Kamen Rider Wizard 27: The Good and the Bad Twins

Come at me bro~
Come at me bro~

In the previous episode, we were shown that Medusa actually has a twin sister named Mayu. And while Haruto and the gang are busy protecting Mayu’s friend who’s a Gate, they didn’t realize that Mayu may be more than she actually is……

Wizard 27 (1)Wizard 27 (2)Wizard 27 (3)Wizard 27 (4)

This is one of the most important episode of the series, mainly because it serves as a backstory for the Phantom Medusa, as well as being the turning point for the show. And to top that off, this episode was made great due to Erina Nakayama’s superb performance not only as Medusa, but also as her twin Mayu and her former self Misa!

Yes, in my previous review I talked about seeing how Erina-chan will handle three different characters with same faces, and she did the job well done. We know that Medusa is a cruel bitch, and Mayu is a shy cutie, so does the original Misa is the same? No. While Mayu is shy, Medusa is a cheerful type of girl. Put it simply, she’s the opposite of Mayu, but not necessarily.

Oh, and Nitou and Shunpei are forced to guard the Gate themselves, while the others are looking out for Mayu. As of now, it’s obvious that Nitou is actually a backup of Haruto, rather than his rival. Well, that’s what their so-called rivalry goes. Also, during the flashback scene of Mayu and Misa, they did a pretty good job of fitting one actor into two characters on the same screen, although there’s obvious flaws such as the eye contact. But still, they did a good job on it.

Wizard 27 (5)Wizard 27 (6)Wizard 27 (7)Wizard 27 (8)

Meanwhile, Medusa spends the night at her former self’s home. Sora appears before her and offers to help her cook a plan. Knowing Sora, he must be up to something, although in this episode, he was rather helping Medusa rather than plan his own scheme. Maybe he has a scheme, that will be explained in future episodes.

As Mayu stays in Omokagedou for the night (Apparently the place had become a hotel rather than an antique shop), she asked Haruto if Misa is still alive in Medusa. We all know that Phantoms are a completely different monsters that uses the appearance of their Gates as skins, but Mayu believes that Misa is still Misa, it’s just that she’s a monster now. Put simply, Mayu thinks that Misa gains the ability to turn into Medusa, and ditched her personality. But in truth, Misa is actually dead and Medusa is her ‘offspring’, living by her looks and memories to blend into society.

The next day, Nitou and Shunpei are joined by Rinko in protecting the Gate, and apparently Shunpei continues to be useless, by useless I mean he can’t even convince the Gate’s parents that her daughter are being targeted, while Rinko were always useful. As for Nitou, well, he’s Bad Luck Nitou, so it’s understandable why he can’t convince the parents either. Unexpectedly, their duty to guard the Gate comes in quickly, as the Ghouls were after her. Thankfully we have a Rider in the form of Beast, so at least they weren’t short-handed.

Wizard 27 (9)Wizard 27 (10)Wizard 27 (11)Wizard 27 (12)

As for Mayu, she receives a text from Medusa telling her to come to their house alone. Just one question, how the hell did Medusa possess a cellphone? I know that she can just steal it from someone, but I’m curious. I’m always curious on little things that doesn’t matter hohoho. Before Haruto could go with her, he was forced to aid Nitou in combat. Well looks like Nitou can’t even handle things himself. So much for Bad Luck Nitou I guess……

The action scenes were mediocre, but Gremlin always entertain us with his ability to density shift himself to pass through walls, trolling Beast in the process. I guess Gremlin’s powers are everything that’s suitable for trolling, and I mean he can do anything, if it means to troll. Luckily Wizard arrived to assist Beast, and because of their nature as rivals, the two share a pretty good rivalry talk to each other.

Another thing that I wanted to note about Gremlin’s fight scene with the Riders is that while Wizard always balanced his usage of his forms, Beast tends to use his Buffa Mantle the most. Why not, Beast is already a well-balanced Rider, and Buffa adds his strength without reducing other stats, as far as I’m concern. Falco’s suitable for aerial combat, Dolphi’s for healing, and Chameleo’s for speed attacks. So clearly Buffa is his choice of powerhouse.

