Kyoryuger Brave 5: That Damn Cavities

Poor, poor KyoryuBlack~
Poor, poor KyoryuBlack~

The team has finally united, or are they? While the first three Kyoryugers can work well with each other, Souji has a problem with Ian’s behavior and his treatment to him. At the same time, Torin is visited by Ramirez, a former Kyoryuger 500 years ago who seeks his help regarding his Voltasaur, Ankydon.

Kyoryu 5 (1)Kyoryu 5 (2)Kyoryu 5 (3)Kyoryu 5 (4)

For starters, this episode is the first episode that’s not directed by Koichi Sakamoto. I don’t why he took a break, because usually he would be shooting movies. I mean in Kamen Rider Fourze, he had to left early to shoot the Movie War MegaMax, and then return for a while, and then left again to shoot Fourze the Movie. That’s one of the reason why Fourze sucked, because Koichi wasn’t really around to direct the episode, and it seems so weak when others fill it for him. Not to mention that Koichi only directed about 12 episodes of Fourze! And the same case is applied here, this episode’s action scenes feels weaker than the previous. I’m guessing Koichi left to work on Dimension Police movie.

Moving on to the episode, the Kyoryugers are testing various Beast Batteries, similar to how Fourze test his Astro Switches. In case you don’t know, only the first 10 Beast Batteries are Voltasaurs, while the rest are called Guardians. KentroSpiker and DeinoChaser are classified as weapons, while others only gave special effects. In this case, #15 Allomerus allows GabuRevolver to shoot flames, and #19 Tuperanda allows GabuRevolver to shoot any object and the object become flexible. Basically the rest of the Beast Batteries are like the Ability Rings of Kamen Rider Wizard, while the first 10 are like Transformation Rings.

This episode also gives us the glimpse of MoBuckle’s other function. In case you don’t know it’s the Kyoryuger’s belt that stores 3 Beast Batteries and also functions as a cellphone. So the cellphone function are being used here, and I gotta say it’s weird. Mostly because it’s a touchscreen phone yet it’s thick. Nowadays thick phones are considered weird.

Kyoryu 5 (5)Kyoryu 5 (6)Kyoryu 5 (7)Kyoryu 5 (8)

As for the Devoss this episode, it’s finally Canderilla’s turn to wreak ‘havoc’. I gotta say, her methods are rather interesting, as she looks more of a good guy rather than a bad one! This is because her method of gathering the happy energy is to make people happy by eating cake! Honestly they should just employ her to do the job, and I don’t really think the Kyoryugers are gonna interfere anyway because all she did is give people happiness.

That is when people who started to eat those cakes gets cavities. The Devo Monster who was baking the cake suddenly got possessed by an evil spirit, causing him to emit cavity beams to the costumers. Yeah, this is pretty stupid. I gotta admit, giving people cavity is stupid, but hey, they needed something new here. Besides, Sentai is known for it’s stupid evil plans.

As for our main focus of this episode, it’s about the chemistry between Souji and Ian. Surprisingly Souji who is a cool-headed guy is pretty short-tempered, and Ian is more of the guy who seems to let others do the job for him. That’s kind of the jerk that we got here. Because of this, the two can’t get along pretty well, especially Souji who seems to think Ian goofing around too much even in battle.

Kyoryu 5 (9)Kyoryu 5 (10)Kyoryu 5 (11)Kyoryu 5 (12)

As for the other Kyoryugers in this episode, Daigo continues his usual attitude, Amy being the least focus of this episode, and Nossan, God, Nossan’s acting is just so bad in this episode. He looks like he’s overacting too much, especially when Daigo said that Ramirez is a ghost, they way he reacted is just plain stupid. And even though his oyaji gag is still top notch, but his acting withers it. At least he still cracked the joke at the wrong time.

As for our new guy, Ramirez, I gotta admit, this guy is AWESOME. It’s not everyday that you got to see a foreign people to appear in Tokusatsu, let alone for him to speak Japanese. But here’s my main problem of this ‘arc’. I seriously wanted to punch the guy who forced Ramirez to speak Japanese with a slang to show that he’s not Japanese. What the hell? Everytime he speaks, it bothers me a lot. Why don’t the just let him speak normally? I mean his actor Robert Baldwin has starred in Sazer-X which is a long time ago, and by now he must’ve perfected his Japanese. But no, the staff wanted him to speak with a slang, and it failed miserably, not to mention brings disgrace to Robert Baldwin himself!

