Kamen Rider Wizard 28: Bad Luck Nitou Strikes!!!!

Aaaaaand Gremlin’s trollin’ again
Aaaaaand Gremlin’s trollin’ again

An archaeologist found something that’s connected to Kamen Rider Beast’s arsenal. Without further ado, Nitou went ahead to investigate it, thinking that it might be a power up. But what’s it got to do with Bad Luck Nitou? Find out in the episode.

Wizard 28 (1)Wizard 28 (2)Wizard 28 (3)Wizard 28 (4)

I gotta say, because of the treatment of the last arc and how it ended on a high note, this episode is weaker in my humble opinion. Also, I find it really stupid to introduce Beast’s upgrades this early. I’m gonna stop saying about that, since that’s for the next episode review. But still, this episode is a weaker build-up to the next episode which is important because they’re showcasing a new toy.

But even if it’s weaker than the previous, it’s not bad. Not bad at all. The episode starts with what’s left of the last episode, the Omokagedou gang talking about the recent events of Mayu becoming a witch. And Koyomi notes that Kamen Rider Gandalf is trying to create an army of magicians, cool thinking. But as Haruto said, even if one Gate becomes a witch now, there still other Gates and Haruto has to protect them. And Medusa reports to the Wiseman about Kamen Rider Gandalf, and surprisingly he tells Medusa to ignore it and continue her job as usual, while reverting to his human form in the background. It seems to me that they are close into revealing who the hell is this Wiseman is.

And the Gate this time is the guy who found relics that are similar to Beast’s arsenal. Nitou gets informed about this thanks to a newspaper, and went ahead to search for the guy. Before that, we get to see the Hungry Doughnuts again, and they prefer Nitou more than Haruto because the former will try their new recipe, only if Nitou puts loads of mayonnaise onto it. But still, Tuna Mayo Doughnut is rather interesting (yes, I still suffered from hyper-metabolism).

Wizard 28 (5)Wizard 28 (6)Wizard 28 (7)Wizard 28 (8)

Meanwhile, the PlaMonsters are scouting (and I just realized that they are the modern Kamen Rider Scouts in the original Kamen Rider. Thank God they didn’t use kids for scouting but instead some CGI, because technically those kids are the ones ruined Let’s Go Kamen Riders), Koyomi is getting her supply of energy from Haruto. It’s been quite a damn while we get to see that, and it’s good that they show it, because they don’t want us to forget that Koyomi needs mana from Haruto. And Koyomi actually has more screen time in this episode than the past few episodes, so it’s neat. And I forgot about Golem PlaMonster, he’s still shy as ever.

More about the Gate, watching this episode gives us the impressions that he’s obviously wanted to get famous, judging by how he reacted to the press although they weren’t interviewing him but rather the celebrity behind him. Poor guy. And another is that when Nitou approaches him, he won’t let Nitou touch his findings, thinking that Nitou aimed to get the relics.

Unbeknownst to him, Medusa tracks him down and sends Phantom Spriggan to do the job this time. Yes, Spriggan. So the Phantom this time is actually Kirito from Sword Art Online! Or rather Alfheim Online. Unlike Kirito, Spriggan wields a shield in addition of his sword, and despite his human form is a fat security officer, Spriggan is actually quite formidable in battle. Even when Wizard arrived (stealing Nitou’s catchphrase ‘I know, say no more’) both of the mages couldn’t defeat him. And even when Beast used a Four Buffa Saber Strike, the shield is strong enough to block the finisher!

Wizard 28 (9)Wizard 28 (10)Wizard 28 (11)Wizard 28 (12)

Because this is the first fight scene, it would be natural if the Phantom retreated, giving the heroes time to explain the necessaries to the Gate. But the Gate Osamu are too busy admiring Nitou’s belt, and Nitou doing the same to the relics that he founded. Because the two are busy admiring each other’s things (okay that sounded so wrong), they ignore Haruto and co. and Osamu takes Nitou to his lab so that he can study Nitou’s belt and at the same time Nitou could take a closer look at the relic.

Meanwhile as Spriggan reports to Medusa, he tells Medusa that they should actually worry about the mages instead of the Gate, but Medusa tells him to follow Wiseman’s order. And Erina-chan continues her usual role as the cold bitch Medusa, and I’m surprised that she doesn’t really care about the recent events concerning Mayu, because of Wiseman’s orders. This shows how loyal Medusa is to Wiseman.

At the lab, we were given a nice dose of comedy, particularly how Osamu quickly forces Nitou to transform (forcing him to scrap his hand waves as it’s ‘time-consuming’) and gets pushed back by the aura to transform Nitou into Beast. And the punchline is him taking pictures of Kamen Rider Beast. And because Nitou’s findings is a belt, he thinks that the newfound relic is a belt too, and he tries to put it on his waist! Even though it’s covered in rock, it’s obviously NOT a belt.

Wizard 28 (13)Wizard 28 (14)Wizard 28 (15)Wizard 28 (16)

As for the Omokagedou, they were worried about Nitou, and Rinko tells them that Osamu actually never accomplished anything, despite being an archaeologist. Furthermore, he’s actually just a lab assistant! If he never accomplishes anything, then how the newspapers made an article about him making it look like he’s a famous archaeologist. Well, that newspaper serves as a plot point to help Nitou knew about the relic. And later that night, Golem shows off his ability which is being the assistant to Old Man Wajima. That little guy can also build things, as he build a treasure chest to store the Wizard Rings, although rather the chest functions as the home to the PlaMonster Rings and the rest of the space are for Golem hiding in shyness. Basically the treasure chest is his home.

Back to the two, after spending the night drinking to celebrate their success, Nitou wakes up in horror as his belt are stolen by a Phantom! This is where the Bad Luck Nitou segment begins, as he doesn’t know that the belt wasn’t stolen, but it’s hidden by Osamu. Although they didn’t show it in this episode, it’s obviously not a Phantom that stole the belt. And Nitou is further convinced that his Driver are stolen when Sora hops around in the museum.

While Nitou are getting spanked by Sora, Haruto arrived to fight Spriggan who attacked Osamu. And it’s been a while since we seen the Water Style, and his special fighting style that involves the Liquid Ring and some wrestling moves instead of flip n’ kick.

Wizard 28 (17)Wizard 28 (18)Wizard 28 (19)Wizard 28 (20)

However, I got to say that the fight scene here is pretty stupid, particularly when Wizard only used Flame and Flame Dragon Styles. Why wouldn’t they just use the Drago Timer and assume BoyBand Style quickly? That would’ve come in handy, because the episode ended with Wizard being occupied with Spriggan, and Gremlin trollin’ Nitou, and Osamu are about to be attacked by the Ghouls backing up the two Phantoms.

Overall, it’s a weak episode. It’s not bad, but honestly I would’ve just skipped this one. Sure, this episode is important because of the events of the next episode, but it’s okay if you don’t watch it. Just watch the next episode because they will give a recap about this episode anyways, and you wouldn’t be confused with the help of the recap.


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