Wizard 27 (13)Wizard 27 (14)Wizard 27 (15)Wizard 27 (16)

Back to Mayu, she’s finally reunited with Medusa, and I liked how they interact with each other. It’s like Misa lost her memory and emotions, and Mayu is trying to help her regain it. And if the previous flashback scene has some flaws, this scene perfected it. The eye contact really makes this scene look like Erina-chan really has a twin, rather than the use of film tricks!

And the sole reason Medusa wants to see Mayu is that, Mayu herself is actually a Gate! Well actually this makes sense. I mean even watching the previous episode I knew that the Gate was actually Mayu, not her friend, and I thought Medusa was just toying with her friend to actually get to her. But no, the friend is still a Gate and so does Mayu. Another thing that makes sense that Mayu is a Gate is because she’s the twin sister to Medusa, a Gate. Twins share the same genetics, so it would be natural if Mayu’s a Gate as well.

Because Mayu is now revealed to be a Gate, Medusa seeks to broke her heart. She tells Mayu that Misa is dead, and the woman standing in front of her is a monster that takes on the appearance of her twin sister. We were then taken to the flashback of the Sabbath, and much to my surprise, Misa is actually the girl that’s crying in the opening scene! I thought that woman was actually Rinko! And to further broke her heart, she tells them that her missing parents are actually dead, killed by Medusa herself after using Misa’s memory to enter their home. With this, Mayu starts to fall into despair.

Wizard 27 (17)Wizard 27 (18)Wizard 27 (19)Wizard 27 (20)

Thanks to Gremlin, Haruto was informed of this, and he takes Rinko to Mayu. I loved that they used Hurricane Dragon just to use the wings to fly. Why don’t they use the bike instead? Well, flying is faster than riding. And as for Beast, he managed to hold on Gremlin, although the latter escapes, leaving Beast to whine about not eating Phantoms again.

Wizard arrived, but Mayu’s already in the ‘Phantomization’ process. During the fight with Medusa, I find it stupid that Wizard didn’t assume BoyBand Style or All Dragon Style. I’m guessing that the latter one will suffer like GataKiriBa Combo. But they actually make it sensible that Haruto couldn’t assume the form. This is because Medusa was attacking him, he barely have any time to assume the forms. And honestly, I think they showed him summoning the Drago Timer because they want to continue promoting the toy.

And even with the upgrades, Wizard can’t even beat Medusa. This is because Medusa absorbs Wizard’s mana before he could do anything! As for Mayu, again I have to applaud to Erina for delivering a superb performance of Mayu turning into a Phantom. She makes it look like the process is very, very painful, even though the person literally just broke her heart and then died, but her cry manages to make it look physically painful.

Wizard 27 (21)Wizard 27 (22)Wizard 27 (23)Wizard 27 (24)

And her Phantom form looks like SpaceGodzilla of you ask me, because of the crystal shards. That’s surprising, because I thought her Phantom form would be similar to Medusa, because they’re twins. But this is not Cancer Zodiarts incident all over again, because Mayu miraculously overcome the Phantomization process, and revert back to normal!

Haruto, Rinko and Medusa are shocked by these turn of events, and Mayu explains that it was Misa who saved her from being transformed into a Phantom. This is when Kamen Rider Gandalf appears again, and this time it’s his first appearance in front of Rinko and Medusa, while the previous ones are only in front of the Riders. Surprisingly, Kamen Rider Gandalf’s magic is more powerful than Haruto’s full potential, as one Explosion Ring are enough to scare Medusa away. And even Sora is displeased by watching Gandalf’s appearance from far.

After all is cleared, Kamen Rider Gandalf offers Mayu to avenge her family’s death, by becoming a mage as well. Although in this case, a witch. Could this be that there will be a Kamen Rider Witch? Hate to tell ya, but judging by the recent toy scans, chances for a Kamen Rider Witch would be dim. This is because they will always promote new stuff in Tokusatsu through toy catalogs. Maybe there will be a Kamen Rider Witch, using the same arsenal as Wizard or Gandalf’s, but as of now, we can only wish that there will be a Kamen Rider Witch. Damn it Toei we wanted a third Rider! Although Kamen Rider Gandalf is actually the third Rider LOL. Anyways, the episode ended on a high note thanks to Mayu agreeing to become a witch, while Haruto are originally against it.


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