Kyoryuger Brave 4: KyoryuBlack’s Dark Past

And the team FINALLY unites!!!
And the team FINALLY unites!!!

The only Kyoryuger that’s yet to join the Kyoryuger is perfect. By perfect I mean he has everything. Girls, money, looks and shooting skills. But nobody’s perfect, so what’s imperfect about Ian Yorkland, KyoryuBlack?

Kyoryu 4 (1)Kyoryu 4 (2)Kyoryu 4 (3)Kyoryu 4 (4)

To be honest, I feel that the episode was rushed a little bit. When I first heard that Kyoryuger will have a Black Ranger, I immediately thought that the Black will be the jerk or the loner or something like that that’s pretty much the typical Black Ranger in Sentai. But then they said Black was supposed to be a comic relief character, and that makes me sad. Thankfully, maybe he’s indeed a comic relief character, but not entirely necessary.

This is because Black is a cool, macho, and a jerk. But what makes his character interesting is that the characteristics that he showed is actually a facade, as he hides something behind his heart. This fact is shown when he encountered Devo DoroBoss, supposedly KyoryuBlack’s old enemy. When other Kyoryugers interfered, they had a hard time fighting DoroBoss because he keeps parrying all their attack, and I couldn’t help but to laugh at Nossan cracking an oyaji gag, in the middle of a fight!

Regardless, when DoronBoss holds KyoryuRed at bay, he forces Black to shoot him. While Red doesn’t really mind about Black shooting him, Black however starts to remember his past, and suddenly has a panic attack. Thankfully the others managed to save Red and cause DoronBoss to run away. But when Red tries to question Black’s action, Black’s response had made him think of something, more precisely, think of someone.

Kyoryu 4 (5)Kyoryu 4 (6)Kyoryu 4 (7)Kyoryu 4 (8)

Meanwhile, at the Devoss, DoGold are complaining that Aigallon is picked for the emotional harvesting mission again, and Luckyuro is sad that Canderilla isn’t picked at all. Yeah, I would really like to see how Canderilla’s mission would be, given that she represents happiness.

At the Spirit Base, Torin told the others that the Beast Battery #13: Kentrospiker would be effective to defeat the enemy, but the problem is the battery is lost. Now, I have to say that I’m getting tired of the character’s acting, primarily and maybe only Daigo, Nossan and Amy. I will talk about Daigo and Nossan later, but for now, I’m tired of Amy’s cheesy cheerful talking and adding one english word on her speeches, it’s just to cliche. I know it’s a kids show, but this it’s really starting to annoy me. Maybe it’s because I’m used to Shinkenger-Go-Busters that I don’t get used to the way Sentai was supposed to be. You know, Shinkenger is a dark-themed Sentai, so the characters must be mature, even though there are class clowns, and Goseiger suffered from bland characterization, so they don’t really have that cheesy talk. And Gokaigers are a group of pirates, so they don’t have cheesy talks either. And as for Go-Busters, they’re the same as Shinknger.

Moving on, before they could search for the Kentrospiker’s Beast Battery, the city is under attack again. Arriving on the scene, they found Black holding the Kentrospiker Beast Battery, and he wants to use it for himself! As expected from a Beast Battery that Torin recommended to defeat a tough foe, the Kentrospiker contains massive power, so much that KyoryuBlack’s GabuRevolver couldn’t handle the strain and blasts Black away, only to be caught by Red. Now, I don’t like how they handled Red catching Black. They it’s just your typical Sentai film trick. I mean this episode is directed by Koichi Sakamoto, so I would prefer if Black are blasted and flown with a wire work like Sakamoto always did. I know I’m being nitpicky here.

Kyoryu 4 (9)Kyoryu 4 (10)Kyoryu 4 (11)Kyoryu 4 (12)

Back at the base, Daigo finally deduces that KyoryuBlack is Ian Yorkland, the playboy guy whom they met numerous times, mostly at the Tiger Boy. Now I would like to ramble a lil’ bit about his name. When I found out that his name is Ian, I really couldn’t help but to think that Ian from Smosh is going to be a Black Ranger, nor that KyoryuBlack will have a personality like Ian’s. That would be hilarious. And Smosh’s Ian watched Power Rangers (not sure if he still watched it nowadays, I mean if he watches Megaforce or something), so if he ever watch or heard about Super Sentai, I would really love to see his reaction of having a Ranger that was named after him! Kinda. Not kinda at all.