Ramirez’s main problem is that Ankydon is also affected by the cavity, and as a result, went berserk. Ramirez goofing off instead of being sad because of Ankydon sums up one thing. He’s the type of guy who’s always cheerful, and wants people to see him being cheerful all the time. I can relate to him because when he’s sad, he’d make sure to hide those feelings with a cheerful facade so that others won’t notice it. But Ian and Daigo noticed it, an addition of Ramirez being a spirit, meaning that he’s actually dead. But the problem is that Souji thinks that both Ramirez and Ian is a nuisance because both tends to be goofing in such a difficult time.

Kyoryu 5 (13)Kyoryu 5 (14)Kyoryu 5 (15)Kyoryu 5 (16)

It is then Souji realized that both of them had a reason to goof off, which is to hide their true feelings. As for Ian, it’s revealed that his actions to Souji earlier is to study the enemy, and he doesn’t really mind ‘sacrificing’ Souji because he knew Souji can take it. Unfortunately he went after the Devo Monster alone. This makes me think that even though he’s a team member and he ordered the team to do the dirty work, he still wants to take care of things himself because he doesn’t want anymore sacrifice like his friends did. Yeah granted that he used Souji, but like I said, he knew Souji can survive the attack, so it wouldn’t count as sacrificing at all.

Unfortunately Ian has been hit by the cavity ray, and as a result he suffered from cavity as well! Luckily the others arrived to aid him, and it’s really funny how he ruined the team’s roll call because of his condition. It’s like where GokaiGreen and GokaiYellow switched their bodies, therfore they mistakenly call out different names.

And the action scenes just felt different. It really is. I guess Koichi has make an impact that when others fill it for him, it looks different enough. Sometimes it’s bad, but it’s mostly different. And because this is a Green/Black focused episode, the two switched their respective Beast Batteries to perform alternate finishers. It’s no different really, thanks to that goddamn generic “ZyuDen Brave Slash” and“ZyuDen Brave Finish”.

Kyoryu 5 (17)Kyoryu 5 (18)Kyoryu 5 (19)Kyoryu 5 (20)

As for the MegaZord fight, as always, it’s unimpressive. Instead of using KyoRyuZin Western, they used the normal KyoRyuZin, but this time the whole team joins in, and when they did, it unlocks KyoRyuZin’s ZyuDen Penta-Sword, the Zord’s standard sword. Really, when the whole team joins, you get a sword. It feels really off, considering that the actual combination just consists of three Voltasaurs. As for the finisher, goddamnly named “ZyuDenKen Brave Finish”, is your standard MegaZord slash finishers. But the background makes it look cool, so it wasn’t really that bad.

Now that the monster is defeated, all of the victims returned to normal, and presumably Ankydon as well. However, before they could celebrate, Ankydon appears and attacks them, and it’s revealed that Ankydon wasn’t affected by the cavity the whole time, someone else actually controls Ankydon!

Kyoryu 5 (21)Kyoryu 5 (22)Kyoryu 5 (23)Kyoryu 5 (24)

Now, when Ankydon attacks our heroes, you can clearly see, or rather hear, that Ramirez/Robert Baldwin can indeed speak Japanese with no problemo. But them idiot staff wanted him to speak with a slang. Look, I don’t know if he really spoke it that way, but he’s been working in Japan for a really long time now, so he would’ve mastered the language and speaks like a Japanese would, like the ‘L’ and ‘R’ thing. But still, I really liked it when he screams “Come back!!!” to Ankydon. His expression is priceless!

Overall, an good episode, though suffered from flaws. The great parts of this episode is the relationship between Green and Black, and Ramirez’s debut. The bad parts is the cavity plot, and Nossan’s acting as well as Ramirez’s slang. Honestly, to me it was a disgrace to the AWESOME Robet Baldwin.

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