Kyoryuger Brave 3: Badass KyoryuGreen is BADASS!!!!!

Mean, Green………wait. Ninja Turtle?
Mean, Green………wait. Ninja Turtle?

In this episode, Daigo tries to get KyoryuGreen Souji in the team. In order to do that, he must find out why Souji hates his strict father so much, the reason why he acted all tsundere. On the other hand, Torin asks the others to try out the DeinoChaser, two ZyuDenRyus that can form into a bike. Yes, it’s Kamen Rider in Super Sentai!

Kyoryu 3 (1)Kyoryu 3 (2)Kyoryu 3 (3)Kyoryu 3 (4)

Watching this episode, I gotta admit, KyoryuGreen IS my favorite Kyoryuger. Why? It’s mainly because of him being a swordsman. Every swordsman is badass. And not to mention Souji’s outfit is a school uniform, so having a guy in a school uniform wielding a sword really adds the badass level to me. And not to mention again that he puts up this tsundere act.

As for the others, Daigo continues his King persona, and this time he helps Amy by cooking at the Tiger Boy! And this time, Blue finally begins his role as the comic relief of the year. KyoryuBlue, whom I will call him Nossan for the entire series, loves to crack crappy oyaji gags. Because they already have a clumsy in the form of GokaiGreen, and egoistic StagBuster (whom I really loved), they decided to make KyoryuBlue an oyaji gagger! Well I don’t know if the joke’s going to bore sooner, but as of now, I’m currently enjoying the joke, especially the other’s reaction upon hearing the joke. For those of you who doesn’t know what oyaji gag is, click here. Once again, I love Ayumi Kinoshita’s cameo in this episode. The fact that she has no lines makes me like it. I mean she’s just there to eat with her daughter and older brother.

And for Amy, apparently Souji is a regular at Tiger Boy, but during his visit, he never smile. Thus Amy makes it her mission to make Souji smile. Before Amy could even make Souji’s usual cream soda, Souji’s dad comes to him and takes him away. Based on the way he treats Souji and the others, he’s a very strict and eccentric guy.

The reason why Souji’s dad interrupts him is because he is not happy with Souji’s sword skills. The Rippukan (I really like the surname) family has their own unique sword style, but ever since Souji became a Kyoryuger, he has developed a new sword skill that is akin to a savage beast, which is why his father disapproves it. I understand that Souji’s dad doesn’t want the family tradition to fade away, but at least Souji is trying to create something new.

Kyoryu 3 (5)Kyoryu 3 (6)Kyoryu 3 (7)Kyoryu 3 (8)

Oh and Souji’s dad is portrayed by GoggleBlack and DynaBlack, as well as Eyes Dopant from Kamen Rider W Returns: Kamen Rider Eternal. Knowing that Sakamoto directed Eternal, it’s understandable why he hired this badass. And this time, he portrays an eccentric badass! But the most amazing about this guy’s new role is that even though he wields a training sword, he is able to take on the Zorimas, whom others requires GabuRevolver to defeat it! Well, they need to make a Sentai alumni look badass.

As for the Devo Monster, Devo RouyaRouya, is it just me, or that he’s somewhat based on Jotaro Kujo from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure? This is because RouyaRouya also spots a hat, and it has chains on it. I know the design was based on a jail and a cop, but when I first saw him, I couldn’t help but think that he’s based on Jotaro. And his mission? Captures strong people and force them to vent their anger and feed it to Devoss. Yep, the MotW this time feeds on anger. The abducting civilians is actually a recurring plot in Sentai, in case you don’t know.

While the other Kyoryugers hold off the Zorimas, Souji hides and transforms into Green. Now, Souji is a cool-headed guy, but the fact he transforms which required dancing is really off, funny and weird. Oh well. Because this is the episode focused on him, we get to see more KyoryuGreen (because he only makes a cameo in the last two) and more importantly, his sword style. Just looking at his sword style, I know it’s different from the one his father used. It’s simple, his father wields it the traditional way, but KyoryuGreen wields it back-handed. So yeah, his father is against back-handed wielding swords. Honestly, I think it’s cool, particularly when KyoryuGreen toss the sword to stab RouyaRouya.