Since Ian’s a Black Ranger, it would be normal for him to be the jerk of the group, although the only jerky Black Ranger I remember is Black Condor. Ian’s a jerk because he doesn’t need teammates, and he doesn’t even thank Daigo for saving him earlier. Well, turns out that his jerkyness is actually a facade as well. While he doesn’t want any teammates, but his reason is different. This is because a year ago, Ian was doing a research on ancient civilizations, and teamed up with a treasure hunter named Shiro Mifune. They were searching for a certain jewelry, but when they found it, a cloaked figure takes Shiro hostage and threatened Ian much like he did in the present day. And like KyoryuRed, Shiro doesn’t mind about Ian shooting, but Ian failed to hit his target as DoronBoss evaded the shot, and kill Shiro. Just to note, Shiro is portrayed by Go-OnBlack.

To be real honest, instead of DoronBoss killing Shiro, I would rather have Shiro accidentally shoots Shiro. That would help emphasize his fear and his panic attacks. But hey, this is a kids show (Well I suppose older Sentai did things like this, but Kyoryuger are meant to be lighter) and if the made Ian accidentally shoot Shiro, Ian would be extremely panicked to the point that he won’t use a gun anymore.

Kyoryu 4 (13)Kyoryu 4 (14)Kyoryu 4 (15)Kyoryu 4 (16)

DoronBoss tried to kill Ian by throwing him from a cliff, but thanks to ParasaGun, Ian is saved and Torin hands him the GabuRevolver to defeat ParasaGun. I actually really liked and appreciate this flashback, primarily because of how they explained the other Kyoryuger’s meeting with their Voltasaur partner. Blue, Green and Pink suffered from having no explanation on how they meet their Voltasaur partners.

Back to the present day, Ian explains to Daigo that he actually became a Kyoryuger just to defeat DoronBoss, and Red further encourages him to defeat DoronBoss because of the only way to make Ian forgets his regrets is to defeat DoronBoss. Basically, our Sentai Gentaro is encouraging exacting revenge on people to satisfy yourself, because if you don’t you will be forever unsatisfied.

DoronBoss attacks for the third time, but because the Beast Batteries are being charged (They hardly use any Beast Batteries during the last battle, so why would they charge them now?), the other Kyoryugers are forced to fight DoronBoss by themselves. While I ignored Daigo and Amy’s fight with the Zorimas, I’m impressed by Nossan and Souji’s. Souji is simply because he’s a swordsman, and Nossan keeps naming his attacks ‘Nobuharu’ on it. To be honest, I think Nossan is more creative than the staff that’s in charge for naming the finishers of Kyoryuger.

However, Aigallon and Luckyuro’s assistance gave the four a hard time, and I liked Luckyuro’s fighting style. She’s basically toying her opponents like a doll. And just when DoronBoss are about to finish Daigo, Ian came to their rescue, and admits that he actually doesn’t want teammates because he’s afraid to lose them just like Shiro. However, because of Daigo’s encouragement, Ian managed to shoot DoronBoss, and render him vulnerable.

Kyoryu 4 (17)Kyoryu 4 (18)Kyoryu 4 (19)Kyoryu 4 (20)

With Daigo saved, Ian is finally welcomed to the team. And now, the team is finally complete! I really liked that KyoryuRed said “Try to stop all five of us”, signifying that they are a complete team now. Because this episode marks that the team is finally reunited, they would make the roll call a bit different. By different I mean they filmed it in a new scene, and does not use the CGI background, instead used the colored explosion.

As for the fight scenes in the warehouse, it’s AWESOME, particularly the teamup between Blue/Green and Red/Black. But Pink is also interesting, as she returned the favor to Luckyuro, by toying with her! And ironically, the place where the first fight as a complete team is also the place where the first debuted in Go-Busters VS Gokaiger. Maybe the final battle will take place her too? Meh, the final battle would always be in a big space, even for Koichi Sakamoto (as far as I know and seen, Koichi doesn’t really like to use the typical Toei canyon used for All Rider movies and war etc. Sure, he did use some canyons, but there are visually different, Koichi tends to use abandoned place, more accurately place that’s filled with scrap metals and junks like that).

