the villains, Virusun is too weak to fight Ankydon, which is why he seeks Canderilla’s help. Canderilla’s singing can boost Virusun’s power and as an exchange, he will make people sleep in happiness, which helps Canderilla gain the Emotion of Happiness to feed Devoss.

Kyoryu 6 (5)Kyoryu 6 (6)Kyoryu 6 (7)Kyoryu 6 (8)

Canderilla’s song is… scary. The song’s theme is light hearted, but the lyrics is very dark. Well, that’s what you’d expect from a villain. But honestly, if the song can boost a Devo Monster, why can’t they just use it to power up every Devo Monster everytime? Well, I guess they wanted to keep making Kyoryugers winning the fight, because Kyoryugers are ridiculously strong remember?

As for Ramirez in this episode, I’m used to his badly-made accents, which is cool because I liked his character so much, but the accent ruins it because the actor is excellent in Japanese! In this episode we get to see more of Ramirez, and his concern about Ankydon, as well as his desire to be with a Sentai. In case you don’t know, the past Kyoryugers works alone, either they are separated, or just there’s only one Kyoryuger per century or something like that. Because of this, seeing the very first ZyuDen Sentai makes Ramirez wanted a team so bad, until Daigo with his usual Gentaro attitude saying that Ramirez IS a part of ZyuDen Sentai.

The other Kyoryugers, which I would call the male ones, didn’t really do much in this episode. They spent time looking for Ankydon, and the way Daigo and Ian searched it reminds me of Go-Buster’s spying missions. While they’re doing that, Amy is concerned about Ramirez, as she knew that Ramirez is actually sad, the happy goofy face is just a facade that’s easily noticeable. During Amy’s conversation with Ramirez, you can clearly hear that Ramirez is pretty good in Japanese, and the accent is just made up. I really wish that they make him speak normally. I know that they wanted to make him look as a foreigner that happened to know Japanese because of Torin or something, but it’s just bothering.

Kyoryu 6 (9)Kyoryu 6 (10)Kyoryu 6 (11)Kyoryu 6 (12)

After searching for Ankydon, Amy calms Ramirez again, only for Ramirez to fell in love with her! Well, she’s the only girl here, of course they wanted to make her look attractive (Because Yoko is a teenager, and her attitude wouldn’t really make her look attractive) but honestly the point of making Ramirez fell in love with her is just silly, and what’s more silly is that the love ended up being an important part of the episode!

While the male Kyoryugers deal with the dispatched DoGold and Aigallon, Amy first puts a stop to Canderilla’s singing before went into Ankydon. Honestly, because Koichi Sakamoto weren’t around, the bike stunt looks pretty bad, because they didn’t use stunts, they used green screen trick! Honestly, I think Koichi needs to teach the other action directors his tricks, they really look bad when he’s not around.

Inside Ankydon, where Pink entered using the Tuperanda Beast Battery to flex herself, she’s cornered by the real Virusun who tortures Ramirez’s Ranger Power. Surprisingly, she outsmarted Virusun quickly using the #14 Stymero which infatuates the victim, turning the seemingly sadistic Virusun into a stupid lovesick monster! How silly is that?!

Kyoryu 6 (13)Kyoryu 6 (14)Kyoryu 6 (15)Kyoryu 6 (16)

Now I’m starting to think that the rest of the Beast Batteries works similar to the Ability Rings of Kamen Rider Wizard. Good thing that they’re just effects, not some stupid useless weapon like Fourze’s Module (I still had no idea why they created the Hand Switch at the first place).

Regardless because of the Stymero effect, Virusun is now one heck of a vulnerable enemy, as she was defeated rather easily and quickly by KyoryuPink, ALONE. Now, even though the episode is not directed by Koichi Sakamoto, the second action scene looks good thanks to KyoryuPink’s kicking power makes it look cool. Even if the action director is not as good as Koichi, the stuntmen still can do those moves, it’s just that I’m biased towards the wire-fu thingy.

And still, even the Armed On weapon finishers retain the ZyuDen Brave Finish name. What the hell?! I mean KyoryuRed was creative enough to name his GabuTyra Fang’s finisher GabuTyra RockBurst Punch, so why won’t KyoryuPink too? As usual, I had to name it for them. I would call the DriceLance finisherDricera Drill Thrust.

Kyoryu 6 (17)Kyoryu 6 (18)Kyoryu 6 (19)Kyoryu 6 (20)

Now that Virusun is out of the Beast Battery, Ramirez finally regains his Spirit Ranger power, and with that he transforms into KyoryuCyan. Surprisingly, KyoryuCyan’s helmet design is actually new. Yeah, it’s visor is actually the toothless KyoryuRed’s visor design, but the headsculpt is pretty new. Kudos to the designer for actually making an effort of creating something different.

As for KyoryuCyan itself, it’s great that they used a big body for a suit actor, to make it look like it’s really Ramirez in the suit, although the suit obviously slimmed him down, but not too much. It kinda looks like KibaRanger, while the suit does grow Kou’s body, he’s the shortest of the DaiRangers. So the same thing happened here, except it’s the size, not height. And I’m glad that he only used the Beast Battery to transform, signifying that GabuRevolver hadn’t been invented in the past, or that once a Kyoryuger entered spirit form, they don’t require the GabuRevolver anymore.

As for the Ankydon’s combination with GabuTyra and Dricera, KyoRyuZin Macho,apparently cyan and pink who are light colors are considered macho! Pretty weird. I guess you have to blame Decade for making feminine colors look badass. The combination itself is nothing special, it just arms KyoRyuZin with a hammer. And I would rename the finisher as KyoRyuZin Brave Finish: Metcha Mucho Macho Smackdown. Hell of a name huh?

Kyoryu 6 (21)Kyoryu 6 (22)

In the end, KyoryuCyan departs to search for the other Voltasaurs that’s hiding, and even though we won’t see him for now, shows that are directed by Koichi Sakamoto would usually have the guest actors returning for a cameo, so I believe that we will see the great Robert Baldwin again.

Meanwhile, while KyoryuCyan starts his search and bids farewell to the Kyoryugers, Chaos reveals that he has one Voltasaur in his possession: #6 PteraGordon. LOL, Ptera + Gordon = PteraGordon, expect that crappy joke from me in the next reviews soon.


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