Kyoryu 3 (9)Kyoryu 3 (10)Kyoryu 3 (11)Kyoryu 3 (12)

However, Chevalier of Anger DoGold arrived, forcing all of the Kyoryugers to take on him. Funny, they are barely united yet the way they fight DoGold shows that they can work together as a team, and I mean Green and Black works well with the other three. And because of DoGold’s personality, he insults Green’s sword style, which in turn makes Green go mad and starts to attack him wildly. Surprisingly, when Red tried to interfere, Green attacks him instead! Luckily Black went to stop the two, and DoGold is even more pissed because he thinks a fight among comrade is irritating. I just love Green’s personality when gets mad. I understand, Green is the prideful type that really hates it when someone insults a thing that’s dear to him, in this case it’s his sword style.

At the base, Green challenges Red again to a duel, if he lost, he will reveal his identity, and if Red lose, he will have to call Green ‘King’. Much to my disappointment, the duel only lasted a few seconds, because Red quickly pulls his GabuRevolver and shoots Green! The others, including myself are shocked at Red, because they think that Red cheated on the duel. However, Green de-morphs back to Souji. This is because Green never set any rules doing the duel, so everyone can use any method possible to win. That means Red won fair and square. Even though the duel is so damn short, I think they were meant to reference TyrannoRanger VS DragonRanger from ZyuRanger. I don’t know, but seeing Red VS Green really reminds me of that.

Kyoryu 3 (13)Kyoryu 3 (14)Kyoryu 3 (15)Kyoryu 3 (16)

Later on, Torin takes Nossan (He also calls him Nossan. Poor old man) and KyoryuBlack t0 show them the new ZyuDenChi, the DeinoChaser.  The DeinoChaser is made up of two ZyuDenRyu, Deinos and Chase, the smallest ZyuDenRyu ever. However, as small as they are, they are still useful as they form the transportation for Kyoryugers, not to mention play a part in Sakamoto’s ever AWESOME stunts. During the scene, I like how KyoryuBlack mantain his transformation, it kinda reminds me to Tommy in Power Rangers Dino Thunder, although this time the Black is the newbie and not the mentor.

Torin also notes that in the past, there are a group of Voltasaurs that protected GabuTyra and the others, which is why they’re not extinct. These guys are called Guardians, and GabuTyra an co. are basically their successors. And apparently, the DeinoChaser are actually not just one set of Voltasaur, as there are five DeinoChaser Beast Batteries, so there could be more DeinoChaser for the team to use. I thought the bike is just one unit, meaning only one Kyoryuger can use it at a time.

Oh and apparently Nossan’s oyaji gags irritates everyone, even the DeinoChaser! I guess no one likes it huh? Well if you break the 4th wall, Nossan, you know that your jokes are funny, in a corny way though. But still, poor, poor Nossan.

Kyoryu 3 (17)Kyoryu 3 (18)Kyoryu 3 (19)Kyoryu 3 (20)

When Souji returned home, he noticed that Daigo and Amy visited his dad and asks why Souji hates his dad so much. Wait, they barely knew Souji, and they only watch Souji’s dad treat him harshly, so how did they know Souji hates his dad without actually seeing it? I guess the look on his face explains that.

Anyways, we learn why Souji hates his dad. His dad Genryu tends to coach him strictly, and I mean very strict teaching, that makes Souji’s mother pissed that she left them both. Even though Genryu is the ‘evil’, and I don’t mean to be rude, but Souji’s mother is also a dumbass. If she’s fed up with Genryu’s strict teaching, why don’t she take Souji away as well? Actually, if she did take him away with her, there would be no story, no KyoryuGreen, my favorite Kyoryuger.

And when Daigo said that he and Souji are similar, that’s where we knew more about Daigo and what happened to his dad. Apparently his dad went to travel on his own, on a dangerous adventure. He leaves Daigo with a note, the mysterious necklace, and a handful of coins for Daigo to use. Holy shit, not another Eiji Hino?! We already got Kamen Rider Beast, now KyoryuRed is also Kamen Rider OOO?! But his father left him is something interesting, and I think there will be a major plot in the series involving Daigo’s father.

As Souji is a tsundere guy, he goes all emo and went to see Zakutor, his Voltasaur. While Souji admits that he only used Zakutor to surpass his father, Amy assured him that Zakutor wouldn’t choose a selfish person. Oh Amy, you’re just pulling this kind of act to make Souji smile, I see what you’re doing! As she gave Souji the DeinoChaser Beast Battery, RouyaRouya returns and captures Genryu and Daigo! This forces Souji to use the DeinoChaser to chase after it.