Kyoryu 4 (21)Kyoryu 4 (22)Kyoryu 4 (23)Kyoryu 4 (24)

Because the team’s reunited, it’s time to show the true power of Beast Battery #13: Kentrospiker. The Battery allows the Kyoryuger’s Armed On Weapons to combine together and form a single, large sword. I liked how they formed it as a spiky sword instead of traditional cannons or something, which is why I likedGaoRanger‘s HajaHyakuJuuKen (not to mention the way GaoRed says it is total badass). And surprisingly, I thought the finisher is a grand slash, but nope, it’s a javelin throw instead! What a creative way to do it. However, they are STILL not creative about naming the finisher. It’s still the goddamn ZyuDen Brave Finish. Seriously?! I mean this is the team’s ‘cannon’ it must have a unique finisher name to it! If I were to name it, it’ll be Zyuden Brave Finish: Kentrospiker Spiking Finish. Do I really need to rename everything?

Time for the giant battle. Because this is Ian-focused episode, he volunteered to summon his Zord to deal with the enlarged DoronBoss. Holy shit, is that Hogwarts where ParasaGun is standing at?! I know it’s meant to be an Europe Castle, but honestly I couldn’t help but to think of Hogwarts! Well, I guess that’s Hogwarts, because other Voltasaur have their unique hiding places, with Pink being the one that’s easiest to discover by tourists, it’s logical if they used Hogwarts as ParasaGun’s home. That place is a realm of magic, so having an armored dinosaur wouldn’t really make things strange there. Hah, I bet they are using Hogwarts, they just don’t want to say it because they afraid if they might get sued by J.K.Rowling.

As for ParasaGun itself, I fins it weird for a parasaurolophus to have a gun on its tail. I know the tail is big and AbaRanger take a really good move on making the tail as a scissor, but having a gun is honestly weird. And the fact that he had to turn his body to fire the gun makes me think that he’s farting or peeing or crapping in order to fire the bullets. Probably crapping.

Kyoryu 4 (25)Kyoryu 4 (26)Kyoryu 4 (27)Kyoryu 4 (28)

Because Zakutor replaces Dricera in KyoRyuZin, ParasaGun would replace Stegotchi, creating a new formation known as KyoRyuZin Western. Now this is what I want, a unique name. While I don’t understand why a claw on Zakutor have anything to do with the western cowboy theme, I don’t like that this mode is only a different arm sets. Seriously, AbarenOh ripoff much. I mean it’s a different combination, why not add a new helmet for KyoRyuZin? Effing lazy huh Bandai?

Surprisingly, the MegaZord fight in this episode are good, at least in my opinion. It’s mostly because of the sunset background with CGI KyoRyuZin all over. And because the Kyoryuger telepathically controls KyoRyuZin via shadowboxing, I find it stupid for them to fire the guns on ParasaGun by making their hand shoots like a kid would. It’s just stupid. They have the GabuRevolver, why not use it? As for the finisher, it’s KyoRyuZin Western Brave Finish. If I would rename it, it would beKyoRyuZin Brave Finish: Western Claw Burst.

Kyoryu 4 (29)Kyoryu 4 (30)Kyoryu 4 (31)Kyoryu 4 (32)

Now that Ian’s revenge is completed, Ian is very glad. And to make things happier, Ian decides to stay with the Kyoryugers to protect people, because now he has new comrades to work with. However, Aigallon reveals that DoronBoss isn’t the one that murdered Shiro, it was him all along. The invincibility cloak that DoronBoss wore is actually his’, and he has the stone jewel that Ian’s looking for! Guess this’s not the end of Ian’s revenge after all huh? What’s more, I think Ian will form a rivalry with the crybaby Aigallon. Interesting.

Oh, just a quick note. I’ll be out of town starting Thursday and I’ll be back on Sunday. So expect my reviews on Monday or so. Also, I plan to review all of Young Justice’s episodes here, and AkibaRangers will also continue only on this blog.


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