Kyoryu 3 (21)Kyoryu 3 (22)Kyoryu 3 (23)Kyoryu 3 (24)

But because this is a Koichi Sakamoto-directed episode, he gave us a few scenes of untransformed fights. Honestly, what I liked about this episode is the out of suit fights. Even though they are clearly using stuntmen, they are able to pull of the scene quite well, like they always did for more than a decade now. Even two decades. Even three. Even before your mother was born. Kidding.

When Souji summoned the DeinoChaser, we get to see how two small Voltasaur forms a bike. Like other Voltasaurs, the Beast Batteries enlarges and the DeinoChaser bites both the end of it, similar to a woman giving a- never mind. Anyways when Souji catches up to RouyaRouya, this is where the best fight scene starts. From slashing RouyaRouya while riding DeinoChaser airborne, to jump and then slash him two times, it was EPIC. When RouyaRouya tries to catch Souji, this is when his father realized Souji’s specialty. Even though he used a different sword style, he is able to combine his family’s sword style and his Kyoryuger persona’s sword style into one. With this, Genryu finally approves Souji, and finally shows him some father love.

With Genryu and Daigo freed, they are joined by Nossan and Amy. With Souji added, the team is almost complete. The fact that the team is now a four-member team is a nod to AbaRangers most of the time before AbareKiller joins them. Honestly, I would like to see a three-person Sentai, and then having only one additional member, making it a four-person team. Who knows?

Kyoryu 3 (25)Kyoryu 3 (26)Kyoryu 3 (27)Kyoryu 3 (28)

While Blue and Pink takes on the Zorimas, Green and Red team up to do a bike attack on RouyaRouya, and man, I can see that this scene is very Michael Bay-ish. And I’m starting to hate the non-creative finisher!! Honestly, for KyoryuGreen, I would rename his finisher as ‘ZyuDen Brave Slash: Zakutor Peerless Style’and Red’s ‘ZyuDen Brave Finish: GabuTyra Blast Burn’. At least that would be unique. I mean the term ZyuDen Brave Whatever is supposed to be like Final Wave or Kick Strike, but instead it’s the finisher name. Effing generic.

And for the Zord battles, I have to admit, I’m probably hating the Zord fights in this season. It’s just that I still hate the KyoRyuJin being a ripoff of AbarenOh. Oh, I forgot to ramble about the Zord cockpit in the last episode, so I’ll ramble about it here. Because Kyoryuger are an ancient and mystical Sentai, they don’t require controls to operate the KyoRyuJin. Instead they did it like GekiRanger. And the cockpit itself is not located in the MegaZord or something, but rather a special dimension where Kyoryugers would telepathically link with KyoRyuJin and control it using shadowboxing. This is proven when Dricera is taken off, KyoryuPink is still in the cockpit. It could be that the cockpit is actually in KyoRyuJin’s head though. So basically the cockpit serves as KyoRyuJin’s brain.

And for Zakutor’s debut in this episode, I’m impressed with Zakutor’s solo fight, but I hated it when it combines with KyoRyuJin. First off, I want to say something about the Zord. Zakutor, as well as KyoryuGreen, is the very first Dino Ranger that’s based on a velociraptor. The dinosaur is known as the main antagonist of Jurassic Park, and while small, it’s very deadly, especially when it hunts in packs, even T-Rex cannot withstand it. Okay enough with the dino lecture, the combination is named KyoRyuJin Stegochi Zakutor, and I gotta say, the name is hideous! Seriously, replace GabuTyra’s name with KyoRyuJin, and you got this formation. And while the finisher is great that’s it’s a burning claw slash, they still use the KyoRyuJin Brave Finish without any additional names on it! If I were to rename it, it would be ‘KyoRyuJin Brave Finish: Burning Claw Strike’. Man, I’m way more creative than the show’s staff huh?

Kyoryu 3 (29)Kyoryu 3 (30)Kyoryu 3 (31)Kyoryu 3 (32)

Enough with the hating, now that RouyaRouya is defeated, everything is back to normal. Normal? NOT! Actually, the tragedy had caused a change in Souji’s dynamic with his father, and now Souji respects his father and vows to continue his legacy, and his father finally approves him. And thanks to Nossan’s oyaji gag, Souji finally laughed, and Amy is very happy about this that she hugged him. Onore Souji………..

But still, I just love the way the others look at Nossan after he cracked that oyaji gag, I mean look at Daigo’s face. And as this happens, KyoryuBlack, Ian, takes a Beast Battery, and claims that even though they are a four-person team now, Ian is a solo gig. Well, the next episode is definitely about Ian.


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